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The Goat Ate My Homework

Dear Ann,
I think the two of us are in grave danger of flunking out of Miss Parkes’ Charm (n’ Yarn) School. For three weeks, in anticipation of the publication of her awesome book, Miss Clara has been sweetly sending us wee skeins of yarn and clever clues, and we’ve been cutting class. We haven’t even managed to sharpen our Number 2 pencils.
My problem was that for the first two weeks, I couldn’t narrow it down any further than “beast-based”. Some fuzzy, some hazy, all with a distinct quality of beastiness. But then today, Week 3, I went to the top of the class. I instantly recognized not only the yarns, but on one I even got the SHADE NAME. You can cry all you want, but I’m getting that scholarship to Bast Fiber Community College. Here’s my test paper.
Week 3 is bringing up my average. I hope Week 4 has dishcloth cotton on it. Not many people can tell a Sugar n’ Cream from a Peaches & Creme, but I know my ampersand from my ‘n. I know my Fiesta Ombre from my Mexicali Ombre, you betcha. Arriba! Todo los ombres, andale! Cootchie cootchie! (Pause for a Charo video.) (Sorry.)
Thanks Clara, and I can’t wait for Rhinebeck, when we’ll be there cheering for the launch of your brand-new book (and signing copies of our sweet old book, bless its heart).
I’m thinking, Christmas ornaments? Earrings?
Happy weekend all!
Love, Kay




  1. Even log cabin squares?

  2. You guys crack me up so much, I’d almost believe the Week 1 categorization.

  3. Kaffe Fasset-style intarsia knitting?

  4. Book-signings? At Rhinebeck? Where?? (Look at me, getting all excited….)

  5. That’s kind of impressive if you’re really that good with the dishcloth cotton!

  6. Look at those adorable widdle hankies :o)
    Good job on bringing that average up in the home stretch! Beast-based. Heh.

  7. I think you mean A Goat IS (your) Homework…no KIDding.

  8. Wait – did I read that right? Ann & Kay — or is it Ann n’ Kay — both at Rhinebeck?

  9. Y’all are going to be at Rhinebeck, too? Yay!

  10. When is the rhinebeck fest???? Some of us have been out of town….

  11. Is there anyway I can get a signed bookplate for my friend’s copy of your book? I can’t make Rhinebeck this year. ๐Ÿ™

  12. The Charo video was a hoot!

  13. Lucky, I wish I could take that class. What about making a little garland with another string and the teeny skeins hanging from it?
    See you at Rhinebeck?

  14. “Beast-based” – I love it!

  15. Oh dear me. I thought I was the only one who thought small skeins of yarn would make good Christmas ornaments.

  16. score! go straight to the head of the class! I would guess the first two had merino and then merino/tencel. I’m thinking a nice fuzzy baby hat.

  17. Can’t you just shove them in your bra to see if you get all itchy and allergic and junk?
    We’re going to Rhinebeck too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait to see you.

  18. Ya! Where????! I’ll be first in line. Well, okay, that’s probably a bit hyperbolic, but you get my drift. I’ll be slacking along somewhere in line, though. Promise.

  19. Keychains?

  20. You have some ShiBui in there – I think the lime green fuzzy one. It is wonderful!

  21. That is skill, my friend. Or possibly manifestations of an obsession..

  22. the wee little skiens would
    be a necklace perhaps like charms
    tied to a chain or cord and worn
    with highneck top and same colour pants
    or jeans and jacket there you go
    your book is so good really really is

  23. Hey, no fair! I haven’t got my Week 3 samples yet and here you are, already got ’em figgered out.

  24. Hmm. In cleaning out the stash this weekend I came across not one but two yarns that I could not identify (frankly I can’t even remember buying them; I think they’re runaways from someone else’s stash.) I should send them to you to ID! Then maybe I’d know where to fit them in the knitting rotation . . .

  25. how about key chains??


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