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Rowan 34: Deep Thoughts

Dear Kay,
In an unbelievable bit of postal efficiency, I got my Rowan 34 yesterday. Never have I felt so . . . British. What to do about the four pages of half-off discontinueds from Westminster Fibers? Serious contemplation required. That little opportunity is just about impossible for me to resist, each and every time it shows up. I still haven’t broken my new year’s resolution of No New Yarn Until Half of Stash Is Gone. But my resolve is worn to the nub.
While I ponder the ramifications of busting my resolution, I have the following thoughts about the new issue:
1. Pathetically grateful to Rowan for being the right-on, beautiful world that it is.
2. I applaud Rowan’s embracing of a modern design aesthetic. But I do want to point out that in the case of Reveal, the deconstructed cables and really short waist look strikingly similar to cable efforts of my own. And I didn’t go to no fancy textile program in Edinbugh or nothin’. Just put an average knitter to work, and that’s what you get.
3. Following in the Rowan notion of a series of sweaters based on modern work wear, just go all the way and cook up an intarsia Wal-Mart apron, or one of those highway worker reflective vests. Lurex Shimmer?
4. Ever in search of the perfect cardigan, I’m liking Bet for its quiet dottiness. A peek at ye olde shade card shows it to be in three remarkably close shades of Rowanspun 4 ply (Blood, Burgundy, and Swill–whoops, Sludge, no joke). I’m game to do it for the names alone. But I’m thinking of dipping into my precious stores of Donegal Lambswool. Can’t decide whether to go blues/grays or heathery neutral. Here’s a peek at the tip of the Donegal iceberg stash (grays on left, heathers on right):
Any suggestions?
5. Still, still do not get the long cardigan with knitted belt concept. To paraphrase Billy Joel, “She’s always a bathrobe to me.”
6. Rapunzel is just a beautiful piece of knitting. Hard to see the two shades of yarn going on, but it really is a stunner.
More to come as I ponder it all.
x0x Ann




  1. Blues and greys with a bright accent / spot colour – how about that pink to the right in the lovely photo ? That’s my vote ;-]

  2. Ann,
    Agreed! Rapunzel is a stunner, and if the chart wasn’t enough to cause hives and dizziness, the realization that it involved fair isle technique with lurex shimmer was. There is only so much a girl can handle, you know? Especially one who has only been knitting for about 1 yr and 3 mos (but who is counting??)
    And if I swatch and really do Elfin, I think some of the felted tweed from Westminster may be shouting my name….

  3. Kristine–You hit the Westminster nail on the head. I adore Felted Tweed, made a Harry Potter sweater for David that he has just about worn out. I hear the sirens calling you . . . and don’t forget the number 5s . . .

  4. Mmmm…. yummy stash! Rapunzel is gorgeous, definitely beats out the knitted bathrobe. I’m a sucker for the heathered yarn.

  5. Oh, Ann. Oh, my. You have the SHADE CARDS?? As in, the CURRENT shade cards??? I had no idea you had it so bad.
    Or am I the only one still resisting the shade cards? I’m sure somebody will tell me. Kay

  6. Kay–You mean you DON’T have the shade cards???? Omigod, woman, a shade card gives one the satisfaction of owning every shade of every single Rowan yarn without all those pesky storage problems.
    My best shade card is the Donegal Lambswool card circa who knows when, bought off a nice British lady who clearly was done with 4 ply. She auctioned off bales of the stuff (not a bit of which came my way, I might add) and is probably happily whaling away on a Biggy Print car cosy.
    I should add that I don’t have every single current shade card, but I have plenty. I’ll definitely be adding Yorkshire Tweed.
    Get thee some shade cards! Necessary for the success of Mason-Dixon Knitting.
    x0 A.

  7. So girls ,would you like my circa 1984 shade cards ? There are/were yarns you’ll not even have heard of. Seriously !
    In fact I’ll post to Kay next week & then you can share :0]

  8. Emma–whatta pal!!! I think 1984 was around the time Handknit DK Cotton made its debut, so the cards will be SO useful and enabling when I am on eBay being tortured by Bowhall, the woman who sells 4 balls of ‘vintage’ HK DK at a time, lot after lot, until I need sedation. I am never sure exactly how ‘vintage’ ‘vintage’ is, but when I see those ‘Designer Collection’ labels I go into a ‘BID NOW’ trance. Thanks and love, Kay


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