Knit to This: Next in Fashion

By Ann Shayne
February 8, 2020

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  • It is SOOOOOO good!

  • Wish you would find fashion for us that don’t have Netflix. Maybe UTube?

  • 100%. Love the fact the design challenges are for both men and women. Incredibly talented designers!!

    • Thanks for this recommendation! I’ve been watching baking show competitions while I knit, and this is similar but different. I know shows like this have tight deadlines, but this is ridiculous! I do not know how they finish anything!

  • I began watching this week as soon as I saw it „highlighted“ at the top of my Netflix screen…HAD to binge and got it done in 2 days….now I`m sad it`s over and there aren`t more episodes – it was excellent and nice how all the designer rooted for each other to do good/win!

  • I’m such a Project Runway freak that I’m currently going back and watching Cristian Siriano’s season (Season 8)! I’ve been lurking about Next in Fashion, and this does it–It’s going into my queue!

  • It is great fun!

  • This was a perfect recommendation for a lying around trying to get over that bad cold kind of day. I needed a show I WASN’T watching with my husband. Finished a sweater and 4 episodes today. Thank you! Now if I’m up to going back to life on Monday, all will be golden!

  • Ok. I gave in and watched 3 episodes! Love watching teams interact. Wish there was more of this. Fashion is FUN.

  • Thank u I am really enjoying this show. I passed it @ 1st even though I like Tan France since most competition shows have way to much snarking & back stabbing. This one does not

  • Loved. Loved.loved!