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What’s Doing in: Tbilisi

Dear Kay,
New! Easy! World travel without actual travel!
My brother Clif has taken off for another of his elaborate journeys. He is in Soviet Georgia for the next five months, along with his wife and their young son Wilson. Clif is an artist, and he’ll be working on a new book. Mary Neal, a book designer and editor, will be doing whatever editing she can scrounge, and Wilson will be wandering and absorbing all things Tbilisi. They’re keeping a blog of their trip: Living with Caucasians. It’s fascinating. So far, I’m thinking the major challenges will be: 1. The language. 2. Being pale in a not-pale country. 3. Avoiding descent into sodden, spongy alcoholism.
Mary Neal has been hired as Mason-Dixon Knitting’s Senior Correspondent for Caucasian Fiber Arts. We hope to have a report once she gets good at saying “deelahmshveedohbeesah.” That would be “good morning.”




  1. Ann,
    Wow! Just read the familial blog. As a dimwit who did her undergrad in PoliSci with a specialization in Soviet poltics, you can see the appeal. Not only amazing thus far, but I love their style! Thanks for the pointer!

  2. I checked it out and I love it–the Swiss Family Robinson comes to mind. Clue your bro in to the digi-cam! We want to SEE those blue plastic tarps filtering sunlight. The scariest thing reported so far: home-schooling. Mary Neal is one courageous chick. xox Kay


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