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  • Thanks for this, and I love the pea coat.

  • Really appreciate the “other yarns” list — in my limited experience, the yarn sometimes hasn’t revealed its incompatible nature until I’ve finished finishing, which is even more depressing than a bad boyfriend.

  • I’ve met Bonne Marie, and she made me feel so welcome while visiting Chicago last summer. I can just hear her voice! You’ll love seeing her tonight. Wish I were there, but I’m currently on the other side of Wisconsin (though I just visited Loopy Yarns two weeks ago while in Chicago for a meeting and got to see their new digs — wait, did I say that already in some other comment?
    Anyway, you guys are going to have such fun. And Pastaza’s a great yarn; that will be one Warm PeaCoat.

  • Great interview. Love the alternate yarns list, very helpful as the pea coat is my pick from your book.

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing you at YarnCon tomorrow! If you have a moment, stop by the Froebe-Fibers booth. If I get a chance, I’m going to try and sneak away and get my book signed. I love it!

  • You broke your camera!? Disaster!

  • I’ll say it again – the patterns in “Outside The Lines” just knock my socks off! And Yank is one of them, so’s Liberty, and….and….and….
    I might be making a new sweater for myself real soon!

  • Great interview – sorry about your camera!
    I remember pea coats, but I don’t recall a belt…whose Navy was I in??

  • Dear Ann and Kay!
    I just dropped in to say that I received my copy of your book this week and I love love LOVE it. (I did love the first book, too.) And I adore the coats in the book, they are ingenious. AND you have helped me to solve all my cleaning problems: I have a dog that is BIG and he is already lying down most of the time so now I just need to knit a big enough swifty for him. Of course, I would need a horse to drag him around the house because he is too heavy for me. Pity.

  • a fine interview
    and another blog to read
    and have fun and learn
    the list of yarns is just a big help

  • This book is really high on my holiday wish list (silly shopping moratorium). I love the idea of a coat, but I’m such a frugal knitter that I’ve never really gotten past the idea of needing so much yarn for some garments. I’m going to love the yarn subs as a way of making my favorite garments more affordable!

  • I love your new book and was very pleased to see the sk8r shirt/sweater. My grandson wants me to knit one of these and I bought the book but the sizes seem to be off. A size 4-6 has a chest size of 35”???? Seems really large to me as my grandson is almost 7 and his chest is only 24″. Is this correct?

  • I also love the pea coat the most in the book so far, and am making it with a gorgeous leafy green Peace Fleece worsted weight yarn–so far the gauge seems about as close to perfect as I’ve ever been able to manage.