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  • Happy Valentines Day, Kay!

  • Happy Valentine’s day to you all. Best 99 cents I spent recently: heart-shaped baking tin at the thrift store. I send you a virtual heart-shaped chocolate cake, topped with expensive heart-shaped sprinkles from the fancy pants cake dec aisle…
    And that Ricketts link just brings us back to the same page…

  • I was just having a conversation about pimentos (why are they in my olive?) and discovered that pimento cheese sandwiches are a thing. And apparently a quite popular thing in the US South (and the Philippines?!?) See also Benedictine Spread. Tempted to make them both. Any good recipes? Hopefully that do not involve Velveeta?

  • I also love to watch people work… and now I want to go make up a batch of pimento cheese for lunch.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day all.
    @Kristi – Oh Lord! I never make my pimento cheese with Velveeta!!! I use grated sharp cheddar cheese. Anything less would be blasphemy.
    @Cassie – I have some in my fridge as I write…

  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Have a great trip!

  • I sometimes think I moved back to the South so I didn’t have to make my own pimento cheese spread any more (yes, only with sharp cheddar, and sometimes sharp white cheddar with jalapenos instead of pimentos), or Benedictine – and you HAVE to have lived in Louisville to know about that – just don’t buy the green glop from the chain groceries – if you don’t make it yourself, you need to get the good kind from Paul’s, Doll’s or Ermin’s (each of which is very different).

  • I had the pleasure of visiting Tartine Bakery in San Francisco last summer on a family vacation. I highly recommend it if you ever make it out here to Northern California! Thanks for the video. Happy Valentines Day!

  • Have fun, very jealous.

  • Amusez-vous! have a great trip, can’t wait to hear about it! (also: somewhat sheepish, I need ‘fruit tea’ defined as well. Fruit tea like Constant Comment?)

  • Hey Kay. Hope you have a very safe trip and find good fruit tea but Mark makes some slap yourself fruit tea if you need some. Fruit tea in the South is a handed down recipe often times held secret if you get a good recipe. It’s a great mix of various fruit juices in just the right quantity and usually some great iced tea, made by some traditional secret method as well. The one we have at our house came from the Eastern Star and was used for social events at the lodge by ladies who never saw a pair of pants and could outknit me in a heart beat. 🙂

  • beautiful work on the Ricketts site. indigo! japanese knotweed actually. I grew it (and woad) in my garden last year…produced great blues on wool and cotton!!! I’m looking forward to this year’s indigo patch, only 3 more months of winter here.

  • I routinely go to my local favorite bakery (like every day in fact) and watch them work. It’s facinating. During the holidays I felt so guilty just sitting there that I volunteered my time and ended up having some excellent de-stressing time decorating cookies and gingerbread houses. Fabulous fun – I did none of the baking, all the fun decoration stuff was already there and they had all the fancy tools!

  • dear ann and kay happy pink roses day
    do not forget to take the crust off the bread
    and they need to be in little layers placed
    on a handpainted china plate -tea is served
    in hob nail glasses with a glass straw and
    linen napkins with a lace edge

  • After watching that video I know think of linen in terms of terroir. Ooh la la! And is there a difference between say the linen of the low countries and of the Nordic ones?
    As it happens I was knitting away on a linen sweater – of half linen, half acrylic Gedifra Korella. It doesn’t rip up your fingers like Euroflax or cost a moth;s rent but I wonder if it will last as long. I doubt if ze redoubtable gentilhommes francaises would consider it wort de consider-a-cion.

  • What is it about pimento cheese!? I NEVER think of having/getting/making it, but as soon as someone else mentions it I am dying to have some! Hope you get some! Safe trip! xxoo

  • Pimento cheese? Is that like that jalapeno jack cheese? But never mind that now, what’s for dessert? (hope it’s one of those wonderful southern desserts–you know–the kind where the hostess says she removed all of the calories, while giving you a knowing wink…..)
    Safe, and happy, trip.
    P.S.–BTW, who are you visiting in Nashville???

  • Oh Kay, my Linen Shepherdess. I doubted the Way, and your prose (over YEARS) drove me to buy and knit linen. I was 70% of the way there by the end of the first skein, and now, having knit, washed and worn several garments?
    I am a believer. If I cared about vanity plates, I might consider one that said: LNN4VR!!!
    (Of course, they wouldn’t let me keep the exclamation points. Darn.)

  • Happy Valentine’s Day.
    I still have 3 skeins of Euroflax, but I haven’t used it yet. I wanted to make clothing, but 3 skeins sounds like so much until I started looking at patterns. Anybody have any adult size clothing patterns that use only 3 skeins? Or do I have to lose enough weight to become a stick.

  • I heart linen! I think part of it is the memory of the thick monogrammed linen sheets in a tiny hotel in London where I stayed a good 20 years ago on my best visit to London ever. I’m still on a quest to find comparable linen sheets. I’ve got some good ones, but not like the ones at that hotel.
    Now you have me thinking about linen jammies …

  • i always feel like i’ve skipped off to an amazing wonderland when i work with linen. it really is a mesmerizing fabric.
    those indigos! thanks for the link. i shall now pore over their galleries.

  • Is pimento cheese just a Southern thing? I’ve never lived anywhere else and never been to a covered dish dinner at church that didn’t have several platters of pimento cheese sandwiches. But in my family, it only counts if it’s homemade.

  • I also have a love affair with linen. Long live the one-skein Linen Top by Kat Coyle. Except when you’re like me and need two skeins. Even then, it’s a lot of bang for your linen buck. I loved your purple linen lingerie in your first book too. That’s what endeared that book to me.

  • PS: the red bow on the knitted heart in the accompanying picture looks, in my thumbnail shot, like a capital cursive ‘L.’ Like ‘Laverne’ or… ‘Linen,’ I guess. Love it! And:: the fruit tea and pimento cheese both sound awesome. Have found some recipes, will try!

  • Dearest Kay –
    If you care at all for flax, you may wish to try Trader Joe’s almond butter with roasted flax seeds in it. It is the least expensive form of crack known to womankind, I believe.
    Thanks for the Cauchy pointer! My treats-for-later bucket was running a little low. xo!

  • Ok-first I watched the Tartine video. Next I knew, I had ordered the book, a two piece dutch oven, a kitchen scale and dough knife from Amazon. I felt dizzy. Then two nights later I watched the linen video. I want to be French (or Italian)and work with beautiful fabric in a light filled atelier. Anyone know of any openings?

  • dear kay and ann thank you for all
    the right hand links that keep me busy
    and the pretty flowers on the left side

  • First, the videos: Swoon!!!
    Second, pimento cheese. Served it at our wedding twenty years ago!!
    Thanks for a great post, hope you are enjoying the cure.