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  • Super, awesome tips! Thanks:)

  • I can do this!

  • Good idea – am sure it creates a smoother edge and I’ll try it!

  • Love these tips.. I’ve knitted many socks but these 3 gems never occured to me! Thanks.

  • Love the sock tips…..ingenous!!!! And what gorgeous sock yarn is that?

    • That yarn is the amazing Spincycle Dyed in the Wool. Stay tuned . . . we are working on a project that is making us all crazy right now. Coming this spring . . .

  • Dumb question of the day ….what exactly does ‘passing the outside stitch on each end over the stitch next to it’ mean? I love Cat Bordhi, but could never figure out what she meant. I knit my socks using 1 small circ (cuff down) then switch to 2 circs (after heel flap) then back to 1 small circ, then 2 circs for toe…I must confess I use a 3 needle bind-off instead of grafting. I’ll blame it on the fact I’m left handed….sure, right, lol.

    I’m a newbie to your site, but LOVE it! Thanks!

    • I have the same question

      • Same question. My working yarn is attached to one of those stitches. Though I have used the method of taking 2 stitches instead of one at the beginning and end of the Kitchener closure and that improves the toe shape.

  • Socks are my default knitting. These tips are grea

  • Thanks for three great tips!!

  • Not understanding the Cat Bordhi explanation either. Is there one in one of her many sock books I have,but too intimidated to read?

  • although I learned to knit socks before primary school, every couple years I learn a new technique or tip. thanks for sharing Cat Bordhi’s toe tip!

  • Hi Ann! Your socks are beautiful…