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Let’s Look At Some Pictures of Rhinebeck, Shall We?

Dear Ann,
First, a brief update on ME. We are fine, thank you to everybody who has asked after us. Our lights flickered but never failed. From inside a 12th-floor apartment, it did not seem like a particularly bad storm–not a lot of noise but a terrible sense of pressure against the windows– but we knew what was happening, and it happened. I have not ventured out of our relatively unscathed Upper West Side neighborhood yet. I’m thrilled to hear that even a small part of the subway will be running as soon as tomorrow. I’m a jumble of emotions about the state of our city and region, the terrible damage to both individuals and infrastructure. I’m trying to help out. Mostly by letting people use my electricity and hot water, but hoping to find something more to do as local organizations issue calls for volunteers. For now, please join me in giving money and blood to the Red Cross if you can.
Next up: let’s escape to the very recent past, the most crystalline Rhinebeck day I’ve yet experienced. Just go ahead and wallow in the Rhinebecky-becky-beckistan of it all. Wish you’d been there. Truly the calm before the storm.
Gale Zucker at work at her fantastic photo booth, complete with “Falling Leaves Snow Globe Filter.” (Actually, people who make photo apps: that would be a good one.)
Gale’s cowl-splendent niece/assistant Ariana.
Fashion-Forecaster-Friend Amanda from London had arrived in New York just the night before, and was standing in front of her hotel at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, hell-bent for Rhinebeck. Here Amanda models my very own Allegheny dress. (Gale’s photo will be much better, I promise.)
A figure-flattering shot of Gale and me with my beloved Fussy Cuts adaptation. (File under: Old Gals Who Are Still Killin’ It.)
Amanda was sucked in by the magnetic power of Heavens to Betsy’s rug hooking booth. I have been accused of spreading my own rug hooking passion but I assure you that Amanda got to the booth before I did, and jumped in with both feet and a glint in her eye. Here, she takes a lesson from Betsy before buying oh, a couple of small kits. Nothing to concern anyone. Nobody’s business if she do.
Welcome to our planet. Stephen West is our leader This year was all about shawls. I could have taken 100 pictures like this.
Into each Rhinebeck, some bizarre-o must fall. This year, I could not look away from these wine glass cozies with handy neck strap. So, you know, you can tell your wineglass from everybody else’s because IT IS HANGING FROM YOUR NECK AND SLOSHING ALL OVER YOUR SHIRT. File under Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should. (I’ve made many contributions to that file. I’m not hating, I’m just saying.)
A thing I wished to buy but didn’t. I think it is called a Charkha. A beautiful object. It reminds me of a Technics turntable, in a good way.
Spinning recruiters were everywhere.
Sheep tats.
Sheep butt plus quilt. I did not have time to wait for the sheep to turn around.
Cabled hoodie of the day. Name that pattern.
Taking advantage of the atmosphere for a photo of my Mitered Squares Blanket.
It was glorious. Good to bank those perfect days. Love to everybody who is suffering the effects of Sandy. Remember: Red Cross. Money. Blood.

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  1. In Wisconsin we wear beer in a glass around our necks when we have particularly drunkerific festivals. I don’t own one, but call it the beer necklace. The stains aren’t so bad, and it keeps you from dropping your drink.

  2. Did you lug a few blankets around the grounds, looking for photo-ops? Or maybe you have a sherpa to lug things around for you? Or a car boot, as they say!
    Glad to hear you are all a-okay.

  3. So incredibly sunny, that day. Still chuckling over the wine pendant! Hilarious! Thanks for these cheerful pix. I think anybody who’s ever lived in New York feels like they’ve been swamped, too. Or anybody who’s been through a flood. It’s just such a comprehensively destructive event.

  4. So incredibly sunny, that day. Still chuckling over the wine pendant! Hilarious! Thanks for these cheerful pix. I think anybody who’s ever lived in New York feels like they’ve been swamped, too. Or anybody who’s been through a flood. It’s just such a comprehensively destructive event.

  5. At the Oregon coast, we have a seafood and wine festival in Astoria and lots of people wear their glasses around their neck like that. They don’t keep the wine in it, that is for between wine tastings at all the booths. I thought they did it so they could have both hands free for eating all the fresh crab.
    Come to next year’s in April and we’ll get you your own get up so you can taste all the glorious local wines, eat fresh crab and gourmet chocolate!

  6. Agreeing with Ashley (#2), it’s from Vogue (I made one in blue, it’s HEAVY, but a lovely pattern). #28 Vihervaara -huppari / GreenGable -hoodie

  7. Wish there was a ‘like’ button for some of the images…the wine necklace thing is a bit disturbing, though. Looks like the weather was perfect this time! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  8. p.s. so happy to hear you are safe. My son and his family are in Boston; they too were reasonable unscathed by Sandy.

  9. p.s. happy to hear you are safe! My son and his little family live in Boston; they too were reasonably unscathed by Sandy.

  10. Ooooh, excellent post! There was comfort (Kay’s OK, and she’s got water and power!) There was an appeal to humanity (Red Cross.) There was seasonal splendor. There was fibery goodness. There was sheepy goodness. There was FUN and COMEDY HUMOR! i.e., “wine glass cozies with handy neck strap. So, you know, you can tell your wineglass from everybody else’s because IT IS HANGING FROM YOUR NECK AND SLOSHING ALL OVER YOUR SHIRT.” Thanks for everything.

