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It Happens

Dear Ann,
I’m back from my 24-hour blitz of metropolitan Washington, D.C., its senior housing and its yarn stores. I will brief you fully on Monday. But since a picture paints a thousand words, let’s just say I had a:
Good Time.
Thanks, Kristine.
Love, Kay




  1. Best shopping picture ever. I love your cheshire grin of stash enhancement happiness. Kristine should use you as the Knit Happens ad girl!

  2. Oh, Kay! The only reason that you aren’t in touble with me is that the trip was 24 hours, and well, Knit Happens is hard to resist as a priority. Next time, look me up! xox

  3. Oh lovely ! Yarn shopping.
    2 bags – fab !

  4. … two bags full….what a splendiferous day! a grin w/o a cat, or a cat w/o a grin? whatever,… it’s a lovely smile….

  5. Wow – those are big bags. Result ! I’m sure it was ALL extremely necessary, not already in your stash, once in a lifetime opportunity stuff … no ? ?

  6. Kay, I should put you in our next ads! What a pleased expression….yarn coma ahead!
    Thanks for visiting!

  7. Heh heh heh. Sure, I’ll go to the investment adviser regulation seminar in January in D.C. Sure. And, good corporate soldier that I am, I’ll stop by and visit that client too.
    Who’s to tell them Knit Happens is also on the agenda?

  8. How did you like Knit Happens? I was really upset at my one and only visit (the customer service was HORRIBLE, it took them 10 minutes to ask me if I needed help & then gave me 1/2 arsed help) that I’ve never been back.


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