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  • I’m a new mac user and a woman in transition (fumbling, stumbling – wasting time and money on life paths that don’t speak to my passions/heart/spirit) – this was a perfect post for me today. Thanks

  • Well spoken Ann, I too love my mac and sing Apple’s praises on a daily basis. It’s a pleasure to work on a machine that is so intuitively simple, yet thoughtfully designed. It’s like the perfect knitting needle!

  • Also, Apples’s phone customer service is the best! You get to speak to a real person, who lives in this country, with a midwestern accent just like mine!

  • While I am not a mac user (I’m tied to PCs at the office and, therefore, I have one at home as well), I am a pleased Ipod user. Even though I’m not gaining the benefits of many of Apple’s products, I do agree that Steve Jobs is 100% dedicated to at least two of his passions: excellent products and excellent customer service. The entire technology market has benefitted immensely from those passions. He has been one of the true pioneers who has touched all of our lives through his efforts simply because his commitment and foresight has raised the bar for all others who follow. I wish him the very best.

  • 2 things, Ann:
    1. Are you trying to frackin’ kill me? What a good speech. That bit about dropping out of college because his folks were spending their life savings? Weeping! I cannot take it!
    2. It occurs to me that Steve Jobs’ life story is a perfect counterpoint to the Amy Chua hoo-ha. It’s a good thing that his parents weren’t pressing his nose to the grindstone every waking hour and calling him a piece of garbage.
    Third thing, thanks for converting me to the Mac. Last night they installed a new keyboard on Joseph’s old MacBook, for free. (Because his looked like a 12 year old boy had been beating on it for 3 years. We took it in for something else–also a free repair–and they said, “don’t you think it needs a new keyboard?”) (I do worry that the genius bar people are a cult, though. It feels like they are about to break out in song at any moment.)
    Hoping he gets to keep his affairs out of order for a long time yet. Orderly affairs: highly overrated.
    Boo Hoo in Noo Yawk

  • We are a 3 Mac family with our oldest being a 10-year-old eMac that still does the job after all these years! I don’t want to part with it–I’m attached to the memories of my children growing up using this thing….
    Sending good thoughts to Steve Jobs and his family. This disease is a tough one.

  • I was glad to read this post since I am the proud owner of both an IPod Touch and a brand-new IPad. I have had some frustration because I don’t find using these devices intuitive and my only complaint is that there are not written instructions for at least the basics (okay, you guessed it, I’m old). However, after reading your post, I am going to keep pestering the tech people and get these toys doing my bidding. lol Jo

  • I couldn’t have said it better Ann. I too, am an avid Mac user – been one since 1993 and I’ve never looked back – the machines are perfect works of art – elegant and functional the perfect combination of form and function. Bless Steve Jobs may the gods that be hold him in their hands gently.

  • I couldn’t have said it better Ann. I too, am an avid Mac user – been one since 1993 and I’ve never looked back – the machines are perfect works of art – elegant and functional the perfect combination of form and function. Bless Steve Jobs may the gods that be hold him in their hands gently.

  • I couldn’t have said it better Ann. I too, am an avid Mac user – been one since 1993 and I’ve never looked back – the machines are perfect works of art – elegant and functional the perfect combination of form and function. Bless Steve Jobs may the gods that be hold him in their hands gently.

  • Not only do I love my MAC when you call customer service you speak to someone in the USA that I can understand. I can not even recall how many times the customer service and tech support has bailed me out. Thanks for the thumbs up. I wish him good health…..

  • We’ve been a Mac family since I was seven. Seven! I went off to college with a Mac, got a new Mac to write my senior thesis on, got an iBook for graduate school, got a macbook four and a half years ago, got an iPad for Christmas – a joint gift from my parents to my husband and me, but so far the three-year-old is monopolizing it – the same three-year-old also has his own iPod, Daddy’s old one when he upgraded to an iPod Touch. (The three-year-old’s iPod is better than mine.) We are a Mac family – when visiting in-laws, my parents, or siblings, we don’t have to bring chargers for our macbooks. Everyone has one.
    Steve Jobs’ illness seems personal to me somehow. And wow has he lost a lot of weight since 2005. I hope he gets well soon.

