A Thumbhole!

By Ann Shayne
July 13, 2017

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  • Thanks, Ann – still much enjoying reading and wearing my thumbhole perfect sweater 10 years on! Anna (of the 2007 thumbholes)

    • Oh my gosh! Anna! So glad you and your Perfect Sweater are doing well.

    • Anna, beautiful Perfect Sweater! Are you still blogless?! (MDK got me in a Warren Zevon frame of mind the other day – Anna the blogless patent lawyer could be the basis for alternate lyrics to Roland the headless Thompson gunner …)

      • Ha ha ha! Still blogless.

  • Tres hip!

  • Wow Ann, you are really cranking these sweaters out. Love the thumb hole trick and love the orange bedspread?? it is laying on.

  • Two thumbs up!
    Ok , you know someone was thinking it!

  • I love thumbholes! Mostly on ready to wear. Because….. i have long arms. So i sew it shut and voila! Sleeves long enough! But i just might add them to a knitted garment too. Thanks for the idea!

    • We need to get together since my arms are too short for sweaters in my size! You could take the extra length to add to your too short sleeves!!!

  • Wait, did you ever post FO photos of the first Easel sweater? Did I miss that somehow? I was in such suspense to see how that one would come out…

  • Great idea!!

  • What a great idea! Every sweater I buy (shame in me!) has sleeves so long that I have to roll the cuff up. And then I ush the cuffs up to my elbows. I, wondering if there’s a way to a wat to make thumb holes?
    Also thinking about planning for thumb holes and knitting them in — or rather, making a slit as one knits along, much like thumbs in mitts. One would need to be careful of placement. I think planned thumb holes would be more comfortable than leaving a slit in the seam. Thoughts?

  • who da boss YOU da Boss ❤️

  • I keep thinking I’ll knit a thumb-hole sweater! I love the idea, probably because I have long arms, and I just love the idea of sleeves that are extra-long!

  • Great solution! Good thinking.

  • Very nice. Never saw one before. Great idea.

  • So Much Nicer than that time holes in the cuffs of my huge sweatshirt functioned as thumbholes but looked like ragged gaps. It was my college Riding Team sweatshirt, and I wore that thing until it was in tatters – remnant (literally) of the only athletic thing I had ever done in my life. But I digress. Thumbholes rock!

  • Thumbholes are super-easy to put in if you’re knitting the sleeves in the round from the top down, as on a top-down sweater. I made one a couple of years ago by just binding off a few stitches on one round and doing a backwards-loop cast on on the next round. Since I was trying on the sweater all the time for fit as I knit it (yay, top-down sweaters!), it was easy to figure out where the thumbhole should go. The cuffs/mitts/ are ribbed, so it’s easy to fold them back when I need my hands entirely free.

    • So cool! I was envisioning a steek or staple gun or barbed wire–just seemed sort of a hard thing to accomplish. Thanks for this!

      • Another option on a top down circular sleeve, if you want a vertical slit, would be to temporarily stop knitting in the round. Work several rows back and forth, and then rejoin and continue in the round.

        I can’t imagine how to do this *after* the sleeve is knit. Ouch.

        Ann, did you already knit the body, too? Did you have to adjust body length after knitting? Or were the two sleeves a very large gauge swatch? I love knowing other knitters’ processes!

  • I’ve only done sleeves in the round, which are annoying to fix but not deadly. A knitted-flat, too-long sleeve? would be the WORST! This is an amazing tip.