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  • Will Peebles on instragram! The clawfoot desk legs! The heartpine spoons! The cherry spoons that look like scoops! The spoons with long long handles! What beauties, and the clawfoot desk legs …

    • And he has an Etsy!

      • Great! What’s the name of the etsy shop? I looked but couldn’t find him there.

      • This is my kind of shopping experience!
        I am especially fond of wood, and your man Will certainly makes beautiful and useful items. (Excellent foresight on the handled cutting board, by the way!) Nice portrait of Will, also. He should ask you to do his brochure when he’s ready.
        One of my favorite gifts for Big Deal Events is a handmade cutting board from a fellow in WV who salvages old chestnut(!) and oak lumber from barns. We’ve never met, but he has even made a custom piece for me that fits precisely over a cabinet to make it into a kitchen work surface. It looks like it was born in my kitchen, and fits over the cabinet like a glove. Very satisfying working with highly-skilled craftspeople!
        p.s. Can the Concrete Teepee Knitter’s College arrange a field trip to your amazing bazaar next year?

  • What a great day! Yours is now my favorite porch. I too bought a Strand from Sallie, and a spoon from Will. Next time, I need to score a piece or two of that beautiful pottery. Thank you again for a lovely afternoon.

  • Looks like a great bazaar up there on the mountain, Ann. But, let’s talk about how totally adorable you look in that picture — sweet, happy, love-filled eyes. Just noticing.

  • Never have I cursed WordPress more – I NEED to see that tiny painting up closer and it will not let me zoom in on my phone! (hey WordPress, we’re not all hipsters with phony fashion glasses. Up your mobile compatibility game.)

    Also, if you decide she’s ultimately right, I happen to he able to do turquoise. Exceptionally well, in fact. #justsayin

    Also, trying wicked hahd not to be envious. Boston’s housing costs are so high most fine artisans (especially up-and-coming ones) are priced right out of the area. And no clouds of old-lady-scent melange to be found. Ride the T or sit in the bleachahs at Fenway and you get a waft of a completely different ilk.

  • I love a handmade wooden kitchen utensil. Especially left-handed ones. Will’s work is gorgeous. Your mountain cabin sounds wonderful.

  • That wood working is gorgeous! Does he sell on-line anywhere? I checked Etsy under his name – nada. Would love some of the spoons and scoops and cutting boards and………..

    • Hi Kathryn! I bet if you email Will at peebleswood[USE THE AT SIGN]gmail.com, he’d love to be in touch with you.

  • I love those crafty markets. And the description of the aroma cloud. I have been going through my grandmothers boxes of beads and notions and had you been here you would have seen me bow my head into the box and inhale her scent.

  • I am so excited!!!! I had lost touch with Sallie until now!!! She and I go back more years than I care to count!!!! Soap making, Ellington Ag Center & more !!!! This does it–Im retiring too much fun goes on during the week !!!

    • Is this the Jamie that used to rughook with Mary Irma?

      • Yes! I live near Columbia still…. I’m meeting up with Sallie on August 13 at her trunk show at HAUS. I’m also taking a (can’t really talk about it) crochet class wih Julie the same day. Come on over and we can re-meet!!!!

  • Hate to miss the cottage tour and bazaar this year–second year in a row now. Maybe next year when we move back to Georgia or Tennessee. I think of it every time I look at my bazaar treasures. Don’t miss the hot day though lol.

  • Sounds like a TRULY great day what with all the wonders and good company.

  • Ah, the dusting powder scent when hugged into grandma’s generous bosom! Enjoy every moment of your summer cottage experience, thanks for sharing.

  • I love the necklace and I bet you’ll look great in the turquoise . Not just saying that because you also got a lethal cutting board.

  • By the way, searching “Peebles” on etsy brings up quite a weird assortment of items. Many of which are probably the result of someone mistyping “pebbles.” #timesink

  • Your comment on that last piece of cheese made me laugh, when I needed one. Thanks! I would love a craft fair to come my way. I want one of everything you showed.

  • I think with a name like Will Peebles, one is destined to be a craftsman.