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  • Hey, *I* knitted during Gladiator this weekend, too! And I got lots done, since I turn out to be not such a big fan of Gladiator.
    I loved the one-liners, though, like “People should know when they’re conquered.” And “At my word, release Hell.”
    A good line, as they say, is always a good line.
    Can’t wait to see if the Divine Intervention worked!

  • I am sure the Seaming Gods are feeling benevolent today. Good luck!

  • What pattern did you use for those cute dish scrubbies? they look like mitered squares but I’m not sure.

  • Is it time to start sending the “goods” in for the Secret Ops? Did I miss the call on the shoe phone? *runs to check the Sock Answering Machine*

  • And such a lovely stack of unfinished business it is…. πŸ™‚

  • yay, orange pink blanket started! by now probably finished too!
    love your prayer!

  • …. jamie has the right idea – multi-purpose easter basket….why don’t adults think this clearly?….(my youngest used to get such a “charge” modeling a huge lampshade on his head…..and walking around, arms outstretched, like frankenstein….)… ah… childhood….

  • I wanted to see Gadiator and yet missed it every time it was on this weekend (what like 10 times?). Good luck!

  • KAY!! I have joyous news. This weekend – during Gladiator, no less – I finished knitting my first Buttonhole bag! And at about 2:30 this morning, I roused my poor husband from a very deep sleep to show him the final, felted loveliness. Don’t worry, he got me back: He woke me up at 5:30 as he was getting ready to take a shower, modeling my precious buttonhole bag, to tell me how impressed he was.

  • Eeek is right!
    Please e-mail me addy and I will get my unfinished business in the mail πŸ™‚

  • OK, just started Creeper. Rowan always adds a little extra fillip whose purpose is not immediately apparent, sooooo – what do the cross rights and lefts in the pattern accomplish? I keep screwing them up because the book picture is too stinky to use as a reference to figure out what the heck I’m doing?
    Keeping fingers and toes crossed for the Patron Saints of Seaming to bless you.

  • or as I like to call her “our lady of finishing”…may she watch over us and protect us from ourselves and low standards……I WUV YOU BECKY!

  • I love your invocation to the goddess off finishing. May she bless you as you strive to complete Creeper (which is looking lovely by the way).

  • Typo alert – that should have been ‘goddess of’ NOT ‘goddess off ‘…. don’t want to be offending the goddess!

  • I am so excited about those pink and orange squares! Onward! The finishing goddess be with you!

  • The Top Picture on the left side of your blog….what is the yarn and pattern? It looks so much like spring and rainbow sherbert ice cream.

  • Kristy? Um….. a question?
    As he was getting into the shower, how — EXACTLY how — was hubby modelling the buttonhole bag?
    The mental image it conjured for me, well…let’s say only that I know how MY husband would have modelled it!

  • There are some very frisky husbands out there. (So I hear.) Some of them give up hope that the knitting and felting will ever cease, and they just go with the flow and try to be a part of it all.
    I learned from Kristy that she and her model husband are newlyweds. I don’t know if that makes any difference to your mental image, Mary B. I just put it out there as relevant information. lol, Kay

  • Darn, darn, darn you Mason-Dixon women. First, you made me want to knit yet another scarf this winter by showing me that striped-with-2-Noros one. Now this afghan. I was firmly a NO afghan person. Till today. What’s the pattern? Its the orange 90 degree angles that get me! Love it.

  • I am *SO* posting that over my bed to protect me and guide me through all finishing projects.

  • Kay, would you make mine a Daily John Candy? Thanks.

  • Kay
    (is it really Kathleen?) May all your troubles be little ones. (dropped stitches and the like)
    Happy St. Patricks Day
    Kathleen at irisheyes

  • I tried to post to this the other day but the God of Blog Comments won out over the Goddess of Finishing (probably while taking her button-hole bag for a little modelling session later that day).
    I don’t remember what clever or witty comments I was going to make, but trust me that it was VERY witty and VERY clever and you would have laughed tremendously. I do remember, though, that this post was and is my favorite in quite a long time and that it made me want to drop whatever I was doing and finish something (of the knitting variety, that is).

  • Hi,
    I looked at the scruby knit along. Are they still actively raising money for the charity? (I’m asking bbecause I’d like to link… but not if the project is deactivated.)

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