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Introducing Max Daniels, sensible life coach.

A peek into the process of designer Julia Farwell-Clay. Settle in; we have no idea what to expect.

We can all be “good at color,” if we learn a few tricks from color-savvy Ann Weaver.

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Marblehead, Massachusetts
A life coach for the rest of us.
Concord, Massachusetts
Always thinking, this one.
Baltimore, Maryland
Imaginative designer, editor, writer and citizen.
@mymasondixonknitting loves to regram!
Regram @woolworksbalt Another Station Wagon Blanket is born! #masondixonknitting #fieldguideno1 #garterstitchwow #gogarterstitchgo
This is @choochooknits' third Star-Eyed Julep Blanket, but who's counting? ⭐️🍋
Ok, one little sample of @Alexcreates' Celia Cruz birthday art, but only because she was so on-brand for us in this outfit 😉. See the rest over at @alexcreates. Love his bright energy and devotion to the fiber arts as an expression of pure joy. (Azucar!)
Thrilled to play a small part in @alexcreates' Celia Cruz-themed yarn bombing in NYC. Check out @alexcreates for the finished art, so fun!
Regram @kelli_clutts A first-place Mitered Squares Blanket. #cotton #miteredsquates #knitting #masondixonknitting
Regram @vicki.knitorious When Vicki casts on, you know the color combo is going to be killer. #babyhatleftovers #artistknittersofInstagram #squadmitts #mdkfieldguides #yarnprovenance
Regram @woolworksbalt A glorious Breton Cowl by Antonia Shankland. All praise to @melaniefalick for her colorway choices.
Field Guides are in the house @hiddenriveryarns ☺️😘😊
Ann has fallen into a pile of Euroflax miniskeins and refuses to get up.
Regram @Angelatong An adventurous breakfast.
Regram @vicki.knitorious We ❤️️wholesale customers. These copies belong to Make.Do at @kaukaunacoffeeandtea in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. ☕️☕️☕️
Regram @woolyeyes whose #Rhinebeck haul was bountiful this year.
Regram @woolworksbalt A speedy golden version of the #bretoncowl -- it's already bound off-- in @shibuiknits Drift and Silk Cloud.
Regram @susanbaghdadi {{sob}} last of the tomatoes. #ballbanddishcloth #realLifehandknits
Regram @kgdew Kelley 💙 garter stitch. Getting close to halfway on her #StationWagonBlanket!
Regram @kathleendames How did we miss the slipper booth? 😩#rhinebeckgoodies