  • A local question. Do you use MacAuthority off Wedgewood or do you go to Green Hills Mall? I have a cranky IPod and Daughter lost a cord in Italy.
    Saw one of your books at MacKays last Sunday and didn’t pick it up immediately. Went over to Bargain Fiction for a quick glance. When I went back 10 MINUTES LATER it was already gone. I watched every arm until I left. I was considering bodily harm. Never saw it again. Sigh.

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful speech. Thank you also for this post. In everything I have read about Jobs’ hiatus from Apple, nobody has said anything about hoping he recovers and is well.

  • I love my iMac and Macbook pro with a passion. I am an Apple girl through and through.
    he looked so guant at the iPad launch. Hope all your hopes too.
    11 yr old DS loves his iPad with a passion too ! So intuitive.

  • I am a PC user, but I thank you for your thoughtful tribute to Steve Jobs and Apple. Steve Jobs is a very special person and I too hope he stays around for a long time.

  • My husband happens to be one of those Apple reps. He works hard everyday to make sure users can do what they need to do. It makes me happy to hear you’ve had such a good experience, even if you probably never spoke a word to my husband. Macs have always been elegant and smart. I was part of a study group that had a group of kinder gardeners (me!) learn to read, write, spell, and do basic math on Apple computers and then followed them throughout their school careers. Turns out, we all turned out just as smart and smarter than our peers (not to brag…). I wish Steve all the best and I hope others do too.

  • I’m reading this post on my first every MacBook I got just two days ago, and I’m already in love with it, trying to imagine with I ever thought PCs were easier. I’m in love with my iPhone, and iPod, but after my friend who works at Apple telling me these are the best and easiest computers, I fully see that now. I really hope Steve Jobs the best, and wish him a long and fruitful life, not only so he can make more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing computers, but convert others as well.

  • I, too, have only owned Macs. In 2005, I bought a new MacBook that didn’t work right out of the box. I spent more than an hour on the phone with the most amazing customer service representative named Wally. At one point, Wally heard my baby crying and told me just to put the phone down and take care of what I needed and he would wait, on the line. When I finished changing a diaper and putting fresh clothes on my little boy, I went back to the phone. Wally was there and he finished solving my problem.
    I doubt I’ll ever have any other kind of computer.

  • I owe my disagree when it comes to PCs. I like my PC and my cute little mouse. Occasionally I have to use a Mac at work I find it difficult and prefer to use a PC. I think this is because I am so used to PCs and Macs is so different. So I don’t see Macs as inherently superior.
    I do agree that Steve Jobs and Apple are a huge part of what personal computers, or personal electronics, are today. Steve Jobs is deservedly a legend – his story is very inspiring. I certainly wish him all the best and hope he will overcome his health problems, like he did before. I hope Apple will keep making great products and putting pressure on PC makers, so that they keep making PCs and other personal electronics better.

  • uh, i wasn’t expecting to want to bawl my eyes out by the end of this thing. Geesh!! That was beautiful. I kept getting nervous about where he was headed and then right at the end of each section he would turn it around. amazing. thanks for sharing — i think — i just need to go blow my nose and dry my eyes now. oy.

  • I bought a mac as my first computer in college in 1995, and I have bought laptops, ipods and sundry. While I occasionally have a problem with my use of the product, it has never been as bad as the PCs I have worked with over the same time period. I can use other computers, but they never make me feel as good inside and out as my mac.

  • Ah, my first Mac was the 512 Enhanced, back in the 80s. Oh, the thrill of MacPaint! The popularity with the housemates! And the AGONY of forgetting to SAVE.
    Bought two used ones to follow it up, then had 4 challenging years with a seemingly affordable PC.
    (the 512 frame spent a short time as a goldfish bowl cover, soon after I moved to Seattle, when a friend took it to create “art.”)
    Thanks for the post, and cheers to Steve, and I hope he has a little fun in this time off for health. Fun = health.

