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Can’t make it to Shetland Wool Week this year? Dry your eyes, and come sit with us.

By Kay Gardiner  ·  7
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You are cordially invited to come eat pie with us at Rhinebeck on Saturday, October 21. With your shoes off.

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

From our stash to yours: Win a great whackin’ stash of yarn, lovingly gleaned from the personal archives of Kay and Ann.

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner

If your neutrals are not behaving like neutrals, maybe they’re not exactly neutral.

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San Francisco, California
Museum-quality clog collection.
Baltimore, Maryland
Imaginative designer, editor, writer and citizen.
Concord, Massachusetts
Always thinking, this one.
@mymasondixonknitting loves to regram!
A beautiful one-patch log cabin baby blanket fresh off the needles of @mirandacarrie. #logcabin #logcabinknitting #logcabinblanket #logcabinlove
Let us pause for a moment to gaze upon a beautiful log cabin-in-progress by @brandiislight. Such beautiful color work. #logcabinknitting #onepatchlogcabin
Please send extra knitting time to @maryjoord who is starting the shells on her #EddyWrap. Go Mary go!
@suewoonc made this lovely Courthouse Steps #logcabinblanket for the Welcome Blanket project. #welcomeblanket #logcabinknitting
Nearly missed seeing this lovely log cabin for Stanley the East Nashville rat terrier by @knitknotes. #logcabinknitting #logcabinblanket #mymdk
@melaniefalick took her time, as she should, making this sweet #BretonCowl in colors that are going to look smashing on her if she decides to keep instead of gift. #mdkfieldguide1 #stripes #knittingstripes #cowlseasonisnigh
An instructive overview of the #woodwarblercowl in progress by @jenna.aves, a star student of #ayearoftechniques. #AYOT She finished so check it out on her feed! Well done, Warbler winner!
@iamgatt has miniskein fever. What a beautiful photo. #euroflaxminiskeins #linenlove #euroflax
Christmas is indeed coming, and @foxyknitter eill be ready with a #newancestralchristmasstocking for a small family member. #knittedchristmasstocking #christmasknitting #christmasstocking
The start of a Sommerfeld Shawl, by @knitnorth. Ahhhhhhh. #sommerfeldshawl #knittingwithmohair
Here's @madforknit's #Eddywrap in progress. It's beautiful even with its guts all over the place.
It's hard to take our eyes off @madforknit's #EddyWrap as it grows. We want to watch it in real time. 🤓
We are thrilled to be in such good company and surroundings at Kay's beloved LYS, @knittycity. Kay will be there Wednesday night to celebrate publication of A Stash of One's Own with @claraparkes. #knittingcelebritycrush
It's not @vicki.knitorious's first log cabin, and we doubt it's her last. She left the last loop live so that she can embiggen this piece.
@minimoebius is bound  for log cabin glory at her LYS, @knittycity. #logcabinknitting #lovemyLYS
Regram @knitknotes whose #logcabincloths are knit and blocked so perfectly we can't stand it. Thank you dear @hausofyarntn for your warm embrace of #mdkfieldguideno4: may a thousand log cabins bloom in Middle Tennessee!