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Mason-Dixon Mailbag: Friday Wonderfulness

Dear Kay,
A postcard from Alice in California, who sends along a photo of the sort of thing that I imagine Californians do all the time:
Dangle from their sunny staircases, displaying their incredible knitted blankets. It just looks so swell to be in California.
This is a mashup, she writes, of mitering and log cabin. I covet this completely. I admire her tenacity in finishing what appears to be a ton of knitting. I love the colorway, the oddness of it, the rhythm of it. It would be so fun to crank these mitered squares, then get all log cabin crazy around them. And the edging–epic, steely will obviously at work.
So inspiring! Thanks, Alice, for making my day and potentially costing me a fortune in new yarn. I think I know where my plumbing money’s going . . .
Wishing you all a fine weekend filled with enough naps and something tasty to work on.




  2. So beautiful! I love the excellent way the colors are distributed, so evenly without seeming so. Lovely!

  3. That is fantastic! I think Alice has doomed us all to endless blanket knitting. Should we thank her or shake our fists at her?

  4. That’s terrific! So funky and modern. Makes me want to start digging around in my stash for possibilities.

  5. Truly a FO to be celebrated!!! Love the colors and design! wow.

  6. The blanket is gorgeous.

  7. I am always awestruck to see how knitters take a perfectly fab idea and make it do cartwheels into a totally new fab idea. You go, Alice!

  8. Inspiring blanket, Alice! I think I need to dig into my stash……..

  9. OMG! Despite knitting several Mitered Square, Log Cabin, Moderne, and Joseph’s Blankies, I never thought I was a “geometric” person…… But I have fallen head over heels for this. I may just have to do it…….

  10. Ditto to all of the above. I must add this to my knitting wish list (who am I kidding, it’s already on it). πŸ™‚
    Knit on!

  11. Oh, that is just such a lovely thing to wake up to on a Saturday. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

  12. To achieve the appearance of randomness and balance at the same time is what we strive for. She has done it beautifully. Thank you both for sharing and inspiring!

  13. Oh, so fabulous! I love this and now Alice, too, for showing it to us! And yes, everyday in southern Calif is like this. Even if you don’t have stairs, it’s pretty wonderful here!

  14. Awesome! Thanks for sharing it Alice and Ann!

  15. A great pic of a gorgeous blanket! Well done!

  16. aaah, reminds me of the big sewing-together day at Angel Hair’s new roomy location, taking photos that may or may not have been added to the first Mason-Dixon knitting book. Good times!

  17. Thank you, friends, for your kind compliments! I can’t resist pointing out a perk about this kind of mashup. I left the log cabin garter stitches live, so instead of sewing up the seams to join the four big squares, I was able to graft them. The cherry on top of getting the fun of miters AND log cabining! And possibly stashbusting πŸ™‚

  18. Dammit, Kay! Now there’s another blanket that I absolutely have to knit!!! I just love this and am so glad you posted the photo πŸ™‚

  19. beautiful and reminds me of 1950’s TV signal.

  20. beautiful and reminds me of 1950’s TV signal.

  21. beautiful and reminds me of 1950’s TV signal.

  22. beautiful and reminds me of 1950’s TV signal.

  23. Wow, I love this! and thanks for the tip of grafting together the live stitches, I wouldn’t have thought of it. I am impressed with how well the lines line up on the squares too πŸ™‚

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  25. I am in love!


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