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  • Oh, dear. Have we been doing that for four months? Hmm, at a pound a week loss, I should be svelte as all heck. Must restart…

  • Love that recipe. Thanks.

  • Please don’t go down the “oh look, we’re dieting” blog route. Please. I’m begging you.

  • Oh, Emma, that’s the whole point–there’s a whole other world over there with the Ten Pound Losers. I don’t believe in dieting anyway! I despise diets! How much you weigh is basically a result of a lot of things, food being only one. I LOVE FOOD!

  • I don’t think there’s any danger of this becoming a dieting blog, in its tenth year!

  • Is this when I burst in with a testimonial and before/after photos involving a bikini or something? Seriously, I am very grateful to the TPL group. Might even consider negative ease for a sweater in the near future.

  • Wish I’d known about the Ravelry group sooner. But knit? On a bike at the gym? And be watching the “Property Brothers?’ Life is good!
    Truthfully, I’d been wondering about the feasibility of knitting on the bike at the gym. Now that I checked out the 10 Lbs, guys I know it’s possible. We’ll see how much I have to frog tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, Ann!

  • Funny you should mention quinoa. I learned of this recipe from my nutritionist – it is another riff on tabbouleh, with quinoa, and lots of other fun healthy stuff like pomegranate arils (they apparently aren’t called seeds…). It is really yummy, although it has a number of cooking steps. Here’s the link (if it comes through):

  • Bummer size Large. The Amazon on-sale date for the book isn’t til MARCH. Gah.

  • I’ve done the knitting on a bike thing, and while it seems to work I can say that it didn’t work for the Potatomus socks. That involved a half sock of ripping, so knit while biking but choose your projects with care!