  • Ive been using Macs since they were weird little boxes. Mid- eighties, I’d say. In fact we’ve been a Mac family from the start. We feel a fondness for Macs and Apple that goes way beyond considering them useful machines. When my daughter went to college, she heard that Columbia University were opposed to Macs. “I think I want a PC,” she said. My husband and I looked at each other in horror. It was as though our daughter wanted to change religions. “Umm okay…” we said. The next day, she declared, “I don’t care. I want a Mac.” In a world where companies forget the power of image, Mac is king. You just want to cuddle the damn company. Or marry it. Or wear it on your sleeve. Get well, Steve. We can’t live without you!

  • jm, i got the same computer when I was in college, my brother upgraded it to 1MB for his grad school work. I’ve been in love with macs ever since and continue to convert all I can.
    Thanks Ann, for the post, I had similar thoughts when I heard the news, but you wrote it better than I could have.

  • Over here, we watch more of Jobs’ keynote speeches than we do sporting events (uh, yes, we are somewhat geeky). He is always so clear and funny and gets so excited about new, creative things. We wish him the best.

  • The first Mac I ever used was an Apple II, way back in the mid-eighties. Loved Macs from the beginning but spent time (did time??) in a PC office. Now that I’m retired we’re a Mac family again and even my techno-phobic husband is happy. Thank you for posting the Stanford speech, and for saying so eloquently how much we are wishing the best for Steve.

  • It’s not my style to leave a comment when all I want to say is YEAH, I AGREE. But in this case, yeah, I SO agree.

  • What happened to the video link?

  • this breast cancer survivor (so far) wishes
    mr jobs the very best
    how nice to read so many lovely words ann
    the storms of life do not always pass so quickly
    now do they

  • Oh Ann… this is timely. I A) watched that Facebook movie on the airplane this morning and so am thinking about the whole innernet thing and B) am stuck in a hotel because my connecting flight was cancelled because of snow. So I put $2 in a slot and am using a bulletproof PC in a hotel lobby and nothing works the way I like it. I daren’t even try to click that video, but I will some day when I am returned to civilization. (Lucky me, there is a Michaels across the street, right in the flight path, and so I got me some dishcloth cotton, because a cross-country flight uses up more yarn than one would think, apparently.)
    Yes, I Oh Ann… this is timely. I A) watched that Facebook movie on the airplane this morning and so am thinking about the whole innernet thing and B) am stuck in a hotel because my connecting flight was cancelled because of snow. So I put $2 in a slot and am using a bulletproof PC in a hotel lobby and nothing works the way I like it. I daren’t even try to click that video, but I will some day when I am returned to civilization. (Lucky me, there is a Michaels across the street, right in the flight path, and so I got me some dishcloth cotton, because a cross-country flight uses up more yarn than one would think, apparently.)
    Yes, I <3 Steve Jobs, too.

  • My son talked me into buying an iPod Mini when my old MP3 player failed about 5 years ago. Its wonderful, elegant design converted me. Currently I am on my second Mac Mini and my third iPod. None of them ever failed; I just was ready to move on. Apple’s attention to quality and design and customer service is excellent, and I plan to stay with them as long as that is true.

  • Hubbalicious works for MSFT and has for the most part of the last 20 years. He has worked really closely with Apple for a good deal of that time. We love Apple. They are genius. We have Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, Apple TV (which you can use your Ipad as a remote- ridiculous and lovely). What Apple does right is 2 fold: beautiful design and they can keep a secret like NOBODY’S BUSINESS.
    Steve Jobs you are a fabulous and wondrous hard ass. Keep going.
    ps: At the Window’s Mobile Phone Xmas party a few years ago, what did I do? Pulled out my Iphone. I’m a culturally sensitive rock star.

  • I too am from an all-Apple family.
    My black macbook also has a piece of tape where the trim cracked…
    Thanks for the post!

