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On the Road Again

Dear Kay,
PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC — If you’ve ever watched the Weather Channel, you have seen that woman standing on the beach with her hair going sideways saying things like, “Heckfire, we been waitin’ all year long for our vacation and we ain’t going to let no hurricane get in our way” and you think, “Good lord, woman, haven’t you checked the radar to see that GIANT ORANGE BLOB looming off the coastline? Run for your lives, people!
Well, I am that woman. My children have been boogie boarding despite warning after warning about dangerous currents. Heckfire, it’s only WAVES and it ain’t like it’s a actual hurricane or nothin.
We have been living the Weather Channel life-style for the past three days, waiting for Tropical Storm Alex to blow through. It limped by last night in the most uneventful way possible, leaving the poor slob reporter who’d drawn slicker duty to make such pronouncements as “Yes, Bill, the wind is blowing here, but despite Tropical Storm Alex people seem to be, uh, going about their business.”
It’s the Owner’s World; We Just Rent It
If this doesn’t give a person constipation, I don’t know what will.
Yarn In Search Of An Idea
On the left: Jaggerspun Zephyr, Chinese tussah silk/wool in the most delicate finger weight. At right: Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, a DK.
This stuff makes me totally crazy, the friendly way they work together. I’ve been swatching and swatching looking for some way to combine them, but the only idea that seems to work is . . . scribble lace knitting. I’ve been trying out lace patterns ranging from Feather and Fan to Fern Diamonds, and I’m digging the miracle of the yarnover. If anybody’s had any luck combining different weights of yarn in a shawl or scarf, I’d welcome advice. If they need to exist in separate projects, that’s fine. But together they’re so oceanic, so Tropical Storm Alex.
Kay, I hope you’re weathering whatever hurricanes are blowing your way. A fresh-squoze margarita takes the edge off any upheaval, climatic or otherwise.




  1. Heckfire, that was a funny post! Love the commode warning…..yeah.

  2. The best part of the commode warning is that the commode has a _name_. I realize its only natural, because the more quirky something is, the more likely we are to anthropomorphise it – but a toilet? What else in the place is named? The trash can? The fridge? Where’s High Boy, his big brother? Is there a Tumbler (that would be the Dryer, I suppose)? A Stein? Goblet (possibly the Fridge on that one…) The possiblities are endless!!

  3. I like the “please linger near the toilet” part. Sounds like a great summer activity to me. Anyone wants to linger about with me??

  4. Sissel–I’m with you about ‘please linger near the toilet’. This is not, apparently, a toilet that does well on its own. This is a toilet that likes companionship. And don’t we all work better with a little company?
    Hope that weather thing works out for you, Ann.
    I’m a bit worried about the cavalier maternal attitude toward boogy-boarding DURING A TROPICAL STORM. But far be it from me to meddle.
    Love, Kay

  5. I don’t know how this will do, but I’m currently experimenting with a thick yarn/thin yarn scarf by doing a lace pattern in the thin yarn and then making massive fringe with the thick yarn. Of course the opposite would work, I just have to try the weird way. It’s a secret project, but I should have the results by next monday. Those 2 do look gorgeous together…

  6. Try stripes of pattern, lace for the thin, knit/purl for the thick yarn. But you will probably have to knit the stripes to the same gauge/number of stitches per inch across. This might incur using different needle sizes for the different yarns. I would use the recommended for the thicker yarn, then try larger needles for the thin yarn. If feeling adventurous, you could try knitting a base scarf with the thick with lace window intarsia insertions made in the thin…. Just ideas from here.

  7. Hi there, just a newbie to the knit blogging (I don’t have my own yet, just browsing around so far). I just started working with some lace weight yarn myself after I saw a pattern I adored on MagKnits…the Sheer pattern. It actually calls for Jaggerspun Zephyr. You will have to let me know what you think!

  8. Ann, did you check copyright laws before posting someone else’s literary work? I’ve spent most of my years south of the Mason-Dixon and that, by all standards, is a jewel.
    I’m proud to say I am now on my second knitting project. I am unable to fix any errors without you here (on vacation with Ann earlier this summer I would just screech and hand the needles over to Ann, who would whip my errors away). Suppose I should get a book. Have you considered adding a 911 section to the blog?
    Glad you survived Alex.

  9. QUICK EVERYBODY! My sister Buffy’s birthday is on Thursday, so please send her a superspecial happy birthday thought during your daily meditations.
    She is spending her birthday in New York City, lucky dog.
    Happy birthday, sissy! And remember: errors add character!
    xx0x0 A.

  10. Beth! I was just going to recommend that she try the sheer poncho from magknits with the jaegerspun. I want to watch someone else do it before I make the leap to laceweight.

  11. Oddly I was going to suggest doubling up the zephyr to make them a closer guage since the colors are so gorgeous together, then I saw the comments about the sheer poncho and thought hmmm…Perhaps you do the body of the poncho in the laceweight and then a fun thicker and just as floppy cowl with the pretty multi yarn. I used size 5 needles for the pattern so you wont even need to adjust much with the dk yarn.

  12. I seem to be in the minority here – but I think that warning is very well written. The words in brackets have been added for further clarification because not everyone has the same names for the toilet/commode parts.
    It gives the reasons and a nearly full explanation for the toilet’s apparent leaking.
    Much better than the usual cryptic message: Lever sometimes sticks – please hold it down.
    Or the shorter version: Hold down lever when flushing.

  13. Ooh, I love Thomas’s idea for the lace panels of intarsia–that sounds like it would be gorgeous. And the Inca Alpaca looks completely decadent.
    Happy birthday dear Buffy, happy birthday to you!

  14. I am laughing so hard at that flipper flapper valve amazing regurgitating toilet notice that tears are coming down my face. I wonder if Low boy is related to the turkish style toilets road stops in France seem to favor?

  15. Having having survived moldy toadstools in the stall shower of a beach rental house in the very same aforementioned state, I can relate. It was before I was a knitter (needlepointing at the time, I believe) my coping skills weren’t very good.


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