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Care Package

Dear Kay,
I hope you’re having fun at camp. Please remember to wear the flip flops in the shower — I don’t think I need to go into the whole issue of foot hygiene. It doesn’t matter if Jennifer thinks your rain parka makes you look like a Hefty bag. I will not send you another raincoat but I love you anyway —
Knowing how important it is to receive mail from home while you’re at camp, I thought I’d go ahead and send you a care package. Here are some snacks I hope you will share with your cabinmates —
I know how much you like the Peaches n Creme, so I went ahead and got the whole sampler. Please do not pig out on these — there’s plenty for everybody — Just so you know, they’ve started to make an eight-ply version of a lot of these shades, so you know what I’ll be up to this fall — yes, another bathmat and I’ll treat it with antibacterial spray (remember your cousin Arthur and that athlete’s foot)–
I know there is no Koigu available there at camp, so I have included enough for everybody to have a little. This is Painter’s Palette Premium Merino shade 7155 — it reminds me of the sun going down behind Mount Behonkus back when I was a camper, when Kenny Stevens and I would sneak off behind the Infirmary — oh never mind — I hope your judgment remains careful and there’s no need to hang out with boys up there.
I know you’re wondering what we’re doing back home. It’s pretty much the same as ever, except there’s a huge pile of dirt in the back yard where the men are building the patio. Why every construction project requires a huge pile of dirt, I don’t know. But here it is. I’m just waiting for your little brothers to run a piece of rebar through a leg. They keep wanting to swing on the rope over the foundation trenches like Tarzan and they don’t believe me when I say ‘You could run a piece of rebar through those skinny legs’–
The big news is that I FOUND ASTA. I found the sleeve to the cardigan! I was certain I had lost the sleeve forever — had gone so far as to track down some more Patons Grace to replace what I’d lost — when I was in the mud room looking for swim goggles and instead I came up with a big String of Purls bag.
PS When I was at Camp Behonkus I had this one cabinmate, the Evil Margaret, who stole my flashlight — some girls just like to steal stuff — but then she slipped on a rock and sliced off her little toe and I felt guilty but not really. She should have been wearing shoes.
PSS We miss you.
PSSS I’m sending more flip flops in case you need them.




  1. Congratulations on finding long-lost Asta. Those sample cards look interesting, so far better than the few fronds I usually find on those sent to me. With those you have one can really see/feel/touch the yarn.

  2. Jeezus, you guys make me laugh.

  3. You found Asta’s sleeve – FAB ! She is going to look so good.
    Lovely care package you’ve put together for the beach living Kay – she’ll love the colour cards.

  4. Another fine entry from the folks at Mason-Dixon! And congrats on finding the sleeve – I too know the joy of finding knitting that I had long suspected had disappeared into the big yarn over in the sky.
    PS – I’ve linked you to my site. Hope that’s okay?

  5. This is a letter I wouldn’t mind receiving at camp. Koigu makes the homesickness go away, quick!

  6. Oh, I’m all excited hearing about camp – we don’t really do that over here and I longed to experience it as a child. Too much watching Charlie Brown cartoons I suspect, I always loved the one where they went to summer camp …. I’d even like camp as an adult if I got sent yarn parcels ….

  7. Hello, Muddah…what I’d like to know is is there a difference between Peaches ‘n Creme and Sugar ‘n Cream? I’ve only ever seen the latter. I’ve enjoyed working with it and occasionally snagging it for .99 per ball, but it has nothing like the color range of P&C and no 8 ply option. Should I try to seek out this wonder?


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