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Gone Cooking

Dear Ann,
I wish I could say I Have Finished Something (Alert the Media!). But every year as the Jewish New Year holiday of Rosh Hashanah approaches, my in-laws hold a secret meeting in which they vote unanimously that the festive meals (there are several) will be organized by Kay. (They will bring cake.) This gives me the chance to renew my acquaintance with that secular saint and angel, and all-around all-right gal, Julia Child. Much mixing and chopping ensues, during which I look exactly like this picture of Simone Beck:
(I’m the one with the glasses, frowning.)
It’s such a novelty that it’s actually fun. Sauteeing! Braising! Sweating! Panting!
Hurry up and finish something else because people don’t visit us for cooking stories. Also you must model Birch–surely it’s dry by now.
Love, Kay




  1. So,darling,what are you cooking ?

  2. Braised Short Ribs of Beef, also known around here as ‘flanken’, which is Yiddish for ‘fatty meat cooked until it turns into custard’, in other words, it’s delish. Accompanied, just ’cause I’m in a good mood, by a mushroom risotto and apple crisp for dessert.
    In Knitting News, my Anntorp Scarf is a lesson in Don’t Modify The Colourway. It’s looking like something you might find for $500 at ABC Carpet and Home. Garish, tacky and ugly. Maybe I’ll like it better after pinning it to a plank with 300 pins and steaming it up a bit!!! I have also concluded that anything, other than a chunky bathmat, that is knit on #15 needles is just not for me.
    Have fun this weekend, Love, Kay

  3. Kay–Need some Anntorp pix, please. Hard to conceive of anything worse than the wristlets.
    Risotto? My all-time favorite rice. I call it the I-love-you supper because the labor is ten times more than anything else I ever make. Last night I attended a fundraiser for Nashville’s Table (our food rescue agency a la City Harvest) called Generous Helpings. All the tasty restaurants lined up in a chowhound grazefest, and I made a cochon of myself in front of Sunset Grill‘s booth which featured butternut squash risotto with confit of duck. “Ma’am, uh, would you like another one?”


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