That’s how many shades we stock of Alice O’Reilly’s exquisitely hand-dyed Backyard Fiberworks yarn.

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That thing where all of a sudden, a positive affirmation meditation doesn’t seem so corny.

By Ann Shayne  ·  42
Thrilled to bring you four new yarns, for the projects in MDK Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making
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Strap on your walking shoes: there is a lot to see.

Getting in the spirit(s) of it all—it’s a lightning round with the inventive designer/amateur mixologist.

By Ann Shayne

With great merriment, we introduce our collaboration with Thea Colman, just in time for knitting piles of jaunty accessories to give and to keep.

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
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San Francisco, California
Museum-quality clog collection.
Boston, Massachusetts
Mixologist of cables and lace.
Her favorite ingredient: LOVE.
@mymasondixonknitting loves to regram!
We are gaga over @joyous360’s #picketfenceafghan. The beauty. The speed. THE PHOTO. GAHHHHHHH #mdkfieldguideno7
Stripy babe + stripy blanket = heart skips a beat. Babe and #miteredsquareblanket both belong to @tanisfiberarts. 🧡💙💚🌈🌈🌈🙏🙏🙏
Even at the start, the #kiterunnershawl by @janukke (this one by @iamgatt) looks like a kite! #mdkmarchmayhemkal
The start of a #truecolorsshawl by @earleygirlsyarn. #mdkmarchmayhemkal
A fab #luminosityhat on the needles of @idknithat. #mdkmarchmayhemkal
A gorgeous #humulussweater from @slowliving.mn for our #mdkmarchmayhemkal  We will not rest until every knitter has a Humulus by @lilalu72.
@luckypennyknits got a flying start on her #theTwigssweater by @junkookamoto212 for our #mdkmarchmayhemkal. She has covered a lot of ground since this photo but there is something so special about the beginning of this one.
Grellow! A fine start on #humulussweater by @juliehopsasa for our #mdkmarchmayhemkal
A sparkly Luminosity Hat knitted up by @joyous360 from @tanisfiberarts pattern. #mdkmarchmayhemkal
@ma.vie.en.rows not only has the very best Instagram handle of them all, she also has one of the first FOs in our #mdkmarchmayhemkal Her choice was The Weekender by @dreareneeknits in @Brooklyntweed Shelter. 🧡
A sassy spring #carbethoutfit from @abbymaywho posted by her LYS @knit1chgo. #bangoutacarbeth #carbethswandance
Joan’s first sweater certainly is cause for a #carbethswandance. Thanks for the pic, @yarn.bar! #bangoutacarbeth
Another spring green 🌱🍃🌿🐢 beauty, this time in chunky cashmere, from @evercrafting. 💚💚💚 #bangoutacarbeth #carbethswandance #carbethcardigan
A fine #carbethswandance from @handcraftedlife. #bangoutacarbeth
@thecrazysheeplady is doing the Carbeth chicken dance! We are counting it as a #carbethswandance #bangoutacarbeth
@hportemanteau doing her #carbethswandance with greens on the side. #bangoutacarbeth