If you’re Rhinebeck-bound, we would love to see youย at Jill Draper’s studio in Kingston on Saturday night–details here.

The Shawled Shoulders of Friends

Dear Ann,
I think my trip down the New York State Thruway last night probably took longer than your flights from Poughkeepsie to Nashville via Philadelphia. The long, dark drive gave me time to collect my thoughts after what was surely the fastest 24 hours ever. (I stayed awake by listening to this, but much louder. And here’s Why I Love YouTube, Exhibit A. What that song needed was khakis and ties. Rock it!)
If seeking employment at a certain publisher, cuteness is a must. Here we see Editorial versus Marketing in an epic cute-off. Much kelly green yarn was spilled.
More unbearable cuteness of being, as embodied by Jess and Casey, bookended by Still Making An Effort. There was nothing beta about the Ravelry shindig Saturday night. Open bar, plus not-recently-updated jukebox, plus knitters. Need I say more?
Cormo! Cormo! Cormo!
Does your alpaca get fidgety on rainy days? Does the llama constantly complain that there’s nothing good on TV? This book has some answers.
Ann buys some souvenir mohair. Not enough to really do anything with, of course, but a nice memory.
If I had a skirt like this, I would wear it to Rhinebeck.
Before we knew it, it was Sunday in the Meet the Authors Tent. We had no idea what to expect.
We did expect to meet some authors. Here’s Alison and her fab book.
Stitchy McYarnpants, who would like to be remembered as a Six Pack Owl. In Stitchy’s line of work, a major challenge is dealing sensitively with people like me, who truly appreciate the fusion of crochet and beer cans. We get the feeling that Stitchy might be making fun of beer can crochet, but her book is so funny that we forgive her.
We were hoping to get a glimpse of Clara in the tent, but she was too busy selling out all the copies of her book. Clara, we love you anyway.
We did not expect Lisa’s hat.
Some were born to wear large hats. Your Civil War reenactor jacket had been bringing me down a little, but the hat cheered it right up.
Hats are not for nervous people. I could swear something was nesting up there.
Another natural-born Hat Head, showing off.
This man knit this sweater. You assisted with picking up the neck stitches the night before, and it looks like it came out all right.
Family knitting on our spiral afghan strips. (See the foot sticking out of the kidpack? He was knitting too.)
Naomi, who is not really holding a tiny woman in her right hand, but who dispenses wisdom and other useful items free of charge.
Naomi was really only there to keep her Ron from buying too much fiber. Ron spins. Ron weaves. We put him to work on our afghan. (Despite our best intentions, we can’t say we made tremendous progress on the afghan. Too much stuff to do at the festival, and you can knit on the Thruway.)
Please add your pics! I’m off to see everybody else’s Rhinebeck posts.




  1. FABULOUS reportage. The hat becomes…Ann. (sorry)
    Wish I’d been there- if only to witness the kind of dedication it took to wear a wool sweater in this part of the country yesterday – we was shvitzing in T shirts!

  2. Oh such beautiful, fun goodness. Do you feel the jealousy emanating from the west coast?

  3. I bet Ann could get a wee scarflette out of that mohair. Or maybe slipcovers for the whole couch!

  4. I’m so bummed I never got the chance to meet the two of you this weekend! Looks like you made the most of your visit, though.

  5. The excitement on Sunday rivaled Carnegie Hall with J K Rowling. Favorite authors + New York + wool = a weekend to die for. Thanks for signing my book!

  6. So, the one year in forever that I don’t go to Rhinebeck and not only are you guys there, but I understand some of the food was provided by the Culinary Institute?! Not one of my better decisions. Strangely, I think I know that woman in “the skirt”, and Ron? He sat next to me all day in my very first spinning class with Celia Quinn at another R’beck some years ago!

  7. All right, some future fall I’ll have to boot myself all the way across the country to Rhinebeck. . . but hey, I still owe myself Taos. . . time to make serious plans.

  8. that photo of naomi:: it’s like that tiny woman is going to say, “help us, obi-wan. you’re my only hope.” thx for your notes from the festival, for those of us who live mostly vicariously…

  9. I had the same experience on the New York State Thruway. It seemed like forever before I got home. But what a great day. The foliage and the Catskill mountains were the perfect setting. The yarn fumes were so intoxicating that I bought a drop spindle and some rovings. So I guess I now have one more fixation.

  10. That hat. Classic. You both look stunned … err, I mean stunning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. kelli ann! Took the thought right out of my mind! That’s one of those prize-winning photos if there ever was one. Soooo….the fabulous tea hat, the yarn, the folks, the books — tell me, that Rhinebeck thing happens every year? And y’all were there, and the Yarn Harlot and everyone else and there’s stuff to buy and all that – and someone said FOOD? I’m almost afraid to go look up the website for next year, but….oh my if that doesn’t look like Nirvana, I can’t imagine what does. THANK YOU for those pictures and commentary.

