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Dear Ann,
I didn’t even notice that Dolly and Elton were in town. To tell you the truth, I am too excited because Belinda and Neil are in town.
D2 Summit
Belinda is a Londoner who loves denim as much as I do. That’s how we met. She was googling ‘denim yarn’, and found me. (Well of course she did! Who else would she find?) I hadn’t met Neil before, and I’m always a bit nervous about the non-knitting members of the entourage. When they’re around, one has to spend a lot of time talking about things other than knitting, or they get grumpy. Which doesn’t seem fair.
But Neil has worked out just fine. Over lunch, I asked him if Belinda had knit him any sweaters (I know this was a pathetic conversational gambit, but it had been a long morning of Great Art Without Knitting). He reflected for a minute. I thought that maybe– like Hubby if faced with a similar situation– he might be having a deer-in-the-headlights moment trying to remember if he even had any handknits.
Then Neil spoke. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘of course I’ve a Whitby. And I’ve also got this wonderful old knitted docker jacket with cables and real pockets. The design called for false pockets but I wanted real ones so Belinda made them for me.’
Ann. You know I’m devoted, heart and soul, to Hubby. But wouldn’t it be nice if he had a British accent, and he casually called me ‘darling’ in said British accent, and he knew that his denim cardi is called ‘Creek’?
Perhaps that’s asking too much. Never mind.
The State of the Durrow
I did not meet my self-imposed goal of finishing Durrow by Sunday night. There was a slight setback involving knitting the back armhole shaping three times. This was due to deciding to add 10 rows to the body for Joseph’s height, ripping back to the beginning of the shaping to add the 10 rows, going to Valentina’s house to knit on Sunday afternoon, eating too many donuts and having too much fun, and therefore re-knitting the whole damn section without adding the 10 rows first. You should have heard them all gasp, as one, when I ripped it out again before I left for home.
So I’ve got one left sleeve to finish. I’m still in fine shape for Joseph to wear it on Thanksgiving, though. Other than my self-imposed, donut-induced challenges, it’s been a creampuff to knit. The cable is fun. The chart is beautiful. The gauge seems to be cooperating. We will see.
A Musical Tribute
I’ve been feeling a little guilty about not giving you a hand with the Perfect Handknit thing. I haven’t even found the Perfect Non-Wool Alternative yet. I’ve just not been a good team player here, and I want to make amends. So I wrote an Inspirational Theme Song. It’s to the tune of this song. I think Dolly and Elton would do a fabulous job with it. (Mr. Sondheim: I’m rilly sorry.)
There’s a neck for us
So many necks for us
Jewel and funnel and even square
Wait for us, somewhere.
There’s a shape for us,
A flattering shape for us.
Loosely skimming but not a sack
Darts to show the rack.
(note to Dolly: Key change here)
We’ll find a new way of knitting,
(Don’t worry, we’ll still be sitting)
Somewhere . . .
There’s a knit for us,
A perfect knit for us.
In the lounge and we’re halfway there.
Make a swatch and I’ll take you there
Some day…..

Happy weekend everybody. And holiday shoppers, don’t forget to check out this and this!
Buyers beware: The seller cannot guarantee that a human will look as good in Clapotis as Gumby does.
Love, Kay




  1. Somewhere, somehow, Sondheim is trying to strangle himself with a handknit scarf. πŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait to see the finished Denim. Will Joseph model for us?

  2. I nominate that as the Official Song of the Quest for the Perfect Sweater.
    And now I’ve got “somewhere…..somehow….somewhere” running through my head. Um, thanks, I think.

  3. The Clapotis is beautiful but I’ll take Gumby instead!

  4. I sit here reading this, while my hubbo reads his computer on the other side of the room, and I chortle at the funny bits and say, “You know, dear, some knitters are crazier than I am….” Have fun with Durrow and Belinda and the donuts!

  5. You slay me. Period.

  6. thank God we’ll still be sitting …..
    love the musical tribute dahling!

  7. LOL. Hubbo just performed a tender rendition of the Official Song. As you knew he would.
    I can’t wait to see that Durrow. It’s a beautiful pattern, and it’s giving me Ideas.
    And I like the way friendships can begin with a Googling of one phrase!

  8. First of all — “Gumby”. A PERFERT name for a dog. I may have to steal that someday, if I ever get a dog.
    Second of all, I can’t believe how DIGNIFIED Gumby looks wearing that clapotis. Who’da thunk it?
    Finally — it truly is a GORGEOUS clapotis. And if I had a remote chance of winning, I might bid on it. Perhaps I’ll bid anyway, just to jack up the price a bit. (I think that’s called being a “shill”, which ebay frowns upon, but hey – it’s for a good cause!) πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, if I bid, I’ll bid for real. What a great idea for a fundraiser!

  9. oh, and how about calling attention to a typo by CAPITALIZING it??? (PERFERT = PERFECT). Duh!

  10. Knowing the name of his cardigan is definitely asking too much ! And as for the British accent, I think it’s just a case of the grass being always greener. My sister-in-law is soon to marry a lovely, exotic and foreign sounding American ( a Jersey boy no less) – tho’ I have to say he’d be hee-hawing at the thought that his accent’s exotic !
    Given that you’re the reigning denim queen – ever tried Sirdar denim ?? Is it any good ?
    Heather x

  11. Kay, I have been doing some searching for a Perfect Handknit cotton substitute. I’ve done one swatch (from the Classic Elite Provence) and it is very nice. I have to go to the blood bank this afternoon to give blood and then I will reward my good deed by stopping at the LYS for more yarn to swatch. Did you have any ideas?

  12. You have obviously become comfortable enough with the lot of us that you are letting your guard down. TWO entries recently featuring Kay’s poetic genius? Who knew you had such a talent for humorous poetry! You are the knitter’s Ogden Nash. So great you are.
    Next Mason-Dixon book: Knitting Limericks by Kay.

  13. LOL Rachel, the limericks are just doggerel tossed off for light relief while working on my magnum opus: Cable and Lace Charts In Iambic Pentameter. I give you ‘Aye, let’s Go’ (get it? EYElets? har har har):
    yo, *k 2 together, then yo
    repeat from asterisk ‘ere 2 remain
    k 2 together now purl back across
    do centered increases to keep you sane
    You tell me, Miss English Teacher, if that was really iambic pentameter. It’s been a while since 10th grade. Obviously feeling WAY too comfortable. xoxo Kay

  14. Howling LOLs here! A sonnet by our guest poet, Yoda!
    Boredom of my Saturday with rheumy scourge doth cast away!
    Knitting will I go back to now. xox Kay

  15. Actually, I think SSondheim might be tickled with your version. And whose dog IS that Gumby? He’s so wistful and Goreyish ~ marvelous! And so are your iambs, m’dear ~

  16. My co-worker and I have fallen in total and everlasting love with Gumby! Is he a mixed breed? He’s so beautiful, especially with that model attitude!

  17. You mean Rowan Denim is NOT the perfect non-wool alternative?

  18. No way!! I am currently in a production of West Side Story, here in Toronto. And I sing that song (well, the original one anyway). I like this rendition better πŸ™‚
    And .. BTW .. said production of West Side is precisely why I have been woefully absent in the knit blog universe lately. I hope you’re all having fun working on your sweaters!

  19. my dog would not even consider sitting still to pose for a pic with a scarf–is Gumby sedated?


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