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And Now for Something Completely Different

Dear Kay,
Immediately after sewing on the last button for that Rowena cardigan, I realized in a PANIC that I needed to start another sweater, immediately. There was no time for yarn shopping–I ducked into my own personal yarn shop aka my CLOSET, and started browsing.
I was struck by several things: the loathsome quantity of black shoes in there; the abundance of single and double skeins purchased as “souvenirs” or “snacks” or “some of that will relieve the aching emptiness in my soul” or “it is on sale”; the relative lack of yarns in quantities to sustain a garmenty-scale project; the poignant nostalgia that washed over me as I came upon my Rowan stash.
Rowan! O Rowan! Thinking I ought to knit up some of my Rowan archives before they returned to dust, I turned to my Rowan magazines. At this point, I am so familiar with those Rowan magazines that I could almost recite parts of them. We could have a Name Which Issue quiz show, and I think I’d do all right.
But I didn’t seem to find the match of Yarn On Hand and Pattern Begging To Be Made, so I sat down with my shiny collection of The Knitter, the new magazine we’re writing a column for until they fire us for our poor ability to meet their very reasonable deadlines.
Over the past months, as each MONTHLY ISSUE arrived (a monthly knitting magazine! it boggles the mind to think how Juliet Bernard is doing this with such apparent ease), I have studied these nine issues very carefully, and found much to admire. But I hadn’t really gone on The Hunt with them. You know–that mood where you absolutely must find something to make, right then, right that MINNIT GET OUT OF MY WAY.
Well, this is where I stopped and ran to dig out my Rowan Linen Drape yarn:
The Clarissa Cardigan by Melody Griffiths, from Issue 6. Looks like a bed jacket to me! Why the heck not? I’ve always wanted a bed jacket. I read in bed. It’s chilly in there, and I can’t quite imagine investing in a Snuggie. Not to overshare or anything, but I always wear nightgowns, and I like my nightgowns, but honestly, there are times when I NEED A BED JACKET to cozy things up.
I considered making it a really short bed jacket, but then I decided I liked the shape of this as written, and besides–I kind of fantasize about wearing my PJs out and about, so now I’ll have something to wear EVERYwhere.
Melody Griffiths really did the math on this little project, thank you thank you Melody Griffiths! All the lace comes and goes very elegantly around all the shaping and the armholes. I’m learning a lot about how you manipulate a lace pattern to make it integral to the garment. She even throws in some waist shaping, at the sides:
Clever! And it’s cranking on my size 8 needles at a satisfying rate. The Linen Drape yarn has a total butcher’s twine quality to it, so if this Clarissa Cardigan falls apart someday, I’ll be ready to tie up a rump roast NO PROBLEM.
PS!!! I have already had word that The Singing Revolution DVD has made two stops on its journey of 100+ stops. Way to go!
A COOL NEW THING: For everyone who has been watching this documentary on your own via Netflix or library, our fellow knitter AndaraKnits (Ravelry name) has started a thread over at the Estonian Knitting group on Ravelry. Please stop by there and share your thoughts about the movie!



  1. Oh, I love it! From the Clarissa Cardigan to a rump roast tie up. LOL

  2. Oh, I love it! From the Clarissa Cardigan to a rump roast tie up. LOL

  3. So feminine and pretty. That really calls to me!

  4. Oh pretty! So classic looking. That lace pattern looks like fun, too! I can’t wait to see how that collar shapes up!

  5. a man with a tape recorder up his nose.

  6. Another fab project! I thought “The Knitter” was a UK pub– is it readily available in the US? I’ll just google it and see.
    PS: I’m one of at least two Gretchens who comment on the blog. So– not the G who’s been listening to your audiobook, I’m the Gretchen who used to babysit a little blond Swede. . .

  7. I’m guessing that wearing this to bed for reading will inspiring a girl to pick up a little D. H. Lawrence or something equally risque.
    (Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished lacy-loveliness.)

  8. It’s so pretty. I love the color. I think you should wear it to take tea, over a silk afternoon dress, appropriately accessorized.
    I mean, I don’t want to harsh your mellow or anything, but is linen warm and snuggley enough to keep you cozy while reading in bed? Wander into the breakfast room and have a crumpet by the fire.

  9. It’s a bed jacket AND it’s promwear–awesome! So NOT YOU, but so YOU. Intriguing! Paradigm-shattering! My whole concept of “what Ann wears” has to be readjusted!
    And if you wear it with faded-to-hell jeans, it’s the perfect outfit to wear on the cover of your country album, “18 Wheels (and a Dozen Roses)”. (That’s a real song, I think. I just heard about it and fell on the floor laughing.)

  10. Very French boudoir looking!

  11. Wow, gorgeous ruffly lace. But wait, Ann–Ann?–will crunchy butcher’s twine feel all that nice when snuggled up in? Even with a really thick nightie and a really great book? I’m thinking itchy, even scratchy? But I don’t have any Linen Drape so I defer to your superior yarn-wisdom. Onward!

  12. just the wrap to wear to cougar town
    i live very near sarasota
    i just simply love this one
    do we get to see you in bed

  13. and now i have an itch to watch some monty python . . .

  14. Wow, your fingers are really flying! Look what happens at your house when the kids go back to school. I am humble in your presence.

