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Happy Monkey Year

Dear Ann,
I sure hope ‘lazing around with hubbo’ is a euphemism for what I think it is a euphemism for.
But while you two turtledoves were eating hotel waffles and watching old movies (what did you think I meant?) I was freezing my earflaps off yesterday afternoon in the single-digit temperature, trying to give Joseph a fun tour of Chinatown during the New Year festivities. We were in the neighborhood, and he was intrigued, as only a 5-year-old can be, at the fantasy that we had taken the N train to actual China.
Here’s a short KayCam tour:
The confetti-littered street—
–one of many holiday-stuff stores that look like a Kaffe Fassett design–
–and, thanks to my boy’s sharp eyes, the neighborhood version of my very favorite no-parking sign! (Of course there was a car parked there.)
In other news, I’m mad as a hatter. Given the weather and many requests resulting from a felted Noro Iro hat I made for Carrie, I’ve finished two hats this weekend and I have another two on the needles. Borrowing from the Cat in the Hat, here’s Thing One, the Jelly hat from Rowan’s Tadpoles and Tiddlers book, in an Anny Blatt wool I never seem to run out of, and Thing Two, the same hat in one skein of Noro Kureyon stretched with some Aran wool I have a kilo of, for my nephew Paul. Thing Three (on the needles) is a huge bucket hat in Noro Big Kureyon, to be felted down to Human Head Size for my sister-in-law Kathy, and Thing Four (on the needles) is a roll-edge hat in Noro Kureyon and Manos, to be felted down to Human Kid Head Size for my niece Maggie. Since Maggie, Paul and Kathy have a father and husband who might feel left out if he didn’t get a hat, too, I have to get another one on the needles asap for my brother-in-law Ron, and hopefully finish it in time for protection from this cold snap.
In other news, I found these in my house:
Can’t imagine how they got into our Barbie-Free Zone, but I’m thinking about putting them up on eBay. Talk about man bites dog–moi, a seller on eBay? Freaky.
Love, Kay




  1. Thanks for the new year’s stroll through Chinatown. So weird (as usual, I am finding): I was just telling David (major pyromaniac) the other day about the carefree and fun attitude that prevails in Chinatown during their new year celebrations–firecrackers raining down from open windows. Did you have any explosive good times on your tour?
    What is with the hat fever? I am embarrassed to say I have made only one hat in my whole entire life. Maybe I need to hop in. I do think I think I’m coming off my scarf addiction; I just finished the soy silk my dad gave me, and I am titling it Scarf of Two Dye Lots. Those handpaints really are handpainted, it turns out–not a bit alike, except in that hey-maybe-they’re-cousins way. I’m going to not worry about it, and wind it around my neck so many times that you can’t tell what the deal is. And keep moving.
    Ken as the Scarecrow, well. That just about blows my mind. Sell ’em, and QUICK!
    Happy new year! xx00x0x

  2. Kay,
    Love the hats. Luckily, in our warmer climate in Hutchinson Kansaas we rarely wear coats. It just seems so much warmer than Nebraska–typically it’s about 10-15 degrees warmer here than in Omaha. So, I’m assuming it’s probably warmer than NYC. However, I just heard from our shared Nebraska relatives that it has snowed 4 inches today+sleet and is to continue snowing all night. Boo hoo-we don’t miss all that snow. If we still lived there, I might have to learn to knit hats, your’s are so cute.

  3. Gong Xi Fa Cai from Rose XinYe.
    (Happy Year of the Monkey)

  4. Dear Ann, I just want to highlight for you and our readers that my sister-in-law Kim is the next best thing to Yikes! A Dude!: she is a Non-Knitting Regular Reader.
    Don’t see many of them around these parts.
    Ann and David, sorry but we missed the firecrackers (although plenty were for sale; you can’t smoke in a bar in this town, but once a year you can throw explosives out the windows of old buildings onto pedestrians’ heads). Next year I really have to do better, as Joseph enjoyed it immensely without either the scary/fun dragon dance or the firecrackers. So it could be a super-cheap way to put off those Disney World whines for another year. (When they open the Epcott World of Yarns, though, we’re there.) xox Kay

  5. Kay,your hats are wonderful,and just the thing for current weather conditions.
    Your knitting is always lovely.Don’t know why you always play it down.Be proud ! :0)
    I love your Kaffe inspired Chinatown photo.Now you need to start collecting reds & swatching.

  6. Thanks for sharing the fun Chinatown pictures…And thank you for the fun little package that just arrived in the mail! I am looking forward to some dishcloth adventures…

  7. After what arrived in the mail today I am dying to get home to start my Kaffe-Chinese-New-Year-inspired dishcloth. Woo-whoo! Better than Magpie any day!
    Thank you!
    xoxo Aara


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