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Desperately Seeking Weird Knits and Poetry

Dear Ann,
Today my pal Orna took me on a “Meat Chic” Tour. I know, I’m only half a decade late in realizing that the Meatpacking District is the coolest place in the known universe to live/eat/shop/work/see/be seen, or at least the coolest place that you don’t want to be downwind of. Hey–perhaps I’m older and I have more insurance*, but I look at pink sidewalks and think ‘euw’, not ‘Gee, I wonder if I’ll find cute shoes at Jeffrey today!’
The reason Orna led me on this tour was not just so that I could experience a $3.75 espresso at Pastis (authentic French waiter sneer: priceless– but hey–that’s a ball of Patons Grace). Orna has heard me mention, from time to time, by which I mean without ever shutting up, that I knit. She wanted me to see, in this coolest of all possible worlds, something cool related to knitting. She took me to:
Destination, 32 Little West 12th Street. (Ok, Other Ann, more pigs.) A shop where nothing fits me except the handbags and the wrist cuffs (frankly I’m not that sure about the wrist cuffs). But the decor includes::
A sock for a beanbag chair.
A knitted lightshade (why the zipper? why?).
A cheerful use for novelty yarn and fabric scraps.
And last but not least:
A knitted table cozy. Again with the sock writ large. (How big was the circular needle? Where did the knitter get one that big?)
Don’t know about you, but I just gotta have me a handknit table cozy. And maybe a raggy novelty-yarn shower curtain. Why the heck NOT? I’m not dead yet!
Def Poetry Jam
As if a knitted table cozy were not poetry enough, our buddy Anne has passed along Reya’s invitation to post a poem today. I happen to have a poem lying around:
The Rainiest Rain
by Carrie
When the rainiest rain fell
down on poor little
Manhattan, it rained
cats and dogs,
monkeys and apes,
toads and frogs.
When the rainiest rain fell
down on poor little Manhattan,
it came down very strongly,
but did it come down wrongly?
“So My Rain Will Not
Die In Vain,” said the rain,
“My Rain Will Bring:
Birds That Sing,
Many Flowers
And Candy Sweets, Not Sours.”
Knit strongly, but not wrongly.
Love, Kay
*Cara quoted this line from the movie ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ to me the other day, and I don’t know how I ever conversed without it.




  1. You’ve got to love a woman who quotes Kathy Bates (in any movie.)
    πŸ™‚ PS – sleeves are going in tonight. Thanks for the kick in the ass.

  2. Love that poem! Carrie has a really great ear for interesting rhymes. I don’t think I’ll be able to hear “cats and dogs” without hearing “monkeys and apes, toads and frogs” right after.

  3. That Carrie! Great job! She’s a poet alright, but does she know it?
    See now, Kay my love, without the reference they’ll be thinking I was quoting that in regards to myself. I’m woefully under-insured. πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m suddenly looking around the house at things that could use a very large sock!

  5. I love that pig! (you knew I would!) and don’t feel bad about the wrist cuffs – I tried on a pair or cuff earrings once, and they didn’t fit! OMG – I need women’s size earring??? wtf?!

  6. I love that pig – you knew I would! don’t feel bad about the wrist cuffs, I once tried on a pair of friggin earrings that didn’t fit! OMG – has it gotten to the point that I need women’s sized earrings? fercryingoutloud

  7. So Hey,
    WHAT is that bean bag upon?
    (upon sounded most POETIC)

  8. Below is my 2nd favorite quote from that movie (which is my top 20 all time favs)
    Sipsey: Oh it don’t make no kind of sense. Big ol’ ox like Grady won’t sit next to a colored child. But he eats eggs- shoot right outta chicken’s ass!
    I have extended family from the deep south and everytime I see that wonderful movie, I think of them.
    I think I need to go knit a cozy for my love sac!

  9. A baby sardine
    saw his first submarine,
    he was scared and looked through a peephole.
    ‘O come, come, come’
    said the sardine’s Mum
    ‘It’s only a tin full of people’
    Spike Milligan. My favourite pome Of All Time, probably because I can remember it. Though the punctuation my not be right….
    Love Carrie’s poem. I think she should illustrate it.

  10. Oh my, must see that shop! Lovely poem, too……..thanks.

  11. For me, without the zipper that lamp would look (more) like the netted glass buoy decorations that hang in kind of seafood restaurants I frequent. I like the tri-cornered pillows–were they crocheted?

  12. Now I totally need to go home and watch Fried GReen Tomatoes tonight.
    Why on earth would anyone knit a table cozy?

  13. http://www.loyalloot.com/LLhung1.htm
    You must see this, er, well-hung coffee table. It’s in the same vein as the beanbag chair sock. Who thinks up this stuff??
    P.S. I sacrificed blog fodder for this comment! πŸ˜‰

  14. http://www.loyalloot.com/LLhung1.htm
    You must see this, er, well-hung coffee table. It’s in the same vein as the beanbag chair sock. Who thinks up this stuff??
    P.S. I sacrificed blog fodder for this comment! πŸ˜‰

  15. a poet….but does she know it? loverly!

  16. Testing, testing…

  17. I think the zipper might come in handy when changing the lightbulb, but else…

  18. Testing

  19. Only in New York.
    Hey, congrats you two, on the awesome book review this week!

  20. Well, if you consider circular needles as just big ol’ double points, then you could knit (just about) anything really large and tubular with enough pairs of looooong circular needles. Think about what you could cover with 4 40″ circular needles… or maybe one is better off NOT thinking about that…


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