The Easin’ Season

By Kay Gardiner
July 12, 2018

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  • wonderful, as always. xo

  • I like the look of cardigans like that, but how does it not fall off your shoulders? I knit a similarly-shaped (raglan-sleeve) open cardigan once, and I loved wearing it, except that it was always trying to slide off.

    • I had that problem once with a cardi that had narrow, open fronts. These fronts meet in the middle, so should is fully covered. I’m optimistic and will report.

  • This post made me so happy! I just received my Sweater yarn (in the same gorgeous color!) from you guys for Sea Breeze. I’m thinking cowl, too. Looking forward to doing it together.

    • I love the color! Bluer than navy but still navy-ish. Proud to be casting on with ya!

  • “But I love a shoulder bag more. If I had to carry my handbag in my hand, even to wear a magnificent poncho, I might die.”

    I completely agree with you and I almost spit out my coffee. Shoulder bag, always. The Savage Heart cardigan has jumped to the top of my queue – I have some non-SW worsted (in a green of course) that I’m hoping to swatch soon. But then I just picked up some chunky yarn this past weekend (it was a sale on top of a sale!) to knit another Carbeth Cardigan. This is why queue constantly gets renumbered.

  • I love the Sea Breeze Cowl-Poncho! And was pleasantly surprised how well the shop sample fit when I tried it on at the MDK Knitting Getaway. Do you recall what size that one was?

    • Will figure this out and get back to you!

    • Hi Amy! It’s the smallest of the three sizes, cast on 192 stitches. Make one! We want to see! xo

  • What a beautiful sweater! And I’m sure that it will look lovely on you when finished. Photos, please.

  • I can’t love this enough!!! I’ve started the Cockleshell cardi for my dear granddaughter and now MUST make the Savage Heart cardigan (which I have purchased the pattern for) very very soon!!!!

  • So lovely, I am completely jealous of your speed in knitting!!!!
    I just putter A row here and there!

  • I’m with u on the shoulder bag! As much as I loved Scandal that purse thing was INsane to me.

    Oooh, that Cormo look goood!

    I began overdo gifts knitting! Maybe I will be easing along (we sang that song at 6th grade graduation). How cool that your knit-A-long has a song!

  • Love the Savage Heart Cardigan! And I, too, envy your prolific knitting. So much yarn, so little time….

  • Wow!! BEAUTIFUL. It is now on the top of my queue. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Kay, since you are nearly done with Savage Heart cardigan, do you see a way before or after to maybe add some edging (rib?i-cord?) to hem so it does not roll?

    • The pattern calls for an i-cord edge and I think that plus a rigorous blocking will slow the roll.

      • thank you!

  • I have a Cockleshell Cardigan that’s all done but for the seaming. I should really get on that while it still fits the intended recipient.

    • Me too! Two tiny seams remain for me, but am I doing it? Do I have a plan for doing it? I think it will take a baby being born.

  • There is a simple solution to your problem with ponchos: A fanny pack! Of course, your kids may disown you due to cruel and unusual nerdiness…!

    • Lol! I can’t believe I once wore one of those for non hiking purposes. In my defense, it was a long time ago, and I was young and impressionable.

    • Sadly, fanny packs are back in. Check Tagwalk, men’s wear.

  • Nice sweater. I am sure it will look great. I am extremely anti-shoulder bag. I cannot stand how they pull on my clothes. I go with the Minnie Mouse look and carry it on my wrist.

  • I love your cardigan. I am terrible at seaming sleeves, sides, etc…so I will envy all of them, but will not make on for myself. Sigh……