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Your Swatch Is Ready

Dear Ann,
I hate to interrupt our regularly scheduled rodent programming, but in yesterday’s mail I got your Birch remnant in Kid Silk Haze, shade “Lord” (that’s missing a ‘y’ at the end, don’t you think?), which you wanted me to check out for the ruffles on the Elfin I’m knitting for you in the CurlsandPurlsNYC knitalong. At first I thought it was too blue for the charcoal Felted Tweed we had in mind. I swatched up some of the charcoal, and voila:
OK, needless to say I need to go down a needle size as my 23 stitches are 11 cm wide instead of 10, but could we just get off my back about that for a minute? In the pic, the Felted Tweed reads a little browner and duller than it is, but I think the combo is perfect. The Lord (the yarn, not THE Lord) tones down the brown flecks in the charcoal, picks up the blue flecks, and will give an overall midnight blue aura to Elfin Ann’s Way. I say it’s a go but of course it’s your call. Will post the swatch for your review.
As always, we appreciate your business.
The next round of Buffaritas is on me. Here’s to Buffy!
Love, Kay




  1. Can you go to a yarn store,with your swatch,and hold it against Smoke and Majestic before you commit yourself.
    Lord is beautiful & gorgeous & sexy,and it’s not my Elfin,and what do I know anyway,and I don’t want to put the cat amongst the pigeons … I’m not convinced that’s the perfect combo.

  2. Sorry :0]

  3. Kay–I think Emma’s on to something. I hate to say it, but you may need to GO TO A YARN STORE for further field research. I know you find this distasteful, but please. Make the sacrifice for me.
    x0 A.
    PS I think the Lord is OK with it, but if we can drag this out further, all the better.

  4. i haven’t seen those yarns in person yet… but i do like what you’ve shown here so far. but knowing emma’s color sense — she’s probably right! darn it! 🙂


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