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Snow Day

Dear Kay,
Snow day. Slow.
Working on a beanie, for my fella.
Who doesn’t really need a beanie. But maybe I need to make him one?
It’s Haven Leavitt‘s simple ‘n’ satisfyin’ Man Hat. These could be totally addicting. I’m already on Man Hat Number 2.



  1. You can never have too many beanies!!

  2. Ann, I have a boy the same age as your fella. I completely get the need to make him a beanie, even though he doesn’t need one. I just made one, myself.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. What gauge and finished measurement did you end up with? I’m not seeing this information in the pattern. Thanks.

  4. Snow days are great!! No boys in my home so I am making a beret for my middle daughter!

  5. Apparently the trend now is to make them with a yarn faux hawk. Might be worth a try.

  6. “Who doesn’t really need a beanie. But maybe I need to make [him] one?”
    I think that that’s my whole philosphy of knitting, right there. Another piece, for a friend who feels the cold? OK. A non-wool hat for another friend going through chemo? Of course.
    They kindly tell me that the pieces are welcome, worn often, and complimented by others. That’s nice, but in a funny way, that’s only part of the point.

  7. Sigh…I just love reading your blog. Thank you both for writing it.

  8. it will be cooold in florida tonight
    your fire looks good and cozy
    thank you

  9. I can’t concentrate on the rest of your post until you tell me something about the artwork in the center of the mantle, please.

  10. I want to come sit by your fire. This Southern girl was not genetically bred for our cold temps that seem to be stuck here.


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