  11. …what Laura said at 6:08!! Wine cozies…

  12. Those little wheel-in-a-box things make me think of Ghandi, but I don’t know if the association is only in my mind. I’ll bet someone else will know and comment about it, though!

  13. Sweet photos.

  14. Sweet photos.

  15. Sweet photos.

  16. Technics turntable… flashback! Good to hear you are OK there in the City. Thanks for sharing something of a bright spot as a reminder that those days will come again.

  17. Quinn,
    Yes, you are correct. “Mahatma Gandhi brought the charkha into larger use with his teachings.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinning_wheel

  18. Also, one of my favorite things to reflect on this time of year:
    Leaves don’t fall. They descend.
    Longong for earth, they coming winging.
    In their time, they’ll come again,
    For leaves don’t fall. They descend.
    On the branches, they will be again
    Green and fragrant, cradle-swinging,
    For leaves don’t fall. They descend.
    Longing for earth, they come winging.
    ~ Malka Heifetz Tussman

  19. Love that figure flattering photo of us. Seriously, if only I could wear a fully outstretched blanket and a second head that is yours everyday,I’d be all set, y’know?
    Thrilled to have you & Amanda pose for me, you both looked fabulous. What a weekend.

  20. Ok you sent me on a wild chase to find the pattern — the Anglican name is Green Gable?? Love it but that is a lifetime’s worth of knitting in one jacket!

  21. Ok you sent me on a wild chase to find the pattern — the Anglican name is Green Gable?? Love it but that is a lifetime’s worth of knitting in one jacket!

  22. So glad you are fine and have power and everything! Beautiful sheep, beautiful knitting.

  23. Kay! I have finished my first rug hook project -the pumpkin- bought with you at Rhinebeck, and now think I’ll have a go at reinterpreting the French Impressionists as rug hook art…should be a synch, right? And a nice easy move on from vegetables…I reckon I’m a natural at this…..#delusional #dontreallyneedanotherhobby A

  24. Kay! I have finished my first rug hook project -the pumpkin- bought with you at Rhinebeck, and now think I’ll have a go at reinterpreting the French Impressionists as rug hook art…should be a synch, right? And a nice easy move on from vegetables…I reckon I’m a natural at this…..#delusional #dontreallyneedanotherhobby A

  25. It was a great weekend. I really like that version of the fussy cut. I have to finish mine.

  26. It was a great weekend. I really like that version of the fussy cut. I have to finish mine.

  27. Wine glass cozy–SNORT!!! I was hoping that was not what that really was, was hoping they were terrariums or something!
    Glad you are safe and well. We had a rough Monday in Coastal Plymouth, MA, but no damage and we have power. The NY office is still in the water, but in the grand scheme feeling pretty lucky.
    As for the Technics turntable, I still have the one I got for my Bat Mitzvah (just a few years back!)

  28. Quinn,
    Yes, Charkhas were invented in India as a not entirely symbolic means of gaining independence from Britain. Here’s a brief description, along with one of the more rustic style originals: http://www.earthguild.com/products/spinning/spcharka.htm
    My MIL tells stories of how when she was a teenager in Bombay EVERYONE was spinning on the tahkli (supported spindle designed for cotton spinning) as a protest for independence, sort of how folks wear ribbon pins in the US now.

  29. Hooray for quilt shots and sheep butts!

  30. I’m glad to hear you are OK. The images of the storm are haunting. I have sent a contribution to the REd Cross – since I live on Cape Cod the next storm could be us.

  31. Beautiful photos. So glad you weathered the storm.

  32. I agree with Tracy above, lots of sheep butts at Rhinebeck. The wine glass cozies with attached straps are that kind of “able to but maybe shouldn’t” project, I agree–says the woman who cast on a third mini-purse keyring last night.
    Glad you’re safe in your aerie. (Hey, I live in Green Bay, WI where the tallest building is 8 stories, so the 12th floor’s an aerie to me.)

  33. I assumed the wine-glass-cozy was to hang your wine glass around your spinning wheel. Or maybe at a picnic table? Certainly not on a moveable object like a person!

  34. Su1282, you say that “Charkhas were invented in India as a not entirely symbolic means of gaining independence from Britain.” Charkhas have been around for thousands of years, so to say “Charkhas were POPULARIZED in India….” is probably more accurate, and less Western-centric!

  35. Thanks for the great pics–much needed. Also really appreciate the picture of that great quilt (with sheep).
    Once again, you brought Rhinebeck to me. Blessings.

  36. Kay,
    Regarding those macrame wine glass thingies, my Evil Knitting Friend Dr. T. and I have our own category for them: WHY? If you attend Stitches West in February — and I strongly recommend it — you’ll see lots of them walking around. If photographing them weren’t so rude I’d have a phone full of ’em.
    Beautiful pix of Rhinebeck; wish it weren’t so far from the Blue Coast. Happy to hear that you and yours are managing the big storm.

  37. I love the Fussy Cuts Blanket. It is beautiful.

  38. Okay, as per the norm, I am sitting here reading your post and laughing till I am crying
    “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”
    wine cozies to hang around the neck!!!
    LOVE IT!

  39. So glad you’re okay! I’ve got friends in NJ who are still without power, and even one in Cleveland–the fact that remnants of Sandy made it that far west is unbelievable!

  40. How many of us remember Technics turntables? ::raises hand::
    Love that Technicolor fence, totally enhanced by you blanket!

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