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  • Methinks your sweet pees need more directly overhead light. Stretched-out, spindly growth (etiolated to be science-snobby) is usually a result of too little light.

  • Your sweet peas make me long for spring.

  • Wow! High praise, indeed.
    Once that was posted (it got lost overnight in a moderation queue), I was going to email you. Aside from the link, I was going to ask if you’ve contemplated a Perfect Sweater Gallery.

  • The sweet peas look like they are waiting until they can see out the window to decide where to put their leaves.

  • Your sweet peas are about 7 inches taller than mine got last year!! You’re doing great! Mine sprouted and then just stayed the same height…?!

  • I didn’t realize you could start sweet peas so early!

  • The pea shoots remind me of the embellishments on the fern sweater. Spring will be here soon!

  • Hi Ann, Thank you for the link to the afghan project. And I love the photo of the sweet peas. I am so jealous that you can grow anything this time of year. It’s wet and cold here, and there is no hope for planting. Your plants are lovely.

  • Joined the knit-along right away, since the MDK one was so much fun. Hope Larissa realizes the power of your blog, she’s going to be buried in squares!

  • I agree with Thomas — more light. When I start seed indoors, I get a fluorescent grow light and put the fixture about one inch above the tips of the shoots. This gives them maximum light, though it means you might have to raise the light a couple times a day at first.

  • Just some fan mail…love your book. Not only is it helpful and inspiring, but also some really nice eye candy! Thanks!

  • I think you might need to pinch out the tips of your sweetpeas, but you might need to do this when you have a little more leaf growth. otherwise they will get to spindly and fall over :(. I wonder if Thomas agrees? Otherwise, you’re doing a great job, and very optimistic about an early spring! Go Ann!

  • Why did you plant your sweet peas inside? I was under the impression they liked being planted outside while it’s still cold, and that they don’t like being transplanted.

  • And remember your thingomometry. Actually I don’t remember if that’s the right word, but I like it. You have to turn a fan on them, or brush them gently with your hands, so they grow up tough! Tough love, that’s what sweet peas need!

  • Mmmm peas…I see Larissa’s at it again!

  • Get those sweet peas into some outside light, as fast as you can. If they have to stretch they don’t ever become as strong down the road.

  • Okay, I think Alice knit the whole sweater in less time than it took me to wind the yarn into balls!!!!

  • Hi, Ann! Thanks so much for letting us know about Larissa’s “Squares” knitalong — finally a knitalong that matches both my attention span and my stash! I’ve signed up, and can’t wait to raid my leftover sock yarn for just the right color(s).

  • Sweetpeas. More light, cooler temps. Get one of those 4 foot light fixtures from a Lowes-like store, twist in some grow bulbs and get those babies some light!

  • cheaper than grow lights- use one cool spectrum florescent and one warm spectrum florescent bulb and they’ll last longer, be less expensive, and work the same way as the grow lights.
    Knitting and gardening. two of my favorites.