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Daily Letter

An ode to mattress stitch. Caution: deeply felt technique sentiment ahead.

By Ann Shayne  ·  17
Inspiring yarns from thoughtful dyers
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Marblehead, Massachusetts
A life coach for the rest of us.
Seattle, Washington
A magpie, homebody and nomad who knits.
Chicago, Illinois
Makes a mean chicken croquette.
@mymasondixonknitting loves to regram!
This starry sky of a Carbeth brought to you by @hellmanmd 🏅#bangoutacarbeth More photos on her feed!
@janet.bowen.9809 initially lengthened the body of her Carbeth, then repented of her long-line ways, performed knitting surgery, and returned to the loving arms of #teamcropped. Well done, brave Janet! 🏅 #bangoutacarbeth
We welcome @pacasarq to the #bangoutacarbeth winners circle!
@hrhjbc is in the hizzouse! These lovely blue diagonals courtesy of @thefibrecompany Arranmore held double. #bangoutacarbeth
Another berry nice Carbeth, from @jentmvt. #bangoutacarbeth
A smashing blue gradient Carbeth that @knittingsharky knitted from Sunday to Sunday. 💙🐳
@askatknits and her glammed up Carbeth. 💄 💅🏻 🦊
Here’s @affiknitty, wondering “where’s my loch? And what about my swan?” (She is in an office in Ohio.) #bangoutacarbeth #thisisnotmybeautifulhouse
@whitneyharmonknit looks pleased with her gorge-us Carbeth, as well she should be. #bangoutacarbeth
Fuzzy wuzzy was @carysknits Carbeth. #bangoutacarbeth. Three cheers for 1980s mohair yarn finding its destiny!
The hills are alive with @yarnlab’s snowy Carbeth. #bangoutacarbeth
A tunic length Carbeth from @amarshall102 #bangoutacarbeth #stillplentyofFebruaryleft
The distinctive diagonal decreases will make it easy to spot a banged-out Carbeth in the crowd. This one is by @knottyrevolution.
Look at this vintage stash beauty by @olgaolach, who did her Carbeth with a crew neck. #bangoutacarbeth
@stitch_by_farr made a wide boat 🚣‍♀️ neck and it looks like she lengthened her Carbeth. #bangoutacarbeth
@whitneyharmonknit says tho is her “first Carbeth.” 🤗
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