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  • Your writing never fails to delight me, educate me, and inspire me too! Thanks for this article.

  • The colors are so yummy. Thanks for this new yarn!

  • It’s beautiful! How many yards/skein?

    • Nvm – I found it! 440 yds – nice! Thinking of Joji’s new Cedar sweater in that yummy gold color

  • And I thought I had all the sock yarn I’d ever need.

    • Ha! Is that even a thing? Enough sock yarn.

  • Oh, those colors! I swoon.

    • Busy swooning over my Moose On the Loose that just arrived!

  • I really liked these colors so I went to their website. Wow! Stunning colorways.

    • Thanks for the info that they have more colors! I missed out on Rhinebeck from MDK so I took a look. Hopefully Kay and Ann continue to stock this yarn, and maybe even get additional colors— Grindylow, Fergus, Poet, Sequoia, and Infamous stood out to me in particular.

      It is dangerous to discover new yarns, but so much fun!

  • omg i met them and their yarn at stitches west! their sock was on display but not for sale yet so drooling was the only option. so so happy you found each other!

  • Interested in learning more about how they mixed S and Z twisted plies? I don’t understand how the yarn stays together if they aren’t single-spun in one direction and then plied in the other?

    • No idea how they did it but if you look at the close up photos you can spot the strand with the opposite twist. It sort of stands up a tiny bit above the other plies. Looks as if the knitted fabric would have a bit more texture than with a yarn where all the strands have the same twist.

  • Gorgeous colors! Kay will have a hard time deciding which to use for the next collection of haute couture for Olive!

  • OK, so there is never a time when I am not “after a deep saturated vibe.” Those deep, glow-y jewel-y colors suck me in every time, especially in person, at a Fiber Fest. And I love green. Given all that, it was probably inevitable that the vibrant “Gillyweed” green color would jump out at me. I only had eyes for it…until I clicked on your shop link. Wow. Wow! WOW!! Each and every color is absolutely stunning!

    • yes. that green. totally agree.

  • Translation of Vrinda Pada? I found:
    — Vṛnda (वृन्द).—a. Many, numerous.
    — Pada (Foot) Pāda is the Sanskrit term for “foot”, with derived meanings “step, stride; footprint, trace; vestige, mark”
    Soooo, could it be that this is sock yarn named “many feet?”!!!

  • I have never been a sock knitter. A few pairs and MEH. But as the yarns become more incredible, I am knitting a pair for a special friend and I am enjoying the process.
    I only knit for very special people because of the time, the expense and this friend could not be any more special. When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 1992, she was the first person to call because I had a 4 year old son who needed to be picked up at school. She has a son who is profoundly disabled and I was able to knit mittens that would stay on his hands as he has no muscle tone.
    I’m so grateful that I can knit and show my love for special people in a unique manner.

  • Love the lush colors and the Harry Potter references.

  • Well dang! Looked yesterday and was thinking Rhinebeck + Avatar would be perfect for a colorwork sweater, Norui, that I’ve had on my list for a while. Alas, Rhinebeck is already gone! I hope you all will restock it— what a beautiful combination of reds and golds.

    However, there are so many beautiful shades of this yarn! I decided to go with Always and Gillyweed as I love purple and green together.