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How to Travel Through Time

Dear Kay,
I’d like to think that this past weekend was a unique experience for me, but let’s face it, a twentieth college reunion has elements that are pretty much identical no matter where you went to school.
To help out all the other 42-year-old knitting bloggers out there who haven’t yet chronicled their twentieth college reunions, here’s a little template you’re free to cut ‘n’ paste. Add your own captions.
This is a camera guy. He followed the Class of 1985 all weekend. When I arrived at the reunion, I went to hug an old classmate and discovered he was wearing a microphone. I should have figured that at least one person in my class would be participating in a reality show. This classmate is making a documentary: “My Evangelical Sophomore Year in College, Or, Supersize Me, Jesus.”
This is my favorite English professor, who is on the verge of publishing his translation (from the Norwegian) of Edvard Munch’s journals. Twenty years in the making. Can’t wait! He explained to me what “The Scream” was all about. So glad to have that figured out. Clue: Not really all that much to do with knitting.
Here’s the knitting part. My senior year I lived in an apartment above a yarn shop. Can you believe it? The fumes from the yarn would waft upstairs just the way the toast aroma from the M&M Soda Shop would torment me. If I had been a knitter back then, I never would have graduated. My roommate Pam and I would sit on the front porch and play Where Did My Lips Go? OK, we didn’t really do that, but we loved being off campus in a place where there were maybe three apartments available to students. So sofisterkatid.
My Official Twentieth Reunion Souvenir Yarn Purchase was, of course, Twisted Sisters, which pretty much sums up my friendships at college. I was struck with how well we’re all holding up. Remarkably little plastic surgery! Not so much Botox!
During my senior year, this man held my academic destiny in his very coordinated hands. He is the campus photographer, but he also taught juggling as a PE class. He had no requirements about your proficiency as a juggler, but he was a demon about attendance. No show, no credit. I managed to fall one class short of his requirement, and I wasn’t going to graduate unless I did something drastic. I made a deal with him: if I juggled in front of major monuments during my senior semester in France, he’d give me my credit. It really did come down to my sending him photos of me juggling in front of the Eiffel Tower.
The Class of 1985. See the camera guy? See me?
I have always wished that I could travel through time. This weekend was as close as I’ve come: Wow, I thought. Look at all these classmates. They all look, like, twenty years older than me!




  1. Gil Holland! My pal Lanier (DC ’82) loved him, too. Sometimes I am sad that I didn’t end up there myself, sweet little town, lovely campus, the Lake and all. (At least I got some visits in during my seven years in the Queen City.) My 20th reunion at DU was not such an intimate affair, and I didn’t go to any yarn shops!

  2. OMG! Bill Giduz!! We’ve already discussed how *I* took his juggling class, too, for my PE credit, but did I mention that my BF babysat for him and his cute little kids?! Well, she did. And I used to juggle, except never in front of the Coloseum and other Really Heavy Places in Europe.
    And not only did I live off campus in apartment number three of the three available to students who wanted to live off-campus, but I went to many righteous parties at that very apartment where you lived only TEN years before me! Those guys, whom we dubbed the “Soda Shop Guys” threw very cool theme parties such as “sex symbol party” in which one dressed as her favorite sex symbol (hint: I was a very sexy Mary Tyler Moore). Funny we didn’t call them the Yarn Shop guys. It’s somehow not nearly as manly. Anyway, I also loved the tour down English department lane and the professor who looks exactly the same.
    I’m almost in tears with the nostalgia. I’m so glad you went and so wish my reunion was really that weekend, too, instead of in the fall with my other lame-o fellow alums. The shot of Main Street really sent me over the edge. It makes me want to go check my P.O. box and head to the Union for a grilled cheese.

  3. I’m still smiling over how much fun I had at the 20th reunion of the College of William and Mary Class of 1983! It was so fun, I was wishing we could have them every year. I do, of course, understand that stuff wouldn’t be as fun if you did it every year!
    I’m jealous!! And also, now “home”sick.

  4. Hey, not for nothing, but both of the photographers look pretty dateable to me.
    xoxo Kay

  5. Well, my goodness! You were just minutes from my home. The Needlecraft Center is my LYS! I went to school with your professor’s son. What a small world. πŸ™‚

  6. What? Wait a minute…you’re going to tempt us with the knowledge that European juggling photos of you exist, but then NOT SHOW US THE PICTURES?

  7. Emma, I am LOL because I know Ann well enough by now to know that we could post a picture of Ann doing something weird pretty much every day, and not run out of pictures for a good long while.
    Personally I’m still waiting for the Prom Date From Hell picture.
    xoxo Kay

  8. What a conincidence! My class of 85 is also having a reunion this month. It will be fun meeting up with everyone again, and we’ve even cobbled together some money to donate to the alumni. But pity no yarn shop nearby.

  9. You lived over a yarn store? I need an apartment like that (ok, no I don’t, but it sounds good). Glad you enjoyed yourself. Lucky of you have been the only one who hasn’t aged πŸ™‚

  10. Did your prof happen to explain what “The Scream” screen-printed onto men’s ties is all about? ‘Cause that’s one cultural phenom that truly mystifies me.
    Can’t wait to see
    What will be
    The destiny
    Of Twisted Sisters.
    (Insprired by re-reading Now We Are Six with my six year old.)

  11. I’ve always thought of you as brave (kaffe fassett quilts, corraling knitbloggers to make afghna squares, bloody mary mix in the mail) but a 20th reunion? You woundn’t catch me near the place. You are a warrior queen.

  12. I just read your book review in the Snippets. Sounds like a good read. I love Anita Brookner, and I love knitting… And I love the “author’s blurb” at the end, especially “Their book, Mason-Dixon Knitting, will be published next spring.” Doesn’t that just thrill you to see!?
    Mary de B

  13. how about just one juggling photo, pretty please? πŸ™‚

  14. What a surprise to scroll through your blog and see Dr. Holland! I graduated in ’94, and had my 10 year in the fall. Boy have things changed around there. I’m glad you enjoyed your reunion. Maybe we’ll meet some day on Chambers Lawn.

  15. Evil sister piping in . . . Kay, I have the Prom Date from Hell picture.

  16. THE HORROR! THE HORROR! Sister, puhlease. Have mercy. What happened in high school stays in high school. Wasn’t that our deal? Didn’t we Agree on that?

  17. the bane of my academic career was also a PE teacher, Mr. Davidson. 7th grade. i failed jump roping. seriously. i have this vague memory of having to jump rope as my life depended on it one afternoon so i would get a D.

  18. I AM the prom date from Hell. I have the picture as well… And I have to say that it’s really not that bad… except for the gormless fellow on the right in the cheap rented tux… nothing that Photoshop and about five minutes can’t fix.

  19. PICK-SHER! PICK-SHER! PICK-SHER! (The masses are chanting. The people want full disclosure.)


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