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Gone Walkabout

Dear Ann,
Where’ve I been? Here, there and everywhere, with frequent virtual visits to Florence, Alabama. This is all the fault of someone I’m supposed to be teaching how to knit, who instead has been luring me into manufacturing an exquisite hand-sewn wardrobe for someone with an entirely different life. But that’s a story for another time; I may be staying in virtual Alabama for a good long while. Easier to say where I was, nonvirtually, this past weekend.
I was in the parking lot of the A & P in Katonah, New York, at one of Gale Zucker’s amazing Photography for Knitters workshops, hosted by the lovely, warm and welcoming Katonah Yarn. Where else can a knitter with a point & shoot camera go, in a couple of hours, from here:
Parking Lot.
(Photo: Kay’s iPhone)
To here:
Knitting Magazine Fantasy Land.
(Photo: Susan Mullhaupt)
And here:
Fashion Magazine Fantasy Land.
(Photo: Susan Mullhaupt)
The second photo was taken using Gale’s super-secret method of spreading a piece of black velvet on the concrete floor of a knitting store and lying the model down on it. It helps if the model is 15. Fifteen-year-olds have the Photoshop From Within. But I have seen Gale get similar results with a 50-year-old and a post-production dash of Photoshop From Without.
(The model is wearing the bigbigBIG cowl I made out of 3 hanks of Twinkle Chunky Baby, or was it Twinkle Baby Chunky? I’m proud to say that, despite the remoteness of my British ancestry, the pattern is going to be published over at True Brit knits, where the motto is “We’re British and we knit.”)
Anyway, this was my second time sitting in on one of Gale’s workshops, and I learned different things each time. Most importantly, everybody has a good time and gets all hepped up about each other’s knitting and all the buttons on their camera. Gale may be coming to a venue near you. Check here for upcoming workshop dates.
Happy Monday! It’s a big week: baseball, Passover, and Easter are all coming up.
P.S. New Yorkers: Every spring the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx has its stunning Orchid Show. This year the highlight is vertical gardens–massive walls of orchids–by renowned artist/botanist Patrick Blanc. (You’re gonna want to click on that link, just to see Patrick’s shirts.)
Go there and be one of the cute people having their picture taken in front of these evocative works of art.
See? Cute people!
Unlikely orchid enthusiasts!
Seriously, it’s the most spectacular exhibit at the Botanical Garden since the big Chihuly show a few years ago. It’s not every day you get to see Patrick Blanc’s work in America. Go while the cherry blossoms are out!




  1. First of all, thank you for writing.
    Second of all, is your daughter not unbelievably crazy gorgeous?
    Third of all, nice cowl.

  2. What Liz said.
    Need to take one of Gail’s classes!

  3. What Liz and Roz said (I wish I had a z in my name, too!) Carrie is gorgeous, as is her cowl. It has been a long, long time since I had the Photoshop From Within!

  4. What Liz, Roz, and Janna said!!! Awesomeness!

  5. Love the garden installation…but seriously, Kay? Did you see that man’s fingernails? Not trying to be mean, but is he TRYING to channel Nosfertu? Creepy.
    Aside from that, congrats on being published in True Brit Knits! 🙂

  6. I’m in 100% agreement with the first 4 comments but on the fifth–where is Toni seeing a man with creepy fingernails? I looked back through the post in case it was one of those things where you blur eyes while staring at the orchids and then a creepy finger-nailed dude will appear.
    So wonderful to see you & Carrie on Saturday! Can she come model every time I teach? I think it elevates the experience.Inner Photoshop indeed.Gorgeous!

  7. Well, I hope you’ve got some fabby photos for the Big Big Big Cowl from all of that, or bribed the lovely Susan Mullhaupt to use hers. And whilst Carrie is undoubtedly gorgeous, what about how handsome the Boy is these days?
    Gale – no idea on who the Nosferatu chappy is either.
    And Big Big Big Cowl won’t get published anywhere unless Someone (mentioning no names) absents herself from virtual visits to Alabama and sewing beads onto things for a Different Life and remembers how she might have knitted the cable bits. And then lets someone else know about it…!

  8. i admire her work and have been loving the sneak peeks of your applique! can’t wait to see how that goes for you. also? Gale is awesome. that is all.

  9. Kay, you have converted me from green velvet (my Most Coveted Fabric since reading Daniel Deronda at an impressionable age) to black velvet. Carrie makes black velvet amazing.
    (Come to think of it, I can see Carrie in the television adaptation of Daniel Deronda. Are they making one? They should!)
    And thank you for the pointer to Brit Knits – their Low Tide blanket goes on my list. Luscious….

