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Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight: 1 relationship, 3 movies, 18 years following Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

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The one you want to sit next to in knitting class.
Marblehead, Massachusetts
A life coach for the rest of us.
San Francisco, California
Museum-quality clog collection.
@mymasondixonknitting loves to regram!
Sometimes you need a reminder, right @gravesgapknitter? #misbehavingknittingofinstagram #knitting #knittingstripes #knittingissupposedtobefun
Congrats to not-actually-evil @evilprincess275 who has completed her set of #logcabincloths from #mdkfieldguideno4. (Colorway: Martha.) she has yarn left over for a few more. They're addictive little buggers.
Regram @barbara_anne_nash who got her copy of #ayearoftechniques safe and sound. We are pleased to say we have got a new batch from England, so the books are back in stock.
Speaking of #ayearoftechniques, look at @pegolith's stripy Cowl, using scraps and the very first technique in the series/book: helical stripes. Love the peek at the wrong side. #cowl #knitting #knitting stripes #stripelove
@maryjoord and her #eddywrap are having a good mail day. Love the mood of these colors.
@blithespirit4 demonstrates Gravity Blocking on her #eddywrap. It's thrilling! Love the colors.
We're in awe of @madforknit's stunning #Eddywrap. We will look for you at #Rhinebeck, Carol!
With Nashville's own @knitknotes the hits just keep on coming. The colors of @cestarisheep in Meg's #stationwagonblanket just sing with that pop of 🍋. #grellowlove #knittedblanket #garterstitchwow #garterstitchblanket #wehavekitsintheshopjustsaying
@madforknit is on a mission to finish her Eddy Wrap in time for the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend. @vtsheepandwoolfest Thank goodness she's working with the Good Tapestry Needle. #eddywrap #vermontsheepandwoolfestival #vtsheepandwool
How did we miss @noeknitter 'a perfect wee cardi using @jillmakesstuff Windham mini skeins? How? #jilldrapermakesstuff #babyknits #babycardigan #knittingismagic
A beautiful one-patch log cabin baby blanket fresh off the needles of @mirandacarrie. #logcabin #logcabinknitting #logcabinblanket #logcabinlove
Let us pause for a moment to gaze upon a beautiful log cabin-in-progress by @brandiislight. Such beautiful color work. #logcabinknitting #onepatchlogcabin
Please send extra knitting time to @maryjoord who is starting the shells on her #EddyWrap. Go Mary go!
@suewoonc made this lovely Courthouse Steps #logcabinblanket for the Welcome Blanket project. #welcomeblanket #logcabinknitting
Nearly missed seeing this lovely log cabin for Stanley the East Nashville rat terrier by @knitknotes. #logcabinknitting #logcabinblanket #mymdk
@melaniefalick took her time, as she should, making this sweet #BretonCowl in colors that are going to look smashing on her if she decides to keep instead of gift. #mdkfieldguide1 #stripes #knittingstripes #cowlseasonisnigh