The Tangly Joy of the Monteagle Bag

By Ann Shayne
October 2, 2016

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  • With the new website the daily letters don’t show up in Feedly. What link should I use now?

    • Has this resolved for you? At first nothing was shopping up in my Feedly page, but now everything is showing up as an individual item. What remains to be seen is whether this comment will show up 😉

      • Of course I meant “showing up” but I already seem to have “shopping” on my mind here. Uh-oh. Also, wheee!

      • They did show up today! Yay!

  • I used my Monteagle Bag this weekend… Perfect for apple picking! Your new site is lovely.

  • For those of us who would still like to read in blog-ish format – if the bottom of your daily letter linked to the letter from the day before (e.g. “Older”) – then you can still get that blog feel out of it. We love your steady generousness to talk with us, and love to read you!

    • I think if you go to the letters page in the menu, it looks like what you are asking for. I had the same question, but kept digging around.

  • I like this new format better than the “middle” one. The original is still the best tho…LOL!

  • Can’t wait to knit this! It might be just the thing to shake the doldrums that beset me after a long period w/o knitting due to recovery from a broken wrist, followed by an endless stockinette tank.

    • Glad you are on the mend. Knitting sounds like the perfect physical therapy!

  • Love the new format. Just trying to get my bearings over here…

    • So are we! Thanks for being here!

  • Been missing your emails – had signed up to continue getting, but must not be connecting – found the new site up thru Instagram. i must have done something wrong. I will try again – you have become part of my early morning routine

    • I’m also missing your e-mails.. Are the daily e-mails gone forever or what?

  • I have always meant to knit this bag, and now you’ve reminded me. What great Christmas gifts one of these would make, for the knit worthy…. LOVE the new site, btw.

  • I left a comment yesterday, but it didn’t show up…so I’m trying again. Love the site and all the new content! Looking forward to getting the mini skeins I ordered from you so that I can knit up one of these bags.

  • Can’t get enough of all this.

  • I used the Monteagle Bag pattern when my sponsor bought me Knitting Outside the Lines! I used a black/grey/white variegated 4-ply acrylic (which I can no longer find anywhere, of course, or even remember the brand). It did work out quite differently, of course. It doesn’t attain the height originally intended, but it makes up for that in horizontal stretch! I can fit large WIPs in it with no problem! I even used it today to carry a bunch of hats I’d made to the local Coat Giveaway.