  • I’m a Steve Jobs fan and a Mac lover, too. Back in 1988, they decided we all needed our own computers at work, and they bought Macs (SE’s, I believe). I’ve been a Mac person ever since – even after they switched us to Windows at work, I only own Macs at home. I love my iPod(s) and iPhone, too, and am lusting for an iPad. Macs are simultaneously so elegant and so easy, and I credit Steve for all of that.
    Thanks for this post!

  • Delurking to thank you for this wonderful post.

  • Amen!

  • Ann & Kay as always you bring a smile or in this case a tear….what a great post! I hope someone forwards it to Steve. My husband is a Pc guy, he spends a good part of everyday swearing at the computer, Bill Gates ears must burn all day. So I use a PC..BUT I am an Ipod person , my daughters are MAC people, and when the Ipad came out I walked in bought one, they asked if I need help, a class etc. Nope, I’ll figure it out, and I did in an hour I was up and running, and I love the thing,love it!! From my recipes ,to knitting patterns, it’s always with me. Hardley on my PC these days. I, too, wish him the best, he really has changed the world!

  • Wow, Ann. Great speech. Thanks for posting.

  • Wow. I so agree with you re APPLE Reps being so helpful. I am now typing on my old iMac (circa 2000) and have had to go to them for help on so many occasions.I can’t imagine using any other computer. At work I use a PC and I loathe it. Steve Jobs is in my prayers.

  • I’ve used Apple computers since the Lisa. I now have a laptop, a desktop, an iPhone, and an iPad. I use them for work, I use them for life.
    I’ve had exactly the same experience with the company–on the phone, in my local Apple store, in Apple stores in cities I was just passing through. Always smart, always helpful, never condescending or impatient, never ever using my situation as an opportunity to suggest I buy something else. They’re smart enough to know that because they treat me right, I’ll always be a customer.
    The way Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) have run their businesses has made the world a better place.

  • Well said!

  • Wow! What a speech! I’m going to send this link to my two twenty-something sons. Thank you for sharing! Great thoughts to keep in the forefront … now off to find my copy of The Last Whole Earth Catalog and reminisce … Cheers!

  • I grew up on Macs, back when there was no such thing as a “hard drive” and you just put your system disk in the mouth of a triceratops for safe-keeping. (I still have an old triceratops model, and it has the best Tetris and SimCity that have ever been invented.) But I got to admit, I love my Dell and I love dealing with Dell, and the only reason I have an iPod is because I bought it back when there weren’t any other choices and now I can’t afford a better model. Heck, I couldn’t GIVE my old 4gb iPod away; everyone I gave it to gave it back and bought a Zune instead. iTunes is about the worst media program ever, and Apple’s interesting policy that you weren’t actually buying music from them, you were just leasing it was fascistic at best. Bill Gates as an individual has done more to improve the world than Steve Jobs could do if Bill pissed all his money away on malt liquor and lotto tickets and Steve lived to be 100. And man, that standard Mac font is generic and ugly!
    But that is a pretty dang good speech. I hope he walks this off.

  • I wish all the best to Mr. Jobs but I need to know what Apple store you go to. My experience witht he stores is so completely unlike yours. My daughter has had iPods that have stopped working for various unknown reasons and all they’ve ever done for us is charged us full price for a new one. Plus, at our local store the “Geniuses” seem to take their sign all too seriously…they are incredibly snotty.

  • Come to Nashville, Sarah! The Nashville Apple Store is full of pleasant helpertypes who are all younger than my favorite pair of shoes.

  • Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Even though it made me cry, starting at the very first part of the adoption story.
    J.K.Galbraith spoke at my Commencement, and the only thing I remember: he said it has been proven that the audience never remembers what is said in a Commencement address. I hope Jobs is the exceptional speaker who proves that rule!

  • I have been using Macs since the first one in (I think) 1985. I agree, agree, agree. Thank you for saying it all.

