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  • I misread the header for the chevron throw contest winner and thought it was another contest and we were going to to have to “throw” those skeins of yarn in the photo somehow.???? (Why aren’t there knitting emoji?) I’m going to get that movie on Netflix. Back to banging.

  • Good idea for a contest though!

  • Still trying to get guage on the Manos.

  • The Lopapeysa Lure is strong, I see more banging in my near future! Most addictive knit ever! Stopover is the new potato chip knit! Can’t stop with one!

    • Kat, that cardi is lovely! Can I ask what you did for the button band? I can’t tell if you crocheted as recommended or made some other type of edging. Love the colors, this is what I wanted to knit! And still may…I feel a sweater coming on, and the Lure is is indeed strong.

  • How nasty of Graham Norton. I’ve toyed with the idea of knitting Eddie’s zip-up jacket myself. Why do people laugh at the idea of someone knitting a sweater?

  • Thanks for this post. What a fun read, look, and listen you put together!

  • It would be great if people would also include which yarn they used to knit the sweater. I’d like to see the difference between the plötulopi and the léttlopi knitted up.

  • so proud to have my #bangfinisher in the post today – – love the knit and can’t wait for my second batch of lett lopi to arrive from Iceland so I can cast on number 2 (this one may be the cardigan like KatKnits made)

    • Stopover honest-to-God looks cute on everybody. Congrats on finishing!

  • I want to see the Icelandic movie. But I live in the sticks and it won’t be coming here. 🙁

  • Remember when it was the custom to wear your purse in your lap when you sat down in a skirt that short? Jennifer needs an intervention. Eyeball sweater nothing compared to the work the camera operator must have had to do. Handsome actor came off better in Denim People.

    As for the movie Rams, well, not for vegetarians. Long estranged human family members however do strike me as funny. It is not the Scandinavian side of my family but the Welsh that has them, however. Welsh ladies hats are very funny but not knitted, as far as I know.

    • I’ve watched that whole episode and the skirt was her stylist’s choice – I don’t think she realized how tricky it’d be on a talk show couch until she got to the talk show!

      • good point Dianna. I hadn’t even thought of a stylist. It was actually Jennifer Lawrence’s job to look sexy there. I probably would have gotten very drunk if my career had depended on that kind of thing, and bombed out. And I don’t even drink much. Hope she fired her stylist.

  • I don’t use Instagram and have not a clue how to use it. It’s too bad, would have liked to have seen others’ sweaters.

    But I finished my sweater last Sunday after starting it on Monday at 3PM when the needles finally showed up. Love it to distraction! Fits perfectly and I plan on doing more of them and some cardigans as well.

    Thank you for the Bang out a Sweater Knit-a-long it has been a lot of fun and very productive!

    • If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can still go look at the sweaters.
      Just go to http://www.instagram.com and put bangoutasweaterkal in the search box. It is so inspiring to see everyone’s progress!

      • Thanks! I will check it out!

    • I don’t know how to post pictures onto it either, but you don’t have to join to admire and envy everyone else’s color choices. Just click on the link: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/bangoutasweater/
      Or you can google bangoutasweater and go to the entry on the list with the Instagram address.
      Beware: It’s addictive.

      • Don’t worry, Syd, I will post a bunch of them here on the blog. We can’t have the party in just one place!

        • Thanks Kay!

      • I have been properly warned…..thanks!

        • Opps that was suppose to be a reply to Pam.

  • I must see that movie. In a theater, for the full impact of Icelandic scenery.

  • My yarn finally arrived yesterday! Woo-hoo! Working on gauge at the moment. So excited to finally be banging out a sweater.

  • It’s hard to take seriously anyone who holds up “Denim People” and refers to wool. Obviously that’s why everyone was laughing.

  • Perhaps now my Denim People will become a collector’s item!

  • I love Eddie Redmayne! Jennifer Lawrence, not so much. I wish I had that issue of Rowan …

    Loving all the sweaters! including the “classic demon” ones.

  • This comment goes out to anyone! I have avoided mixing colors for most of my knitting life due to very bad memories of making a child’s bunny sweater with tight, tight bunnies and a very loose body. Do I have a chance of “banging out a sweater” with the stopover pattern and its multi-colored top? I look at the pictures and want to knit one oh so badly. Help!!!

    • Yes, Whitney, yes! Over at the Ravelry group called Mason-Dixon Knitters, there are plenty of knitters doing their first colorwork with this sweater.

  • Hi. OT. I revise my knitting influencer answer to include Norah Gaughan. How did I forget? Knitting Nature was a revelation in its day.

  • After looking at the instagram photos I found myself browsing for yarn and about to punch the buy it now button on the pattern!!! Oh my gosh, you guys are pushers (isn’t that what they used to call drug dealers?). We are in the middle of a home remodeling project, so now is not the time for me… I’m sure I will succumb eventually. The sweaters are all so beautiful and those of us who aren’t participating this time are still getting our fix!

  • I’m so sad that I can’t participate in the Bang Out A Sweater fun – I broke my thumb 2 weeks ago and haven’t been able to knit a stitch. My only consolation is that I get t let the rest of you try out color combinations to get ideas for when I can finally knit again.

  • Rams was playing here in our very cool old cinema (it’s called “Stabukker” in Norway) but I missed seeing it. Will have to hope for a repeat showing!

  • “…and then they knit it for you….a Christmas nightmare…” I think my feelings might be hurt a little. Good thing they’re not my family.

  • just back from Rams its fabulosu… fantastic knitting on display.. and rams and sheep… but take an extra pullover – you’ll feel FROZEN by the end

  • Wow. Graham Norton is a hater. Who knew?