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Y’all Come Back Now, Y’Hear?

Dear Ann,
As I write this, I feel weak and wan, and I don’t know why. There are many possible explanations:
–Cheese grits (48 hours, and still digesting)?
–Pulled pork (ditto)?
–Ann’s gor-may quizzene (I swear I am not the source of the rumor about that doctored-up jar of spaghetti sauce; it must be Yer Pa)?
–Dishcloth cotton overdose (particularly the ‘hombre’ colorways)?
–Malaria (soccer practice)?
–Fright (Monday evening’s Hubby Business Function, at which the nametag on my bedraggled jean jacket read “HELLO! MY NAME IS Mrs. Joad“, AND I was left alone in a room with a Thomas Kinkade picture)?
–Vertigo (Tailgate Antiques Show Inhalation Disorder)?
–Fatigue (having to be NICE to people all the time, as mandated by Nashville ordinance)?
–Deep confusion (wondering whether it was Ann or me, driving the same Mom Bomb, looking in the same rear view mirror at the same kid having the same ‘moment’ while flinging the same Happy Meal Toy on the floor?)
Whatever it is, it’s worth it. Did I have a good time? Heckyeah! I’m spending today and tomorrow relaxing, de-twanging, and catching up on my not-making-eye-contact and tofu-eating. (I’m also WAY behind at screaming “YO! PEDESTRIAN HERE!”)
Here is a little album of the sights and sounds of my trip (sights, anyway; supply your own sounds and, as needed, smells).
Bargain shopping at LaGuardia. (Congrats, Red Sox!) (Note the healthy self-esteem and gracious manners of the Typical Yankee Fan.)
Sunday’s sew-up at Angel Hair Yarn Company, which had more square footage and great yarn than is allowed in NYC, plus great tchotchkes and signs.
Ann with Elmira’s amazing quilt. I took 8 pictures but none of them do it justice. It must be seen to be fully coveted.
Monday’s sew-up, at which I was too busy sewing up and meeting the Assembled Moms of Nashville (Junior and Senior Divisions) to take nearly enough photos. This one shows Ann’s neighbor Judy, a crazymad knitter who is wearing the sweater Ann made with Araucania Nature Cotton. (Yes, this is the one Ann used to call “Lumpy Tammy”.) According to Ann, when she wore this sweater herself, people seemed to make a lot of references to Beth in Little Women, and other fictional characters who died of consumption. Luckily, the same colors looked
Homekeeping Hint for Sew-up Bee Hostesses: Save money on coasters.
Finally, a Taste of Tailgate. The Tailgate Antiques Show. It really is in a motel. The stuff really is laid out on the beds. The salespeople really are eating lunch as you pop in to look at their wares. I stopped Ann from buying these lamps by diverting her to the nearest Coke Machine. The smell of old clothing was deafening. They had Civil War Era aprons. It was Really Something. The KayCam was in a state of shock.
Thanks so much to everybody in Nashville and Grundy County for being so welcoming. Especially Ann. All those rides to and from the Snooze Inn Convention Center were much appreciated.
Love, Kay




  1. Kay, sounds like Ann took you to most of the hotspots, but did you have a Krystal burger? Thank goodness there is more to look forward to for a next time. So sorry I couldn’t be there too.

  2. … what a jolly, jolly time!…i’m a hungerin’ for that tailgate antiques show,….the signage leaves me chuckling,…. and the “squareness”,.. well….all such beauties to behold. when is your next get together????….. lovin’ this blog!..

  3. Now that you have visted Nashville and been “conditioned”, I hope you will venture further South next time. Have a “must visit” yarn shop awaiting your arrival. What an adventure it has been to follow you and Ann in cyberspace and, at long last, to get you together in NYC and Nashville!!!! Thank you for sharing these special “sew up” happenings…

  4. I insist that Kay go back to Nashville so that we can get more witty entries in the travelogue and fun photos. Tailgate antique photos are a plus! (We expect shots of people eating lunch next time.)

  5. HEY–Where’d you see those LAMPS? Holding out on me? I guess I was too busy thinking about the birchbark canoe to notice them.
    Kay, it’s just not the same here without you. All my nice friends keep asking what you thought of Nashville, in that slightly nervous, hope-she-didn’t-hate-it-here way. I smile like the Mona Lisa and say, “She had a great time” even as I know you got off that plane at Laguardia, headed straight for the Fairway at rush hour and just stood there, in the crowd of 500 people simultaneously shopping for arugula, and sighed. Home. There’s no place like home.
    Come back soon–life is all about contrasts, don’t you think? xoxoxoxo

  6. Fab entry ! I’ve loved reading about your sewing bees,and how you both get on.

  7. OMG – Thomas Kincade is a REAL person ??? And what a talent. Sounds like you had a fabulous time, I’m hugely jealous. Even of the grits.
    PS. What ARE grits ??

  8. Heather: Grits are remarkably like risotto. Or cream of wheat. Depending on how you fix them. Adding butter and cheese sort of drowns out the Cream of Wheat connection. All I need to know is that they’re carbohydrates. xoxo Kay


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