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Gone before his time, but never to be forgotten by the 7th, 8th and 9th graders of the early 1970s.

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Knits, purls, lush yarn—the Corrugated Shawl is a recipe for something very beautiful.

By Ann Shayne

We bring glad tidings, knitters! For the first time, we introduce holiday offerings and special things to give, keep, and otherwise enjoy.

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

With joy, we introduce our collaboration with the brilliant Cecelia Campochiaro. So much beautiful knitting ahead!

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
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Silicon Valley, California
If she didn't exist, we'd have to unvent her.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Knows all the fiber words.
Donegal, Ireland
It all started with a fuschia tweed sweater.
@mymasondixonknitting loves to regram!
Three beautiful versions of the #neverfailwatchcap by @nellknits.  See her feed for yarn specs. The #freepattern is in the link in our profile. #holidayknitting #knittedhat #garterstitchwow #freeknittingpattern #masondixonknitting #knitstrip #knitstrips
Spotty is enjoying a #logcabinblanket that @valeriethered made 10 years ago from our book. Not a bad idea for the #fringeandfriendslogalong that starts on January 1, just saying! #logcabinknitting #logcabinblanket
It’s delightful to see so many versions of the #neverfailwatchcap popping up everywhere. It’s a quick knit and a great project for that special skein of worsted or Aran weight yarn. This Watch Cap belongs to @galezucker. For yarn deets head over to her feed. We put the link to the #freepattern in our profile. #knitstrips #masondixonknitting
@paulapkl is settling in and figuring out what to make from #mdkfieldguideno4. Hmmmm....we have until January 1 to come up with our plans for the #fringeandfriendslogalong.
Sometimes you need a reminder, right @gravesgapknitter? #misbehavingknittingofinstagram #knitting #knittingstripes #knittingissupposedtobefun
Congrats to not-actually-evil @evilprincess275 who has completed her set of #logcabincloths from #mdkfieldguideno4. (Colorway: Martha.) she has yarn left over for a few more. They're addictive little buggers.
Regram @barbara_anne_nash who got her copy of #ayearoftechniques safe and sound. We are pleased to say we have got a new batch from England, so the books are back in stock.
Speaking of #ayearoftechniques, look at @pegolith's stripy Cowl, using scraps and the very first technique in the series/book: helical stripes. Love the peek at the wrong side. #cowl #knitting #knitting stripes #stripelove
@maryjoord and her #eddywrap are having a good mail day. Love the mood of these colors.
@blithespirit4 demonstrates Gravity Blocking on her #eddywrap. It's thrilling! Love the colors.
We're in awe of @madforknit's stunning #Eddywrap. We will look for you at #Rhinebeck, Carol!
With Nashville's own @knitknotes the hits just keep on coming. The colors of @cestarisheep in Meg's #stationwagonblanket just sing with that pop of 🍋. #grellowlove #knittedblanket #garterstitchwow #garterstitchblanket #wehavekitsintheshopjustsaying
@madforknit is on a mission to finish her Eddy Wrap in time for the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend. @vtsheepandwoolfest Thank goodness she's working with the Good Tapestry Needle. #eddywrap #vermontsheepandwoolfestival #vtsheepandwool
How did we miss @noeknitter 'a perfect wee cardi using @jillmakesstuff Windham mini skeins? How? #jilldrapermakesstuff #babyknits #babycardigan #knittingismagic
A beautiful one-patch log cabin baby blanket fresh off the needles of @mirandacarrie. #logcabin #logcabinknitting #logcabinblanket #logcabinlove
Let us pause for a moment to gaze upon a beautiful log cabin-in-progress by @brandiislight. Such beautiful color work. #logcabinknitting #onepatchlogcabin