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The End of Virtually Everything?

Dear y’all,
We’re really sorry for the long radio silence, but the fact is, Kay and I finally met and it was RILLY RILLY AWFUL.
I thought I could stand it until we were trying to drive somewhere and kind of ended up in the Bronx and all she had was a map that showed the entire Interstate system of the United States AS IF it could reveal whether the Cross Bronx Expressway connects to the New York Thruway. She’s all “Don’t they have paved roads in Tennessee?” and I’m all “Who wants to drive in this hellhole place anyway?” and it all went downhill from there.
Ah, just kidding–we’ve been yakking and shopping and eating so much that neither of us had the time to write until I left town this afternoon. It’s hard to blog about something while you’re doing it.
So here’s the yucky proof that we are actually two people:
(Although this photo looks like an alien-abduction photo in the Star, it has not been retouched. Kay was holding the camera. Ann was standing behind her. Rilly! Swear to God! Where was our stylist? Dude, where’s my HAIR?)
It was a freaky, fabulous trip, and it all started on Sunday when I arrived in New York on the 7:30 milk run from Nashville. I would like to say that I was rilly nervous and freaked out at the prospect of meeting a pen pal I’d corresponded with for over two years. But the fact is, when you’ve cranked 4,922 emails with somebody, there’s just not that much left to wonder about.
Except what a person is actually like. So now we know. We had a ton of fun.
* * *
Dear y’all, Kay here. Ann and I have been having so much fun pallin’ around The Greater New York Metropolitan Area together, taking in the Bronx, the Catskills, Habu Textiles, you name it, that there has scarcely been a moment to blab on the blog. This in-person blabbing–whatta concept! But we didn’t want to delay any longer in sharing pictures of Sunday’s fantastic sew-up party, so here goes, without the customary blabby commentary you know and love, or at least have come to expect. Grazie Mille to all who came and sewed*, and most especially to Phyllis and Richard, who opened their home to us for an entire afternoon. They are probably still picking yarn and tapestry needles out of the rugs.
More to come once the dust settles.
Tons of love to everybody,
Ann and Kay
*Ben, Polly, Elisabeth, Mary Neal, Katherine, Allison, Amber, Heather, Pat, Tish, Phyllis (our hostess!), Jenny, AND WHO AM I FORGETTING??????
P.S. By popular demand, here is the only photo I happen to have of the All-Noro Blanket, on the lap of Jenny, who just kept sewing, and sewing, and sewing on it until it was done:
Kinda great, no?




  1. Cross Bronx to the Thruway? Sounds like Mr. Toad’s wild ride.
    Ann, please take Kay to see the Parthenon when she visits you so she can see what a truly big bone gal looks like. Athena rocks (and probably knits, too)!
    Would you very sweetly showcase the all-Noro blanket soon for all of us who didn’t get to see it take shape on that glorious day?
    xo, Cristina

  2. Gad ! All that complicated driving and on the wrong side of the road too !
    Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I think the photo of you 2 is good – tho’ Ann does look slightly sinster, kind of like she’s creeping up on you Kay …. I’m with Cristina, show us the darn blankies will you ?? !

  3. love this post of the happy BEE…. everyone looks so industrious, stitching away……how was the tasty knitting water?????…..

  4. Wait, am I an idiot? You two had never met? That can’t be true. I mean, you look related! I’m always the last to know …

  5. Oh what an entry! Oh I would so much have loved to be here and witness it all (and be a bee as well, of course). But thanks, this entry was so much fun, i could almost feel there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Oh what an entry! Oh I would so much have loved to be here and witness it all (and be a bee as well, of course). But thanks, this entry was so much fun, i could almost feel there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Happy smiley faces,fab company,yarn and food = a great time.If only I could have been there too.
    I love the pic of you two.

  8. can’t wait to see pictures of the sewn-up blankets!

  9. yeah, yeah, bee-shmee – how ’bout some info on the fabo sweater that’s draped ever so beautifully next to the peach(?) pie?

  10. Libby–So glad you asked! That fabo sweater is actually a rectangular wrap/shawl that Phyllis designed and knit out of her own wildly creative head. It’s in Provence (a heavy worsted mercerized Cotton made by Classic Elite), in what Phyllis calls sorbet colors, plus a jolt of black & white checks and a ruffle on each end. All of these elements work really well together.
    Cristina–must get back to my little Photoshop and cook up some Noro blankie pix to share. I’ll get right on it. We missed our Mudflaps Gal, by the way. But it was so much fun that I’m hoping there’ll be another Manhattan sewup before we’re done.
    I really miss Ann. How did I make it all these years without Ann? xoxox Kay

  11. It has been such a joy lurking at your blog, and now you finally meet! For the first time–unbelievable! Congratulations!

  12. Oh, now I really wish I had dragged myself there from California! What fun you all look like you’re having. I, too, want to know the whole story on how you pen pals connected cause you couldn’t be better suited for it. My, that Noro blanket is something. And lastly, Mudflaps Gal– *snort*–I don’t know what the reference is, but it sounds like a Kim Hargreaves sequel to Cherry Boobs!

  13. Yikes! Hope nobody thought I was even meaner than I actually am, with that ‘Mudflaps Gal’ comment. Explanation: Cristina, who is With Child, was trying to get to New York for the sew-up, and threatening that if she motored that far, mudflaps might be involved due to her advanced state of preggers. This mental image caused me to snort n’ spray my beverage at the time, and sorta stuck in my mind. We would have been overjoyed to see Cristina, with or without flaps. Maybe next time…..xox Kay

  14. Oh I’m so excited you finally met! When I met my English pen pal after 4 years, it was as if we had been best friends for years! To this day, I consider her my best friend and do wish we could live closer to each other so we could do normal friend things like getting coffee! We do gossip together all the time though! Gotta love IM!

  15. Wait, nobody told me there’d be peach pie involved. If I’d known that, I surely would have made a bigger effort to get down there from the almost-Canada part of Vermont. Sounds marvelous. So glad you two didn’t get in a hissy fight about the proper way to sew up an afghan. I was worried about that.

  16. Norma–Look into my eyes. Peeeach Cobbler. Home-made Peeeach Cobbler. Carried steaming hot on the subway by Heather the Foodie and her mom, Pat. Gobbled up as soon as it could be unwrapped from its aluminum foil and dishtowel protective coverings. (Heather and Pat said they did get some interesting looks on the train, like ‘Could that possibly be homemade peach cobbler…on the train?’). It gave great strength to the sewer-uppers. Dee-licious. xoxo Kay

  17. Oh, it was peachy all right. Never seen such a thing. Crispy crusty crust, that touch of cinnamony something or other, and peachy peachiness. Pure peachy! Fantastic! Gone in sixty seconds!

  18. Ann, I kept thinking as I sat here on the Gulf Coast with no power through the loud and dark monster Ivan that Ann is back and I am missing her blog. I am missing all reports on your and Kay’s long anticipated visit!!!! The power just came on and I am back in cyberspace. Love all the pictures of your afghan parties and cannot wait to hear more about your trip. Have added to my hurricane prep kit list “extra yarn”….with no electrical power one can always knit!!
    Love, Betty Ruth

  19. Ladies: That picture is, without a doubt, the cutest picture I will see of a couple of bloggers, EVER.
    Goshdarnit, how I wish I could have been there. Rilly, rilly!


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