  15. How divine! At this very moment, I am torn between awe over the beauty of the pattern and your progress and laughing my rear off at Kay’s comment. I shall have to go home this evening, have a gin & tonic and knit something.

  16. Man, you are cranking these things out! It’s fun to watch! 🙂

  17. I don’t mean to complain, but I was the winner of a contest about wet knickers way back last winter, and I still haven’t received a single issue of the Knitter. I was able to put it out of my mind, but today’s post is the second reference to it in a week, and now it is gnawing at my brain. Please advise.

  18. Since you can order back issues of The Knitter, they do delivery international subscriptions as well, just checked the web site
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know what month that lacy lovey bed jacket cardigan garden party et al. is in. Thanks.

  19. Since you can order back issues of The Knitter, they do delivery international subscriptions as well, just checked the web site
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know what month that lacy lovey bed jacket cardigan garden party et al. is in. Thanks.

  20. Good lord Ann, you are a knitting MACHINE! Most impressive.

  21. I love the sweater, but I would look amazingly silly in it (like an adult playing dress up with a much more chic individual’s clothing). There are days when I am sure that there is no way for someone as fashion impaired as I to wear something fashionable and have it not look like a crime against fashion.
    Did that sentence make any sense at all?

  22. So feminine! LOVE IT!
    Way to go, Ann!

  23. I always wanted to know who wore bedjackets, so now I’m thrilled to have the answer!!!

  24. You know, if you ever end up in the hospital (hope you don’t but if you do) all the nurses would be flocking ’round your bed to admire your lovely bedjacket.

  25. The Snuggie! How I shrieked!

  26. You are so versatile in wardrobe and outlook! I love it.
    My bedjacket is a sort of cropped cardi made of sweatshirt material. I bought it at a benefit for an animal shelter, and there is a little embroidered place that says “dog person.” I feel uncomfortable about defining myself as two species, and I never wear the thing outside the house. But it makes an okay bedjacket!
    I like yours better!!!

  27. Can anyone tell me what issue this is in?

  28. It occurs to me that this will be perfect for those times when you and Hubbo reenact the final scene of An Affair to Remember.
    There you are, lounging on the sofa in your BED JACKET…Hubbo turns to leave, pissed as hell at your hardheartedness in leaving him waiting on top of the Empire State Building, and then the thought occurs to him….you can see it passing across his face….remembering that his art dealer said that his painting of her had been bought by a WOMAN IN A WHEELCHAIR….he goes to her bedroom….sees the painting….she’s lying, ever more frail and expectant, ever more bed-jacketed, ever more not-getting-up-from-the-sofa…..oh darling! Why didn’t you tell me, you little fool! How could I tell you, darling?
    Excuse me.

  29. “Cranking” as you put it, is the perfect word. How do you do it!!?? BTW, thank you for mentioning the Ravelry discussion thread. I even got phone calls from friends who recognized my Ravelry name on your blog, so exciting!

  30. Y’all are making fun with DH Lawrence, big rigs, tea & crumpets, and. . . Monty Python? Your bedjacket is perfect for reading Ann Rice.
    I do like a good contrast. Courageous knitting.

  31. great googily moogily! how do you all do it? i have been working on the same shawlette for nigh on 2 months now. i can barely get one 4 row repeat done a day. granted it’s beaded every other stitch every 4th row…but STILL! i hope to be like you when i grow up into a real lady knitter! lol

  32. Very purty but not very ‘Peggy’! Unless she has a more vampy side she keeps very quiet.

  33. Very purty but not very ‘Peggy’! Unless she has a more vampy side she keeps very quiet.

  34. Very purty but not very ‘Peggy’! Unless she has a more vampy side she keeps very quiet.

  35. Love Kay’s suggestion that you reenact An Affair to Remember in this. It’d be worth knitting just for the fun of having someone play Cary Grant to you.

  36. You knit so amazingly fast! (and the bedjacket is beautiful)

  37. Beautiful bed jacket! Just perfect for reading “Gone With the Wind”

  38. So how good is The Knitter? Because my calculations show me that a year’s subscription is $75. Someone please tell me my math is off, or the magazine isn’t as fab as it looks.

  39. Kay, you slay me.

  40. What? You READ in bed – I thought you knitted 😉

  41. Clarissa is off to a beautiful start. “Bedjacket” was my immediate thought upon seeing the photo of Clarissa. Perfect. For reading in bed and also for following Kay’s fashion advice to wear with f.t.h. jeans.

  42. I am a fan of the Knitter myself. There’s a bag of denim (shades of Kay) and that issue with the great denim sweater laying in my “why can’t you just make something for yourself” pile while my needles chomp out mitts and hats and such for Christmas presents out of stash. Thanks for the reminder. Lovely sweater and not at all a bed jacket by the way.

  43. OK..never saw that someone did a Rowena cardigan before. I will have to check that out since my name is Rowena.

  44. OK..never saw that someone did a Rowena cardigan before. I will have to check that out since my name is Rowena.

  45. Oh how absolutely beautiful. I didn’t even know this publication existed until last week, and that was issue 12, and because of your article I went looking for issue six, to find there are none. The only one was ebay, and went this morning for $55.00 dollars. Does anyone have one they want to sell??? or do you two have pull with “The KNitter” publishers to get some of their patterns singly sold?
    I love this place!
    Jen–new today 26 Jan., 2010


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