Dear Sugars

By Kay Gardiner
October 28, 2017
Our advice: knit with the good yarn.

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  • Dear Sugar is also a lovely book of Cheryl’s collected works from her days of doing it on the web (pre-podcast dark days). Worth a look-see or even a hear-see in audiobook format. She’s a treasure.

  • Whether requests for household cleaning tips, or stories so personal they could only be told in a syndicated column, I have been a lifelong fan of the QandA columns. I remember the details of some that I read decades ago! That’s touching a nerve, that is. I’ll certainly check out the podcast. Thanks.
    AND the Rhinebeck sweaters, of course. That probably went without saying 🙂

  • Kristi, tell me about your Rhinebeck lip color! So pretty.

  • Dear Sugars is one of my favorite podcasts! Maybe because I usually agree with them. I also love Gastropod, which is not advice, but fascinating.

  • I am missing new York so much I cannot wait to move back to enjoy knitting again

  • Dear Sugar is so lovely, I love the often tender way they handle those who contact them about the messy and dark parts of their lives. Her books are wonderful too!

  • Sooooo lovely to see you with Rosanne Cash and the rest of your knitting circle in New York magazine!