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  • LOL! Hubbo is ADORABLE! It’s not fair that so much talent has been dished out to one family. Look on the bright side: If the finance thing doesn’t work out, can the Grand Ole Opry be far behind??

  • It must be a MIRACLE. He can play the guitar without ever touching the actual strings! Amazing talent your hubbo!

  • As someone who also has a hubbo in the bidness, I had a great laugh over this vid……..also, did you notice that “in related content” YouTube has grouped his contribution along with one called “My Dog Has A Cedar Hedge Fetish”.

  • I’m not much of a country music fan, but that might be about to change. (Moody’s got the ratings wrong…. What a blast from the past for me! Thank you!)

  • Oh my stars. That is just priceless. thank you for sharing!

  • Well. Hubbo is definitely appealing, AND he can sing. The less said about the sparkly jacket, the better, although I suppose it’s traditional. The phantom guitar-picking? Huh? Who is actually playing? It’s nice to see a family that enjoys having silly fun.

  • BRILLIANT! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I finally can forward something from “those knit things you’re always looking at on the internet” to my darling husband that he will truly appreciate.
    Thanks again for giving me justification in pursuing my, uh hmmm, interests.

  • Too funny. My cousin’s husband does hedge fund promotional consulting, or something of the sort (What do those kind of folks do, anyway?. I’m not sure I’ll be passing it on to them.

  • Hilarious. Hubbo is adorable, and clearly a rising talent in the c&w world 🙂

  • Love it! Will watch for Hubbo on CMTv. He’s sure to be their next big star.

  • Ah, so talent is not only relegated to the ladies of the Mason-Dixon families… very cute! And now you can brag that Hubbo’s YouTube sketch is only one degree seperated from Fry and Laurie (in the “related” category)!

  • This was deeeliteful. I passed it on to my sister who is a writer for the Wall Street Journal. I hope hubbo makes it all the way to the CMAs!!

  • BRAVO! Brilliant! Words fail! Encore!!! 🙂

  • oh dear
    (and now D I V O R C E is stuck in my head)

  • That’s hilarious! Hubbo sure knows how to strum that ol’ git-box (without even strumming it). I’ll be certain to start humming this tune the next time I need to swap a put or whatever.

  • What a hoot! You made my day.

  • That was FANTASTIC! Hubbo is well, yes, adorable. I tried to find another word and really couldn’t. You two are perfect for each other (she says with Authority after having met you only for about an 20 seconds a few years ago)

  • That proves it! Insanity is inherited. We get it from our HUSBANDS!!!!!

  • Hilarious! My husband and I practically fell off our chairs!

  • That’s so AWESOME! Yay Hubbo!

  • that was hilarious!! i’ll have to show my bankerman husband.

  • Who is this Hubbo guy ya’ll are talkin’ about? I think, well this is a long story as to why she is doing it, but I think LeAnn Rimes is out there trying to ruin my career again, spreading lies that I am just a moonlighter with a day job. No way! I am real country singer. It is a huge co-incidence that I look so much like this money manager guy and never appear in the same room with him. But do not believe Lee Ann. Thanks for all the support though, I do appreciate it, and please come see me when my tour bus pulls into a state fairground near you.

  • I am loving that Ann married this guy. It takes a real man to dress up in a costume and post a video of himself singing for all the innernets to see. I just wish I knew what the heck he was talking about.

  • Priceless! You must be so proud 😉

  • Brilliant! As a friend’s mother once said about Howard Keel, “And he sings!”

  • I agree–Hubbo is absolutely spectacular and just plain adorable! :o) this is definitely a video to keep in the Shayne Family Books!

  • Can you sing too???

  • What a HOOT! You should be proud. Thanks for letting us in on a bit of family history in the making.

  • If he was singing in truth, good thing he can sing! That was genius! From your friend, the mortgage banker (soon to be unemployed);)

  • Mah friends just love Merle, and I will never see the name Goldman Sachs again without hearing his dulcet tones spelling it out.

  • That’s hysterical.
    One of the more interesting fund blow-ups so far is the two doofuses (doofi?) who used to manage the Harvard endowment fund and decided to create their own hedge which Harvard then invested in. Oops.

  • After I wiped the tears away from laughing so darn hard, I had to write and tell you I sent this to my financial advisor. NOW he will understand the wild and crazy knitters in my life and their spouses! Tell your husband he needs to take that one on the road!!
    (pssst….merle hazard’s a hottie! but I like the one on the keyboardish thingie! rrrrrRRRRRrrrrr!) LOL

  • Proving that not all financial types are humorless. I concur: brilliant, and I’m forwarding the link to my day-trading son-in-law.

  • That was truly hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment. Hubbo is truly talented!

  • No wonder you live in Nashville, he must be a hot commodity there. Thanks for sharing. I loved it!

  • G-R-E-A-T

  • Where could I get me a guy like that? Just wondering. xox Kay

  • Hey, that was fun. I didn’t understand the terms, but enjoyed the video just the same. How about another one?

  • Boy, howdy! I can think of a fair number of folks ’round these parts who will marvel at Mr. Shayne’s debut. I can hardly git my fangers typin’ fast enuff.

  • Oh Dear Lord, I about snorted my coffee at the monitor! Dang hedge funds anyway.

  • Well, I can vouch for Hubbo. I’ve known him for a long time now and this is NOT him. Hubbo doesn’t even have a southern accent.
    From lovin’ sis–

  • I think the boyz are big enough for you and Hubbo to get that Partridge Family tribute band going now. It’s TIME.
    xoxo Kay

  • omg your hubo is so cute! How fun! I loved it!

  • Can we get that boy a contract for thirteen weeks on General Hospital? I think we can.

  • You must be very proud. He could also do used-car ads in that getup!