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  • Thanks to everyone who voted for Jill. To think this time last week I was picking out yarn from my stash that would compliment her features. Wondering to myself if I’m crazy to even try to enter… its so not like me.
    All the entries were priceless, stunning really, what a huge amount of talent!
    Well all the other monkeys in the house are jealous, so I think I’ll get to work on my signature line.

  • Congratulations, Jill, and your designer, Rhonda! You were Fab.u.lous! 🙂

  • Oh man! Babs was robbed!

  • Congrats to Jill, though Millicent the Elephant will always be first in my heart!

  • Congrats to Jill, though Millicent the Elephant will always be first in my heart!

  • Thank-you Ann & Kay, this was such a blast! They were all wonderful and thank you to everyone that played along and entered the contest. I’m in awe of you all.

  • I knew a woman from Ireland who had an expression for a great night out – It had something to do with coming home with one shoe. I wonder…How many of the gals came home this morning wearing one shoe?
    come to think of it, how many started off with no shoes at all, clearly ready for an entirely splendid evening? 😉

  • Go Jill (and Rhonda)! My pick from the beginning, and I *never* pick winners (hopefully, this bodes well for Nov. 2008). Kudos to the rest of the finalists and Ann & Kay…get help, OK?

  • Ann,
    Thank you for this wonderful chance you gave us. I loved reading all the stories and I so admired all the skilled knitting out there … many weird and wonderful creations. My final vote went to Jill.
    I had so much fun. I was one of the contestants (Zee-Zee). Now I watched the recent Project Runway and I loved the use of human hair (loved watching Tim Gunn take it all in.) But we wear human hair in wigs, hairpieces, extensions etc. So why not as part of clothing? You hear of people spinning dog hair, cat hair and then knitting with it. Also wire and plastic. An idea: maybe your next contest could have us knitting with unusual, non-traditional materials: human hair even! I’m not a spinner so I don’t even know what you could do with human hair, spin it with mohair or wool? Maybe this is not even a new idea, because there always seems to be someone who has already done it.
    Again, thanks so much for the enjoyment you gave all of us.

  • She can pack away the sliders and still pour herself into a dress like that? Awesome.

    I am sorry I didn’t submit an entry, but, now that I have seen the winners, I realized I would have been way out of my league.
    Thanks. I loved every entry, though Kermit’s sister has a special place in my heart.

  • Congratulations to one and all! There was some brilliant work there. Judging from the snow covered ground in several of the pictures, I know that I’m not the only one who is getting a bit of cabin fever during this eternally long mid-west winter. Whatever happened to that stupid ground hog, anyway?

  • Thanks for having such a fun contest. Babs and I had a great time. I received calls and emails all day with family and friends keeping me updated. Everyone was so creative. All of the outfits are spectacular!

  • Mr Potato O’Head was my favorite, but I do understand… Americans go for “couture” when I’d pick a nice aran any day!

  • What fun this was. Jill was fabulous, dahlinks. And her back story was quite compelling, too. I loved them all. Thanks for doing this, Ann. It was great!

  • My husband chose Annabell, but my heart stayed with Jill. Thanks all, you are way more talented than me.

  • Congratulations Jill! You really do look fabulous! To answer the question about the groundhog… I think he’s been buried under the snow. At least he has up in my neck of the woods!

  • Thanks for hosting — this had to be the most exciting/funny/bizzare/inventive idea yet.

  • Thanks for hosting — this had to be the most exciting/funny/bizzare/inventive idea yet.

  • Congrats to Jill and Rhonda. The entries were all great. Such talent. Thanks for hosting your version of Project Runway, a very addicting program. What was the comment about other monkeys in her house?

  • Thank you Ann! Thank you Rhonda! Thank you Jill! I feel a Sally Field moment coming on. . .so I’ll just say, thanks for making me laugh out loud the last few days. Can we make this an annual event?

  • this is the sound of two hands clapping
    me standing up saying encore what fun
    thank you to every one

  • this has been so much fun – and I didn’t even enter anything – thanks for the concept – and thanks to all who entered.

  • Rhonda, that Jill is just fierce, girl! I think she must have been a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, she got that pose thing down.
    Thanks Ann and Kay for all your work to get Teeny PR together, because I know the two of you don’t have anything else you’re working on ……

  • Loved the contest. EVERYONE looked fabulous. Jill – you rock.
    My question, Ann & Kay – what’s a slider?

  • My husband says that the cricket was robbed.
    Congrats to beautiful Jill and all the other fantastic contestants. I hope this makes up to Jill for not having won an Oscar.

  • Hmmmm I thought hairy cleavage made you a loser…..

  • Hmmmm I thought hairy cleavage made you a loser…..