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  • Talking of recipes, remember Kay’s corn soufflé? Could she possibly give some quantities? A can of corn? Corn comes in at least 3 can sizes! A packet of corn? Same. Some numbers please! It sounds yum!

    • I think it’s a 28 oz can of corn but the beauty of this recipe is that it works no matter what. It’s the normal size can of corn and bag of frozen corn–the pre-Costco era size can.

      • Thanks Kay. I live in Australia so your instructions are sinking me ever deeper into mystery, but a recipe that works no matter what? I have to go for that!

  • Great recipes here! And a wonderful upbeat way to start my morning. Thanks!


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  • There have been several “spaghetti squash” conversations lately among my friends. You lead me to Judy’s Chickens which shows exactly how to cook it. Divine timing. Can’t wait to poke around her site when I have time.

  • The Midas of all things makeable. She creates beauty and is equally beautiful. The lemon ricotta cookies are AMAZING!

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    • Vesia, thank you for those poetically kind words. I’ll never forget the night I met you in Carrington’s kitchen, both of gushing over how good the lemon ricotta cookies were. The next day you made a batch and we gushed online. Thankfully, we became friends because of these cookies! xo

  • Glad that you are back, it was always something different and fun.

  • LOVE Judy’s blog. Love Judy! Fantastic pumpkin bread. Made a few loaves to tide us over until our kitchen renovation is over.

    • Thank you, Anna!!

  • Those cookies are calling my name! The photos and other recipes are wonderful as well. Guess I’ll have to spend more time reading Judy’s blog.

    • Thank you, Elaine!

  • My favorite thing to do when I discover a new blog that I can tell I want to Follow, is to go to the Archives and start from the beginning to get caught up. It’s hard to really know the full story unless you take the time to do that. So I’m very excited to start at the beginning with Judy. Thanks for sharing! xo Tammy

    • Wow! Thank you, Tammy for reading it from the beginning. I’m happy to say I’ve been reading MDK from the beginning and it is what inspired me to start blogging. MDK has always been a happy and funny place. I’m so glad they are back with a daily post. Thanks!

  • I only roast cauliflower – tastes like french fries!

    I had sweet potato pie yesterday. Super good.

  • Pumpkin bread with CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Two of four grandchildren are hanging out with us on a rainy Veterans Day. We’re going to give that recipe a try.

    • Deborah, this recipe is a keeper if ever there was one. I hope you and your grandchildren like it. There is something about the combo of chocolate and spices that keeps you coming back for more. Thanks!

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  • Thank you! I’m making Judy’s spaghetti squash recipe right now, and plan to make the pumpkin bread tomorrow. My goodness, but that Judy can write.

    • Thanks, Barbara! Hope it turned out well. When you have a long rainy weekend, try Aunt Bridget’s Chicken Soup with Meatballs. The tiny meatballs have grated lemon and ground nutmeg in them and are amazing.

      • It was delicious—I added in leftover pork loin cubes to make it an entree. Aunt Bridget, oh my, I can’t resist nutmeg. Thanks for the recipes!

        • Barbara! You are A-mazing. So happy you’ve already tried the soup and that you enjoyed it. I agree with you on the nutmeg. Thanks for writing!

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  • Thanks to my dear friend, Ann, for surprising me with this lovely post yesterday morning. To have an esteemed author like Ann write such complimentary words about my blog made me grin from ear to ear. That she is my friend and wrote those words, made me a little dewy-eyed as I drank my first cup of coffee.
    xxx’s and ooo’s to Ann and Kay!

  • Judy Wright is one of those people who constantly amaze me with her talent and with the love of others she expresses every day. I love that others get to see the wonder of Judy through her blog. I could hardly believe it’s been a whole year. I hope there are many more like it to come.

    • Thank you, Mary Sue. With sweet comments like that, I’ll keep blogging. Remember when we (mostly, you) knit all of those scarves for Siloam refugees? And how about all of those beautiful desserts you make at Chirstmastime AND your outrageous whole wheat hot cross buns at Easter? And then there is your day job. You are an inspiration for a beautiful life well lived.

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  • Hello!!! I had thought you were gone for good … and, just by chance, I ‘bumped’ into you this morning!!!!! (BELLS RINGING!) My cup runneth over!!!!

  • Re-sign me up, please. I hit the wrong “button” the other day and un-subscribed myself! Horrors!!
    I enjoy you all too much and don’t want to miss anything!