  10. Wow! Wow to everything! I am loving all that orchidosity. And Carrie continues to amaze and amuse.

  11. I’m with the Z-enders and Janna!
    I never had photoshop within. Rock what ya’ got.
    Yeah, that train to Florence is really a tempting trip!

  12. Florence is a fun spot for a weekend get away. You really should go there and not just virtually. The whole Shoals experience is one that everyone should have at least once in their lives. Who would know that Florence is becoming such a fashion hot spot. LOL

  13. need that cowl recipe
    in order to knit 73 for daughter and college friends for next christmas
    please stop applique-inq long enough to write up and publish recipe
    thank you from c’ville va

  14. I love the wall. I got to see the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA, and I can see just from the pictures that Blanc’s work would evoke in me a similar feeling of awe at the scale and beauty.

  15. What a lovely post! I’ve been to Katonah Yarns in the way past and found it lovely and hospitable. I have a suggestion which might distract you from Florence, AL but won’t get the pattern niblets finished: Ruth Singer’s blog, Mantua Maker, has a link to something called ClothKits with some absolutely fabulous fabrics and patterns for a life one might actually slip into on occasion. I’m hiding my credit card and will forthwith cut out the cloth for the patterns I already have.

  16. Has Carrie begun her professional modeling career. This is the age. Runways in Paris & all that. Holy crow is she gorgeous! And she seems to get moreso each time you show her. And how nice she looks so great in handknits! Awesome. Wish I could see that orchid display!!

  17. Gale and Belinda — I clicked on the link that Kay provided that takes you to Patrick Blanc’s website. (He’s the dude with the creepy fingernails and some strangely over-chlorinated hair.)

  18. Carrie is so beautiful!!!!! And so is the cowl! The Cardinals open tomorrow!!!!! Happy Spring Rituals week!!!!!!

  19. Jealous of both the photo class and the orchids. I loved the Chihuly show when it was up.
    Hoping spring stays sprung……

  20. Carrie is awesome beautiful
    and your son is a doll!
    oh yeah, knitting is gorgeous too!

  21. Cowl and model looking great!. Incidentally, have you been to the Tosh website recently? They have a cowl that looks like it was knit with the dishcloth pattern. Hmmm!

  22. I have always preferred to think that it was the A&P who was in the Katonah Yarn Company’s parking lot….. Seriously, I had a very, very strong urge to drive there this weekend. NOW I KNOW WHY!!
    Such a beautiful daughter and handsome son you’ve got there Ms.Kay. Thanks for sharing their pictures. May they always know many, many blessings.

  23. Toni – clicked through and know exactly what you mean now. Mind you, impressed he can keep long nails being a gardener!

  24. Loved Patrick’s shirts! BTW, have you found any wonderful designers of clothing for middle-aged women? Loved the stuff on Alabama’s site, but I’ve never been shaped that way at any point in my life. I’m not overweight, just … ordinary, with breasts. If you find something, do share!

  25. How is it that your daughter never seems to have gone through an awkward stage? she is beautiful! The cowl ain’t so bad either…

  26. “the Photoshop from Within” — love that!

  27. Lovely post filled with beautiful children! Carrie just exudes a beautiful, hip vibe.

  28. this has nothing to do with your excellent post but
    this a.m. I made an absolute botch on the toe of a sock, had it half-way kitchenered when I realized I had wayyyy to many stitches. first I panicked ! I didn’t want to rip and re-knit! I pulled out the needles and picked and frogger an tinker and re loaded the needles adjusting to where I had the right stitches on needles 1-2-3-and 4 I tinker back on full row tone sure and began my toe decreases again..
    I FIXED IT!!!
    I just had to share it with someone, usually I just get exasperated and scrap it all when I’ve done something way bad..
    I SAVED A SOCK!!!!

  29. $^@$@#%
    autocorrect makes me nuts
    one full row just to be sure….

  30. Kay,
    Late to the party as I have been out of the country for 3 weeks. However, will be in NYC with some fam this weekend and your pics of the orchid show have convince me we show take the train out to see it in person.

  31. Always late to the par-tay, but I AM taking a workshop from Gale. Zoinks! A girl living in Fargo getting to have such fun?! You betcha! Can’t wait! Shout out to Shepherd’s Harvest Festival in May!

  32. Carrie is BEYOND gorgeous. BEYOND. And, what could be better than a photo of Joseph smiling at THE garden, as opposed to the GARDEN.


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