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Ready, Set, Sew

Dear Ann,
OK so I’m liveblogging sewing up my Whitby. Here we go. Wheeeeee!
1 p.m. EST
We have a pile of parts. The shoulders were joined earlier so that I could pick up stitches for the neck. May have to do that bit over, as the neckline is kind of floppy. But we forge ahead undaunted. Next step is to get the sleeve heads into the armholes. Mattress stitch, be kind today.
See you later. Happy Saturday!



  1. The sweater is going to be gorgeous! Yea for actually doing the seaming. I hate doing this, and I have several projects waiting for me to seam them so I can actually wear them!

  2. So envious. Why is my Sunday Best just half a back, still? (Rhetorical question… I know only too well why.)

  3. Such a beautiful color! Good luck with the seaming. I’m with silverarrowknits on putting off seaming and sewing in ends — it takes a real (or self-imposed) deadline to get me motivated.

  4. Kay,
    I haven’t spoken to you in forever, but I have to chime in on this one. It is just gorgeous. My hands hurt just looking at it.

  5. Seaming: the major reason that I enjoy knitting mostly scarves. You go girl!


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