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Dear Ann,

Wow. Wow. Wow. Your India Instagrams of sissy’s wedding are thrilling. The vibrancy of color and texture make my white Leaves of Grass shawl feel pasty by comparison. But hey, I’m a pasty person. All my people are pasty. Pasty is as pasty does. My point, and I do have one: everybody go follow @annshayne on Instagram. The hashtags #sagarmeadorwedding and #Bangalorewedding are also excellent.


Here, I find myself at round 25 of the 32 rounds of Chart D. The first repeat, that is. I will be needing one more go of Chart D before I can break the yarn and start the knitted-on pointy edging. I think I may have to work 580 rows of pointy edging. I’m not reading ahead that far, in hopes that it will only be in the high 400s.

Just because I’ve been knitting a lot of garments lately does not mean that modular-construction blankets are ever far from my thoughts. This one popped up on Instagram (source of all inspiration and temptation for me these days) and I need to make sure everybody knows about it.


This is just one of the many possible arrangements of squares in Grace Akhrem’s Triangles, Diamonds & Squares, Oh My!. Go on, click the link and look at the possibilities.  After I shrieked like a cheerleader about it on all my social media platforms, Grace kindly sent me the pattern, and now TDSOM! is the Promised Land that awaits, when the last T-pin is stuck into my Leaves of Grass shawl.  Hopefully this weekend?  Hahahahahahahahahaha.


Another dangling carrot that is not to be missed is Julie Bjugan’s indigo dyeing workshop in North Carolina.  Amazing hand dyed yarns, many using Shibori techniques, and these intriguing alpaca-wrapped bangles, suitable for Bangalore weddings and, I hope, the C train.  Have a look.



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  1. Indigo dyeing workshop . . . another GREAT reason to visit North Carolina! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  2. Do you have more yarn? That little bit looks too scary to me!

    • That’s the first of two balls; I should have plenty left over. Fear not, Mary!

  3. Are modular-construction blankets ever far from ANYONE’S thoughts?

  4. I didn’t have enough room in my house to block this shawl. I had to do it in the garden by putting all my blocking mats in a huge square without anything in the middle and then pinning to the outside blocks and then weighting it all down with stones and praying it didn’t get blown away!

    I totally agree about the Instagram pictures. I want to go to an Indian wedding now. I live in Leicester we have a MASSIVE asian population – I need to crash a wedding.

  5. Oh how cool is it that quilting patterns are making it to the knitting world. It combines both of my crafts. NICE!

  6. Reminds me of a game I used to have. I think called Tangrams.

  7. Can not find a link to the indigo workshop, help?

  8. Yippee. Got into NYC dyeing class at last minute. All aflutter. Just the word indigo gives me goosebumps.

  9. Wow, what a post! The shawl, the squares, the indigo – all representing fiber art mightily.

    Then, I went to see Ann’s photos. I was absolutely transported back to the fantasies of my childhood of exotic locales and colorful silks. There must be tigers and elephants just off camera.

    Yes, there must be quite a to-do list for such an event (a turban winder!)

  10. You are just plain evil to post a link to those squares. EVIL.

    • I agree with you Wendy. Posting something like that is what leads to multiple half-done projects sitting around my house. But, if I could just put together all my log cabin squares and conveniently forget the THREE partially knitted sweaters squirreled away in various locations, I could perhaps justify this project. Perhaps.

  11. That monochrome version of TDSOM! is pretty awesome.

  12. The shawl is so beautiful, Kay! I cannot believe how difficult it sounds, with all of those different charts. I am getting such a thrill from watching your progress on this garment, as I know that I will most likely not get there myself (at least not in this lifetime). So, I am grateful for your offering of your experience to us.

    Knit on!


    • P.S.–That blanket, those squares, the knitted quilt thing, the sheer geometric boldness of it all, it’s got me trembling so…
      Another project to crave from deep in my bones. Thanks, Kay. Thanks. A. Lot.


  13. so much to love in this post I am not sure what to comment on. I want to do it all, except maybe the Leaves of Grass. That one, I just want to own. xoxo


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