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  • Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, oh my gawd.

  • And she’ll be here in October, how timely!

  • Oh ICK. Just ICK. The man needs a barber!
    You’re right of course, I have great hair in my own backyard. Think about BETTE MIDLER!!!!!
    xoxo Kay

  • Hey, I saw “Working Girl” in Manhattan! NYC can compete with Nashville any day of the week. I love Joan Cusack, but her hair in that movie was a little too accurate!

  • Usually just a loyal lurker, but had to ask you, Ann — Did you see the braless Babs photo from last night’s event?
    Not pretty. Her, ahem, standards have fallen.

  • OMG…Hair wars

  • erm, that pic makes me feel ill. x x

  • I think it’s really the outer boroughs and the suburbs that are to blame.
    I can remember working at a Kmart on Long Island and they had an.entire.aisle devoted to hairspray.
    And then there’s a quote from John Gorka’s song “I’m From New Jersey”
    There are girls from New Jersey
    Who have that great big hair
    They’re found in shopping malls
    I will take you there”

  • Let’s just all say thank gawd that the days of what we call in Philadelphia…”Mall Bangs” are over. Remember them? You would need a whole aisle of hairspray to keep them properly lifted!

  • OK Jenn, just how do you do that flashy italic? And what else do you know? Yours, in awe,

  • Kris K. can come visit me any time, barber or no. Hell, I’d even buy some Aqua Net if that’s what he liked. 🙂

  • Ah, the glory days of Aeresol

  • Love the schnecken-on-top-of-the-head look. What’s up (with that), Doc?

  • I remember seeing that movie in Toronto. Back in high school. Back when you had to stand for the national anthem before the movie started.
    Did they do that in the States too?

  • That made me shriek out loud. At work. I’m not sure you’re allowed to do that 😉

  • Or, when Hairy met Steisey

  • Belinda – there’s nothing you can’t do with a little HTML code (well, except adding color). =)

  • Oohhh…heck yeahhhh! (and speaking of “Nashville meets New York,” the pairing of Kristofferson and Streisand was, umm, quite a strange bit of casting, but I STILL dig “A Star is Born” and watch it every time it’s on cable!) Looooove it!

  • Jenn, I must improve my knowledge! Thanks! x

  • That’s what we in Boston call “Revere Beach Girls” (those with big hair)

  • I’m sorry to say that neither New York or Nashville has the corner on big hair. Have none of you been to Texas? I once was on a business trip in Dallas (I’m from Minneapolis) and dining at a very nice, upscale restaurant. In the ladies’ room, a woman whipped out a full-size can of Aqua Net in front of the mirror, sprayed it all over the place and then asked me if I needed any. I sarcastically replied something to this effect, “no thanks, I’ve gotten enough already.” She didn’t get the joke.

  • Help! I can’t get to your comments on today’s post. Holy cow, she chops sweaters? You should suggest to Dominique how useful a scratchy afghan can be.

  • hi to ya both – at last I HAVE THE BOOK – a friend who amazons more than me took my money 7 got me your’s , yarnharlot and a zimmerman to come!
    i now have nearly finished a practise warshrag in el cheapo acrylic – looks a bit bright – but i know the pattern now – watch out Textere!!!

  • I only have eyes for Kris K.
    He was soooo sexy in that movie…and his hands…there is something about his hands!!

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