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  • Can there really be too much Russell Crowe?

  • I love my few experiences with Madeline Tosh. It is gorgeous stuff and the colors! It certainly takes the edge off not buying yarn to knit with the MT.

  • Glad to know that the Madeline Tosh DK is as lovely to knit with as it is to look at, since I haven’t made anything with mine yet. Honestly, it’s so beautiful, it’s almost a work of art on the skein.

  • Wow- Thank you so much! What a surprise. Don’t know if you remember, but I met both you and Kay at the Magical Moebius Festival in 2007. I was just looking over those photos the other day. Great times!

  • Which movies, pray tell?

  • I love how movies and knitting go together. The Hunt for Red October has gotten me through many a log cabin section.

  • kay left a child behind? how very
    good of you to continue to feed him or her
    are donations needed?

  • “I have continued to feed the child you forgot to take back with you.”
    Lovelovelove this! It beautifully references that Roy Lichtenstein-esque,
    “Oh My God! I Left the Baby on the Bus!” design.

  • And um, some of us north of the Mason-Dixon line are still experiencing winter-appropriate temperatures. (Though in the case of Western Oregon, the temperatures are relatively high, and are still accompanied by spring foliage!)

  • I think the real test of the friendship is yet to come: That child Kay left behind: will pay the college tuition???

  • oh-so-happy to hear that you had enough mindless fun with the Gaptastic that you made two of them! they sure do look lovely. 🙂

  • Same with me with those cowls – I ended up knitting two from handspun.
    And I have to tell you, a friend from Europe commented on my blog and called you guys “Mason Dixie,” which I thought was adorable.
    Mitered blanket power!

  • I am a cowl convert, I made one with this winter and anticipate it will warm me into May-It is still cool up above the Mason Dixon line.