It doesn't have to be Rhinebeck. Attending your local sheep and wool festival is a balm for the soul.

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  • Cannot believe Rhinebeck is finally here! We (and our new sweaters – both of us this year!) will stop by book alley on Saturday to see you both).

  • Sounds like great plans. One day I will get to Rhinebeck. Is that last beautiful photo Astrid by Junko but as a cardigan? It’s beautiful. As is your shawl.

    • Just knit it with an extra 7 stitches in the front. Then steek it. I do it all the time & it works great.

  • Wish I could be there. Please give Jen a hug for me!

  • Thanks entirely to Mr Chapeaubien’s generosity of spirit, I too will be there! I’ve started packing already and even have a new sweater to wear by some miracle. Wouldn’t miss seeing you ladies for the world! Save me a copy of Big Joy!

  • Can’t be sure but I think Astrid starts the colorwork straight from the top, instead of the main plain color first right around the neck and shoulders. Have a terrific time at Rhinebeck.

    • Well, it isn’t the last picture. I rolled through them on my phone this AM and got the sequence wrong. It’s the one next to Kay hugging the lady in the beautiful shawl. She has a scarf around her neck. The sleeves say Astrid so, that’s my guess.

  • I’m missing Rhinebeck this year! But it’s my daughter’s first parent weekend at college, so…. Fall is chockfull–hopefully folks will post about all the great stuff you’ll be doing. Knit (and felt) thee well!

    • Is your daughter at UVA? I am also missing Rhinebeck, first time since 2015, and that’s partly my reason as well. But also I needed a break. Too peoply. But, the FOMO is real!

  • Our group’s annual knitting retreat is the weekend after Rhinebeck and it’s not in the cards (or the finances, LOL) to do both. That said, I get so much vicarious enjoyment from your reports, though I miss the vibrant autumns of the Northeast! This is a definite Bucket List item!! Hope you all have extra fun for the rest of us:)!!

    • I went for the first time last year, and unfortunately cannot go this year… gah! So please- send lots of photos out so I can do some vicarious Rhinebecking!

  • I can’t wait for your pics! Take lots!

  • Ann: Don’t forget to pack your stitch markers for Rhinebeck. You never know when you might need one.
    Kay: Hope you feel better soon, now that you’ve learned how grumpy Kermit is before breakfast.

  • The mittens….is there a pattern ….need those now ,!!!!!!!!

  • Share pictures please!

    And a magic window?
    We have a ‘Magic Coffee Table”
    (If you never heard of this, check out YouTube).

  • Have fun all you lucky people going to Rhinebeck!!!!

  • I’ve never been before, but I’ll be visiting New York for the first time and realized that I have one day to explore so guess what? 3 hours each way, we will have a few hours to spend. And I do mean spend . Hope to see you there!