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Eight-pound ball of yarn

Kay–Your rugmania is contagious. Yesterday I was propping my feet up on David’s eight-pound ball of finger knitting, and it hit my like a thunderclap: there’s a rug in that thar ball of yarn.
So on a pre-vacation provisioning trip to Wal-Mart (the only place I could find that hasn’t sold out of potholder loops), I picked up some 17s ($5.87 instead of $17 at my local yarn shop, though of course these are aluminum, not lovingly hand-rubbed bonga-bangi wood or whatever). Got home, cast on, and here we go:
Here’s David just before I told him I would pay him for his giant ball of yarn. His expression shifted to delighted, greedy joy moments later.
I get it, I totally get the rug thing. It’s not really knitting, with needles this size, it’s more like construction. So GIANT! So FAST! How big a rug are you planning to make with your squares? I see a two-by-five for the fellas’ bathroom with this one.




  1. That ball of finger knitting is amazing! What an achievement. And what a terrific idea to make a rug out of it. How fun that your son could have a little rug made out of his own yarn. Very cool!

  2. That ball is gigantic! Did you and your son get into a bidding war?


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