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Noro sale alert

Dear Kay,
Cheapo Noro opportunity: Kureyon for $4.90/skein. I like YarnXpress because they’re so friendly and fast. But I’m not all that crazy about some of their wack novelty yarns. As any hardcore yarnist would say: worth a peek.
x0 Ann



  1. SALE!?! Kureyon!?! I love you so much right now…(sighs happily). THANK YOU for letting us know about this glorious sale!! Kureyon is my favorite yarn and I need to buy more of it for a knitting Project that’s been put on hold.
    Again, thanks for the info ^_^
    Take care.

  2. That’s OK, Michelle, we live to serve.
    Kureyon is the best. I got a single ball of #91 just to swatch and watch it stripe in deep blues, grays and reds. In the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book there is a great kids’ hoodie in Kureyon #91. It’s interesting because it’s knit in both vertical and horizontal panels to really show off the Kureyon.
    Fate has not been kind to me with this wool allergy. Kureyon gets me a little itchy just knitting it, fuggedabout wearing it.
    Thanks to Emma (she says sarcastically!), I have discovered Noro’s Lily, which is a mixture of silk and cotton. It’s divine. Really silky and drapey. I’m making scarves in it for now but need to come up with a top pattern that will suit the yarn’s drapiness. Really luxurious and I’m finding it on sale for $9 a skein in the LYS right now. I like it as well as the Jaeger silk and it comes in a more vivid palette, not surprisingly. Cheerio from Kay

  3. Oh goody ! I do so love to point a knitter in the direction of her yarn destiny :0]
    O.k. Mrs. Where’s the pictures – your public are starting to fidget,grumble & shuffle their feet.

  4. I believe it’s in the by-laws of Mason-Dixon Knitting that we are solemnly bound to pass along knowledge of any yarn discounts/closeouts/outlets/mooching opportunities that are known to us.

  5. Emma–There is going to be such a deluge of pix once my new computer arrives that y’all are going to be sick of looking at every little WIP dramatically draped on a hammock, or a rock, or in the sandbox. Scouting locations for tasteful portraits of knitting is a chore, isn’t it? No pix until Blogmaster 2003 arrives. Any day now, but probably not before I head for seaside ‘vacation’ with loads of kids. I just posted you one, by the way. Sort of a teaser. Log Cabin as a WIP getting its edging knitted on. I love that thing. Thanks though for the Lily recommendation. I can even persuade myself that it’s a bargain now that I’ve compared prices to Jaeger Silk. Cheers! Kay

  6. Kay, Just throw the Blogmaster into the back of the Mom Bomb and blog your way through your family trip. (Crucial difference between “family trip” and “vacation,” you know: I’ve never been on an actual “vacation” that involved my children.)


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