  12. Since I was there on Saturday, I didn’t get to see you, but I DID have a fabulous time at Rhinebeck anyway. And have pictures as well as a couple, tiny video clips up at my blog. You know, if you’re interested!

  13. It’s like a family reunion — Ann, Kay, Stephanie, Alison, Juno, all the usual suspects. We Midwesterners are drooling and yearning and plotting our future Rhinebeck expeditions.

  14. My favorite reading material spied at Rhinebeck –a book called “Teaching Your Llama How to Drive.” This would be a boon for single gals, or gals like me whose husbands would sooner watch Steel Magnolias (again) then go to a fiber festival. How cool would it be to stick the Llama in the driver’s seat for a while, so you can play with your purchases?

  15. sorry we didn’t get to hang out more, but it was great seeing you!

  16. Ohmigod the thruway was bad! Wait, I think I’m still on it…

  17. Ack!!! Red Heart!?!?!? I can’t be at Rhinebeck, and someone who could was knitting Red Heart!?!?!?!??!?! Noooooooooo! *whimper*

  18. advice-not-asked-for: you could have a “ron” in your home. you keep dragging him to fiber events, then abandon him to own devices while you go to a workshop. and he discovers wheel–wheels are guy things. five years ago at rhinebeck, true story.
    kay: i want a copy of photo as moi as ann, “our lady of ___” fill in the blank, kelli ann.
    ann does look particularly spiffy in lisa’s hat. will be posting photo of herself under it one day soon. isn’t fiber world, nifty?

  19. And I see the Harlot with her Kauni cardi all done!!! Looks like it was a wonderfully woolly time. I’d love to be able to go. :O)

  20. It was lovely to meet you. Thank you again for “handing the needles” to my future knitter ….

  21. All this *and* Rhymin’ Simon on YouTube? My absolute #1 favorite of his songs, nicely done by the preppie dudes, but you can’t beat the original. I stood up and *danced* for the first time in months. Thank you! Bless you!

  22. Well, HellOH Mason-Dixon!
    Lisa here. I LOVE the “surrender” line.
    Thanks for sharing in the fun that is the hat. Originally made for the NYC Easter Hat Parade.. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that baby. Sure does make people smile (or snicker, depending on how you look at it – I prefer the former). LOVELY to meet you both. -Lisa

  23. So awesome meeting you guys! I actually think we are the frumpy ones in that picture. Kay, your skirt was awesome.
    Did you see that we captured you taking pictures of us? haha

  24. So awesome meeting you guys! I actually think we are the frumpy ones in that picture. Kay, your skirt was so cute.
    Did you see that we captured you taking pictures of us? haha

  25. So awesome meeting you guys! I actually think we are the frumpy ones in that picture. Kay, your skirt was so cute.
    Did you see that we captured you taking pictures of us? haha

  26. You know, I am still undecided about the little partial beadspread things. Is it only half-gross and scrungy since it is abbreviated?? OR is it smaller and therefore easier for me to pull onto the floor with one finger while holding my purell in the other? And does this mean that they no longer change the soft, formerly fluffy white duvets after each guest?? There is much to consider.

  27. I loved the ‘red heart’ photo. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Oh, the irony….one yarn festival and one lone knitter using not just regular ‘acrylic’ yarn.. but, RED HEART ACRYLIC yarn.

  28. Will any of you be at SAFF this weekend? I’m going! Fibers and tools and scented candles, oh my!

  29. Are we such snobs that we would condemn someone for knitting with Red Heart acrylic yarn? Maybe that’s all she could afford. At least she is practicing an art form that we all enjoy. Good courage on her part!

  30. you all look so attractive
    love the hat i used to parade
    thank you all my cyper traveling
    is just grand fall is great up
    north florida is still hot
    when i use the zoom button
    bring it up to 200%
    makes a big difference and
    a really great one hope you
    back a little dried bittersweet

  31. i hereby christen naomi
    notre dame du toison.
    may the force be with you all!

  32. I knit on the thru way….Great pictures of the event.

  33. From the French/English dictionary:
    1 toison Noun, feminine (a) sheep’s fleece, lion’s mane, man’s body hair
    Very apt, Kelli Ann!
    xo Kay

  34. So sorry to have missed THAT. So glad you survived the red heart yarn. Maybe next year, and I finally got in to Ravelry and still missed the party….

  35. Next year I *will* go to Rhinebeck. I will, I will, I will go to Rhinebeck.


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