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  • Funny how the desire to protect your stash turns into an all out organization of it, huh?

  • You continue to kill me and taunt me with the denim. You promised that you’d give me some when we met. You remember? I do. When it comes to the denim, I have a memory like an elephant. All else, memory like a sieve. But the denim: I forget not.
    That sweater is the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen, ESPECIALLY with the mismatched vintage buttons. I LOVE.

  • If you’re giving Norma denim, you better have some for me too. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Ohholyhell window replacement? That is a new kind of torture. We always toyed with the idea in Old House the First. We wanted to, but we weren’t brave enough. I bow to thee.

  • You’ll love the new windows next window when your heating bill will be drastically reduced. But now, dust and stuff, yucko. But the thrill of finding al that “new” yarn!
    Funny meeting your old boss like that! What a crazy coincidence!

  • That sweater is so cute. And I love the buttons! They look perfect. Good work with the bleach pen. It makes the sweater looks just a bit worn,

  • In looking at your stash laid out, I see a trend..is ALL the blue yarn denim? Blue happens to be my favorite color, jeans happen to be my favorite article of clothing. I’ve got to get some of that denim…it’s my destiny. I should stop fighting it.

  • Oh, the little knit shirt/sweater is sooo cute. Perfect for my grandsons. When I read about your dash to protect stash I immediately got panic stricken about possibilities where my own stash could be harmed. It, too, is all over the house. Must go home, must get organized, must protect stash!!!!

  • The new baby sweater is the cutest thing. Last week’s too. Baby-sweater-of-the-week? I’ve got one to make and I’m thinking…Denim? Denim must be the way to go.

  • I made the Fisherman’s Tee for Bruno when he was a baby! He wore it with tights, little corduroy booties and a felt crown and sash to be a king for his first Halloween. I do love Memory Lane and the buttons you picked are perfect.

  • Kay I love that denim baby sweater! I love the buttons on it!

  • Windows. Been there, done that. Muck everywhere. When they did mine they took the two out in our bedroom, then the chap appeared downstairs to say he ‘had a problem’. He’d made the new ones 3″ too small all round. But by now the old ones were smashed, so we had to live for a week with the new (too small ones) wedged in with bits of wood, stuffed with newspaper for draught exclusion. In February. In London. Count yourself lucky!
    Anyway, another wonderful use of bleach. And I love the red buttons – it’s IN this season for mismatched buttons, you know.

  • My favorite moment: 17 needles. Not 17 PAIRS, or some number which can be divided INTO pairs, but 17 NEEDLES.
    I love that.

  • “(An unconventional choice, I know, but it just came to me in a vision.)”
    I will giggle all day.
    You lead such a brave and adventurous life! I must get over my envy problem.

  • well, I love that gansey… gorgeous, especially with the bleaching.
    As for the windows, as someone that has lived through several building projects, I feel your pain.

  • We’ve had a similar rescue program going on in my house thanks to MOTHS. (Note plural form.) In the STASH, (or as my husband thoughtlessly refers to it, The Moth Buffet).
    I’ll be o.k., eventually, and so will the stash, eventually. Can’t say the same for the moths.

  • You’re giving away denim? That’s what Norma said.

  • I feel your window replacement pain!! The massive (3 stories and a basement) brick 1900’s house I lived in at West Point went thru a renovation which included lead abatement and the renovation of all windows and doors and involved living thru a NY summer and early fall with plastic sheeting for windows, workers walking on scaffolding outside the non-existant windows (including bedrooms and bathrooms) starting at 7am every day, workmen walking in and out of the house all day leaving doors open and letting the bugs in and the dog out, dirt and plaster dust and paint splatters on every surface, and hollow core interior doors in place of the front and back doors all winter. (They were smaller and had lovely pieces of scrap plywood nailed above them to “make them fit”. We got to shovel snow inside the house as well as outside that winter.) That was the year my yarn and I cemented our love affair with the 2 gallon Ziploc bag. My new house has new windows, which while they don’t have history and character, do keep the ouside outside where it belongs.

  • Oooh, that baby sweater is wonderful! Love it. And your attention to detail with the bleach pen makes it that much more en vogue for the wee one. (the worn denim look, as you know, is all the rage.)
    Thank goodness for the saved stash. Can you imagine what your insurance company would have had to pay? They wouldn’t have believed the money you’ve got invested in that top photograph.

  • You are a brave woman. Window replacement and shawl ripping all in one day. Sounds scary to me. The denim sweater is adorable and the mismatched buttons absolutely make it. Former boss in the yarn store = fate. We knitters will evenutally rule the world.

  • I very much love the baby sweater; it most certainly has a vintage-y, heirloom look about it. Must be the buttons!
    I love mix and match buttons. I made a quilt for my baby girl that was “tied” by securing all the layers of the quilt with an assortment of mother-of-pearl buttons from my mother’s old button box. None matched, yet the look was cohesive. It is my favorite part of that quilt, no wonder I’m drawn to that detail it in other pieces. Beautiful job, Kay.

  • love the baby sweater– more classic than that you can NOT get. lovely.

  • The angst.The pain. The joy. Reunions. Stylish knitwear,with buttons and ”ageing”. A book reading. Other knitters. All that and replacement windows. This post has it all. I laughed. I cried. I loved every word of it.

  • We’re in the middle of building work – I go out and buy yarn when the dust (and the noise) gets too bad. Works for me.
    I love the baby gansey – I can see why all of your friends are having babies.

  • *waves* Hi, new here. Nothing much to say, just thought I’d quit lurking and actually comment.
    Love all the blues in your stash, makes a girl feel better about her own small (but growing) mostly blue stash. I keep thinking I should get other colors, but the blue is just so pretty!

  • all wendys covet qivuit.
    we’re crazy like that.

  • Love the baby sweater! I have knit that pattern myself–ain’t it fun? The mismatched vintage buttons thing is great.

  • So, in order to find my numerous missing tape-measures all I have to do is take out a 1929 window, right? Our house is full of 1929 windows and lost tape-measures and I never realised the link.

  • and jane, former boss, is “woman of a certain age” who is a beginning knitter. that’s what really impressed this old lady. yes, i like your knitting too, feel your window pain (sorry), but creativity in the third age gets my first line attention. yours, naomi