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Where the Curls Are

Dear Ann,
I stopped by over at Curls and Purls to see what arrangements Lis had made for posting to her blog while she’s in China. Guess what? She made arrangements for you and I to report on her news from China. So here goes, from your curly-haired (NOT!) New York correspondent Kay Gardiner, live on location (sitting at her computer receiving emails) di-reckly from China:
Hi All!!
I have arrived safe and sound in Beijing!! All I can say about Beijing is OMG! It is nothing like any other city I have ever been to, yet exactly like every major city I have visited!!
The plane ride was god awful….13 hours on a plane is not pretty, no matter how you slice it. The plane was packed and I was in the back of the plane in a MIDDLE seat. Need I say any more.
So, I must admit that I am experiencing a million emotions right now –joy, fear, love, excitement, apprehension. Every emotion and feeling is heightened. I am experiencing nothing like I have ever experienced before.
There are ten other families with me on this trip. Several families have daughters who are in the same orphanage as Jamie…their daughters arrived at the orphanage on or close to the date Jamie did. Accordingly, they spent the first year of their lives together as sisters ofanother kind.
More to follow
xo Lis

Since I know all of Lis’s readers love pictures, I have taken the liberty of including pictures from my time in China in July 2002. Insert some colder weather, grayer skies, and better hair, and I’m sure it’s pretty much what Lis is encountering right now.
(Rosie’s on the right–THE ONE IN THE HANDKNIT.)
(Rosie in Ancestral Baby Bjorn being driven by Auntie Kay — insert curly hair.)
Meeting friends along the way. This time Rosie’s mom Diana is operating the Baby Bjorn.
Another baby girl in our group, with Tommy, her new big brother. Remembering Tommy’s tender care of his little sis, and the prodigious pile of trinkets a determined 14-year-old boy amassed in two weeks of souvenir-shopping — I’m farklempt. I hope there’s a Tommy in Lis’s entourage.
If my 2002 journey with Rosie’s mom is any guide, I believe Lis is probably holding Jamie right now, and wondering (in Lis-speak): OMG! What do I do now? This is unlike any baby I have ever held! This is MY baby! OMG! OMG!
Bless Your Heart, Lis, we are thinking of you and your darling girl.
Love, Kay




  1. … (If I weren’t ferklempt right now, I could say something)

  2. Indeed we are ! Thinking of Lis,that is,and her daughter Jamie.
    OMG !

  3. So excited, I cannot speak. Fab, fab, fab ! or indeed, OMG !!

  4. ….. babies are absolutely the BEST!…..so huggable….and snuggable….

  5. OMG, I got a shiver just now… and now you can email from China!?!?! OMG, when I went there was no email. I was furiously handwriting notes and faxing them from the hotel business center to my brother-in-law’s office, from whence he would call my sister and she would call the rest of the familly. Such a blur, and all with that sweet warm baby-lump I was afraid to put down, even for a minute. Here’s to Lis and Jamie!

  6. I can vividly remember hearing the laughter of the adopted Chinese baby swimming in the pool at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou with her mommy. I feel so touched that Liz is going to bring love and joy to a little one so in need. And you and Diana too, Brava!

  7. Such stories, Susan and Siow Chin. I have been thinking about Lis all day, wondering exactly what she is doing. It’s hard to imagine what all this must be like. Just cannot wait to hear her story.

  8. I’ve been offline all weekend, but yours is the first blog I’ve visited, for precisely this update. Thank you! So you think they are actually together now, mother and daughter? Wow. Fond memories indeed. And, BTW, we went to the Hunan embroidery museum/factory/shop too!

  9. It’s so nice to be able to receive news of Lis’ wonderful adventure- thank you! What a joyful trip… OMG!

  10. OMG, MDK is going to need a new name to accomodate this added dimension eastward.
    Thank you for transmitting the news we are all dying for.

  11. Awesome post, awesome pictures. Just the thing to add to my holiday cheer!
    P.S. Thanks so much for reporting on our curly haired blogger!!!

  12. It’s warm in Los Angeles, but I have goosebumps. What a thrilling time. Thanks for keeping us posted!!!!
    Lori in Los Angeles

  13. awesome!
    if there is any time ever in beijing, remember to trot down to the “Qian Men Da Jie” — there is a yarn store there, diagonal opposit to the *Quan ju de* Beijing Duck Restaurant. You will find some local (wool) yarn there!

  14. Emy—I wish I had known that in 2002! I was too shy to ask our guides, or ask our group of 14 families to divert for a quick yarn-shop stop! xoxoxo Kay


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