4 Ways to Crush a Giftalong

By Ann Shayne
December 18, 2017
We have projects and yarns for every possible knitterly mood

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  • Stop! I have other stuff to knit!

    Tip: If anyone is looking for a good binge, remember that Season 2 of Victoria starts in January, so it’s time to blast (or re-blast) through Season 1. The ultimate literally-VIctorian costume drama. Rufus Sewell! My local PBS station is relentlessly playing it.

  • The shawl is exquisite. Feel free to start another, now, for yourself.

  • I really love the look of the Sommerfeld Shawl but I am afraid of using the Mohair/Silk blend. I bought a bunch of mohair as a newbie knitter at a going out of business sale and i tried hand winding it. It has scarred me for years! But I just love how the shawl looks – I might have to give mohair another chance.

  • Goodmorning Ann! The shawl is just stunning! I can also see the love, in the many, many stitches! it is such a beautiful pattern, and that yarn, um, um, um. I would feel so special and loved if it was around my shoulders. But as we know, there is more happiness in giving than receiving! You are going to make the person you made it for, very, very happy!!!, dorian

  • LOL @”This is not cheating. This is pragmatism.”

    I love the way you think! At least, I know it works for me…

  • I have also been knitting to The Crown, and after reading about all of the episodes separately (Google), I am re-reading from the first episode. I can’t seem to get enough of it, and am working on a sweater.

    Kate Mannjng

  • That beautiful shawl makes me want to weep. I’m in the middle of it. I love the pattern and I love the yarn, but it’s sort of like knitting with unicorn eyelashes. My feather and fan is wonky, and let’s not talk about the weird spots in the short rows. I keep telling myself it will all block out but I’m not sure I’m buying it..

    • It will block out! Promise!

  • That’s a fabulous shawl – signature moment and all! Congratulations on the finish!

  • just gorgeous pics. thank you

  • A beautiful shawl in the most intense greens/aquas I’ve ever seen. Joy for the eyes.

  • Oh. So. Pretty. Here’s hoping that karma works for you, and that a magnificent gift is coming your way!

    I also wish I had read Secret No. 2 before I started a hat…on size 3 needles. It is taking for freakin’ ever! It also needs to be a bit longer than a beanie in order to fulfill its hatterly destiny. Oh, and it’s meant to be a Solstice gift, not a Christmas one. Better put down the phone and pick up the needles!

    I think that Secret No. 5 should be, “Don’t get sick. Especially not with the flu.”

  • I love your feather-and-fan variation!

  • Your shawl is a thing of beauty, truly. LOL “the hat people…are crushing it”. Love you guys, and wishing you happy holidays.

  • What a beautiful shawl! Your friend is very lucky.

  • That is drop dead gorgeous. The colors. The airy-fairyness of it all. The beautifully adapted log cabinning. Whoa. I want one.

  • I could never gift that glorious beauty! Ann you are A good friend!