  • A Mac convert of 4 years…will never go back – Never. We are about to buy the youngest daughter her college computer – a MacBook Pro. There was never a question. I have also received that amazing Genius bar service. Daughter’s iPhone’s speaker was not working and she had to use the speaker phone only, when we took it in the Genius said she was 70 days out of warranty but not eligible for a new phone until June and then he gave her a new 3GS and said Merry Christmas. Upon syncing we discovered she had not checked all of the boxes and “lost” her whole phone, which for a 17 yo is a tragedy. Back to the Apple store we go, and 5 hours later he rebuilt her database from hidden back ups and restored the world order – including putting her oh so inappropriate wallpaper back on. Customer for life.

  • We were talked into trying out android-platform phones for the 30 day trial last summer…(we went in for iPhones.) The salesguy was so obviously a Mac hater that we thought, well, maybe there isn’t the difference we assume there is. Wrong. the particular phones we had (which we found out later were NOT the upper-eschelon of android OS, which is to say I’m sure not all android phones are that phenomenally sucky) were slow and buggy and crashy and glitchy…and then we went back and endured his eye-rolling (he actually made us watch a YouTube video that compared people who want iPhones to mindless sheep) and exchanged them for iPhone 4s and came home and plugged them into our iMac and…ahhhhhhh. It was like coming home.
    I don’t think Jobs is any more an evil perfectionist than was, say, Henry Ford or Picasso or da Vinci–a person with a strong vision who will not rest until it is realized. That’s what keeps me a Mac person. I don’t care about closed platform, open platform, whatever. I just like a computer that works the way I want it to with little to no effort from me. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for posting this! So powerful! It gives me the heart to continue my surgery residency which so far has been a hard and lonely path this first year. And my next laptop will absolutely be a Mac!

  • Agree, Ann. I love all my Apple products (and we’ve had a LOT of them) and wouldn’t trade them for any PC out there! Hopefully, we’ll see more innovation from Steve Jobs. I, too, wish him decades of good and productive life!
    Oh, my gastroenterologist uses his iPad for my medical records. When doing procedures, he’s always got the iPod going so we can all hear his favorite music. Nice, huh?

  • All I have ever owned in computers have been macs–since the very first one Mac put out I have owned a Mac….so of course I agree whole heartedly to your whole post here. Macs Rule! and I have the very same reaction to PC’s–they just do not fit….hope Steve Jobs pulls through ok..

  • What everyone else said… I married a Mac lover 16 years ago and have never looked back. Best computer ever. He is totally a tecchie (iPhone, etc.) whereas I tend to rely on pencil and paper, but I am fiercely loyal to Apple when it comes to brands.

  • I am “bi-lingual” — and as comfortable with a Mac as I am with a PC. That said, I much, much prefer my Mac. And my iPod. And my iPhone. And my iPad. Thanks for the post, Ann. He’s been on my mind, too.

  • I’ve been using Macs and PCs, both, since ’85. (Macs came out in late ’84, and Windows not for years after that, oh, how I hated DOS!). I’m a Mac snob. Much easier to program, elegant system, far far fewer bugs….consisten user interface, so if you can use one program, the next makes sense, too!
    Only thing wrong is that Jobs made a huge mistake in the 80s. Had he licensed Finder for clones, Microsoft would have had to clean up its code to compete, and we’d have cheaper Dell and HP Mac clones to choose from…and Apple software would have a HUGE market share!

  • I feel sad for Steve Jobs’ health, too, and see how appreciative of his talents Mac users are.
    However, I see no need to go on to insult PCs and by extension their users. I’ve tried, and hated, Macs, and feel so at home with my trusty PCs, which have given me almost no headaches in the thirty years I’ve used them.
    Please do remember that because one thing is good, that doesn’t make the alternative bad. Thank you.

  • Thank you, Ann, for posting that amazing speech. It was just the message I needed to hear today. My own college graduation was decades ago but I still need to be encouraged to follow my heart and trust that it will all work out. I hope that Steve Jobs will rest and nurture his well-being and rise again to do more creative and amazing things.

