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“Patience is a weapon . . .”

Dear Kay,
So the box is off!
More than a hundred knittas are on the list to receive The Singing Revolution, so if you didn’t manage to send me an email asking to be put on the list, chances are you’ll see the movie faster if you hop on a bicycle, ride six hundred miles or so, and pick it up at a library not very near you.
Meanwhile, all you intrepid viewers, remember the words of the movie: “Patience is a weapon.” Or at least a virtue. Or maybe you’ll just forget all about this and be pleasantly surprised, many weeks from now.
Happy Thursday, everybody! The Office is back! 30 Rock woopsy! I mean PROJECT RUNWAY is on!



  1. Patience is a virtue
    and Virtue is a grace
    and Grace is a little girl
    who wouldn’t wash her face!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist that. Singing is pretty cool though. Watch your RL mailbox, Miss Ann!….. x x x

  2. if this is your holiday week end
    if it is happy new year to one and all

  3. And the new season of the Big Bang Theory starts Monday — just to show there’s no accounting for taste — especially mine.

  4. This is totally unrelated (though I am looking forward to getting the DVD): I have just gone through your archives (and I hope this isn’t impolite or impolitic to ask)and wanted to know what ever happened to Asta, Ann? I really liked that sweater when it was all laid out to block but never saw the finished product. I went thru Sept, Oct, Nov, & Dec 2004 archives and didn’t find it. Is it somewhere else where the search function couldn’t find? Thx.

  5. I am? Oh.
    Do I need to master another skillset now?

  6. Just wanted to let you know this movie is also available through Netflix…I have it sitting on my TV shelf as I write!

  7. Patience is a virtue
    Catch it if you can
    Seldom found in women
    But never in a man.
    Strangest thing, it was just earlier this evening that I was telling someone how much trouble that little rhyme got me into with a particular guy. And look, a few hours later, I have occasion to report it here! (Ladies beware, this is powerful stuff…)

  8. Don’t scare me like that! I thought I missed the premier of 30 Rock but it’s not until October. So long to wait…………

  9. My netflix copy should arrive tomorrow! Yeah!

  10. OK lmao here. thanks…

  11. Remember if you still have a library you can always request it through inter-library loan.

  12. Thanks so much for recommending the Singing Revolution — it was wonderful to see and I will be telling many about it. It was heartwarming and inspiring in so many ways. (Also from Netflix)

  13. The Singing Revolution is on sale at Barnes and Nobel.com for 50% off, more if you are a member!


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