  • @Liz Adams: please remember that just because someone really likes one thing, doesn’t mean that they dislike all other things and the people who buy, like, and use them. I’d hoped that no one would feel a need to say something like you did to Ann’s post, nor did I see her “insult” PCs, much less their users by extension. Not everything is personal, and a nice post about someone who makes great products is just that.
    Ann, that was lovely. I wouldn’t have expected a tribute to a hard-nosed tech guy on a warm-and-fuzzy knitting blog, but it’s a nice reminder that no matter what we do, we’re all people who can use good vibes in bad times.

  • I’m feeling a lot of nostalgia for my first Apple, an Apple II C with the carrying handle which folded down to support the keyboard/CPU at an angle. And the floppy disks which were actually floppy! Though I use a PC at work and am happy enough with it, the iMac at home (and my new MacBook for business trips) is more intuitive and friendly.
    May Steve Jobs come through this crisis, too, and go on to many more years of creativity and joy.

  • I read your thoughtful post several days ago, but just watched the video today. What food for thought for a Monday morning! His speech was inspirational, poignant, humble, and so mamy other things besides—and all in just 14 minutes. Thank you for posting it. And both PC and Mac blessings to Steve Jobs, though it seems he already has the grace to deal with whatever comes his way!

  • I have big plans to buy a Macbook someday–that is if I can stop finding a spinning wheel or a loom instead. I still remember the look of horror on a non-knitter’s face years ago when I said I need to buy a laptop, but what I really want is a spinning wheel!

  • I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth to the thank-yous and the blessings and the good wishes. As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, every one.” For what it’s worth, the only other commencement speech I ever heard that was worth remembering was Carroll Spinney, aka Big Bird. He had some life lessons, too (love everyone, forgive everyone, it’s a wonderful world); but Steve’s “stay foolish and lead with your heart” tops them all.

  • My now husband (then boyfriend) and I bought a mac in 1988. it was very expensive…..I loved it. Then we went economical (we thought) and bought PCs. A couple years ago my daughter requested a macbook. No problems. We recently bought another mac and when we replace my laptop it will definitely be another mac. We’re not going to look back! I hope Apple continues with or without Steve Jobs.

  • I too wish him well– I was very alarmed when I read about the leave. I have run Macs for ages- and I consider both Mr Jobs, and my Macs, to have the same characteristics– classy, inventive, and do what they are supposed to do without any big fuss.

  • A recent paper by researchers at the Asian Development Bank Institute concluded that the iPhone, one of the United States’ top innovations of the past decade, actually contributes nearly $2 billion to our trade deficit because it is almost entirely produced and assembled in Asia. The paper also raises a conundrum for lawmakers and business leaders alike: If Apple moved its assembly line to the United States and created domestic jobs but didn’t raise the cost of the iPhone, the company would still turn a 50 percent profit on every one it sold.
    From here; http://www.nationaljournal.com/member/magazine/what-happened-to-15-million-u-s-jobs–20110120?page=4

  • Hear, hear!

  • Ann, thank you so much for sharing this – it was just what I needed to hear this morning. Steve Jobs is really inspiring.

  • Ditto. Since 1990. Loyal and faithful. ‘Til death us do part.

  • I’ve used Macs since 1985, the Mac Plus, and every iteration since. I’d used the Apple IIe and thought I hated computers, but the Mac made me a convert.
    I hope and pray for Steve Jobs’ quick and complete recovery and continuing involvement with Apple. There are so few visionaries among us, and none that I know of with his brilliance.

  • What is it about MacBooks and the trim cracking? Mine is cracked and so is my sister-in-law’s.
    I also have been a loyal Mac user since my elementary school days in the 1980s. We just converted my in-laws to Macs as well; the only family members that are PC holdouts are my parents. I usually love Apple’s customer service, but was disappointed recently when the refurbished iPhone I bought broke through no fault of my own. It was very irritating to be told that the only way I could get a new phone (it was still under warranty) inside of 10 business days was to pay for FedEx overnight roundtrip shipping myself, to the tune of $30. Waiting longer wasn’t an option, since we don’t have a landline anymore and I couldn’t be stuck at home with a 2 year old all day without a way to call for help in an emergency. Aside from that hiccup (and the fact that we live in a city too small for an Apple Store, sigh), I will be a Mac user to the end.